Fossett, Earheart, Hoffa in Bermuda Love Triangle

ATLANTIC OCEAN – Steve Fossett’s airplane and personal items were discovered in Inyo National Forest, California a year after the millionaire adventurer went missing.  But there was no sign of a body in the wreckage.  Then officials got the call from the captain of a merchant vessel.

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WASHINGTON, DC – After the stress of finalizing the bailout plan for the nation’s distressed financial institutions, the U.S. Senate took a break and awarded John McCain an honorary Miss Congeniality Award.


NBC's "The Office" Busted For Subliminal Messages

BURBANK, CA – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued fines to NBC and producers of “The Office” for injecting subliminal messages into the show.  The screen shot from an episode last Spring above shows a monitor promoting Zorock, an alien candidate for this year’s election of a new Galactic Overlord. 

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Bloomberg Changes Wall St. to Main St.

NEW YORK, NY – New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg is gearing up for a run at a third term in office.  He’s making the usual rounds of fundraisers and kissing babies to drum up support.  But in the wake of the failing financial institutions, Bloomberg needed a big hook to get New Yorkers on his side.

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Oil Drill Opens Hole Into Hell

PRUDHOE BAY, AK –  Something is emerging from Hell!

That is the horrifying warning of more than 60 eyewitnesses who have seen the monstrous shape roaring out of a mile-deep Alaskan oil well amid stinking clouds of sulfur.

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"Left Eye" Saves Debate

WASHINGTON, D.C. – John McCain received support from a most unlikely source today.
WIth his popularity slipping in the polls. his running mate pounded by Katie Couric, and internet rumors that a stroke has caused laziness in his left eye, McCain was visited by the apparition of former TLC singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.