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SAWYER, MI — “We are blessed, that’s for sure,” John Aaron told Weekly World News. “I’m not sure where this is all going to lead, but our family is on a very exciting journey.”

A year ago, John and his wife Rachel would not have believed what fate had in store for them
To begin with, their doctor had just informed them that Rachel couldn’t have children.
“We were devastated at first, but we took it as a sign from God,” said the pragmatic John. “There are so many orphaned or forgotten children in the world that we decided to adopt. We contacted an agency and were told that a Middle Eastern baby needed a home. We offered to give him one.”
The Aarons were selected and the 3-month-old child arrived with­in days. They called him Marshal.
“He was beautiful and so well behaved,” said Rachel. “As soon as I held him, I knew he was ours.”
The Aarons took Marshal everywhere — to the park, to the movies, and also to church. One Sunday, shortly after Marshal’s first birthday, the priest delivered a sermon about the importance of following the Ten Commandments.
“Father Ramer talked about Moses and how he performed the miracles of God, liberating the Children of Israel and parting the Red Sea,” said Rachel. “Marshal was very quiet during the service. I thought he was sleeping, but when I looked at him I saw that he actually seemed to be listening.”
“After church we went to Warren Dunes Beach on Lake Michigan for a picnic,” John said. “No sooner had we spread our blanket on the crowded beach than we heard a crash offshore. Two motorboats had collided and one of them had overturned. I could see from the frantic arm-waving that there were five teenagers, and none of them was wearing a life jacket.”
“Two lifeguards rushed out in a dinghy but we didn’t think they would get there in time,” Rachel said. “Just then I noticed that Marshal had left the blanket. I saw him crawling near the edge of the lake. Then he rose un­stead­ily and stretched his arms toward the water.”
What happened then was as unbelievable as it was unexpected. The surface of the lake began to ripple, then tremble, and then the water exploded from the middle, two huge waves folding back on themselves.
“There was a lot of spray at first, but when it cleared we could see that there was a path from the beach to the teenagers,” John said. “It was astonishing!
“The waters had parted and the kids were lying on the muddy lake bed, dirty but unharmed.”
The lifeguards left their boat and carried the teens back to shore. When they were safe, Marshal lowered his arms and the waters returned to normal.
“In all the hubbub no one had noticed our little boy,” Rachel said. “To them, this was just some weird tidal phenomenon. To us, it suggested something much more.”
“We don’t know what it is,” John said. “But as I told you earlier, one thing I do know: Our family has embarked on a strange and very exciting journey!”

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