Demonic possession is no laughing matter – but if you find yourself pitted against one of the 13 most dangerous demons in Hell, watch out! Blackman and Martin are 2 of them.

Anton Szandor LaVey, the former High Priest of the Church of Satan, listed the most powerful of Lucifer’s minions in his notorious book, The Satanic Bible.

“Theologians have cataloged some of the names of devils in their lists of demons, but the roster which follows contains the names most effectively used in Satanic ritual,” wrote LaVey, known to his followers as The Black Pope.

In addition to what he called the “crown princes” of Hell (Satan, the fallen angel Belial, and the destructive sea monster Leviathan) LaVey lists other vicious demons who also occupy the “Royal Palace of Hell.”

Here are the 13 of the worst and most dangerous demons:

  1. ASMODEUS – The orgy-loving ancient Hebrew devil of sensuality.
  2. ASTAROTH – Female demon worshipped by the Phoenicians as the goddess of lasciviousness.
  3. AZAZEL – The demon who taught man to make weapons of war and introduced women to cosmetics.
  4. BALAAM – Hebrew devil of avarice and greed.
  5. BEHEMOTH – Devil said to take the form of a monstrous elephant.
  6. BEEZLEBUB – Disgusting and repulsive Lord of the Flies.
  7. BILE – Eons-old Celtic god of Hell.
  8. CIMERIES – Demon who rides a black horse and rules Africa.
  9. COYOTE – American Indian devil.
  10. DAMBALLA – Evil Voodoo serpent god.
  11. DAGON – Philistine avenging devil of the sea.
  12. MORMO – King of the Ghouls and chief consort of Hecate, the Greek goddess of the underworld and witchcraft.
  13. MICTIAN – Worshiped by the Aztecs as the god of Death.
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255 thoughts on “13 MOST DANGEROUS DEMONS”

    • Psalm 103:19 19The LORD has established His throne in heaven, and His kingdom rules over all. He’s always going to be there..
      2 Tim 1:7..7For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control. …I suggest that if you have fear.. you’re walking with the wrong company.. demons are created fallen beings that are subject to the very same authority of ..God.

      naming these gives them more place in your thoughts..reject them and they must….flee.bsides half of these names are merel;ey regurgitated names for their prince..satan…who again is a fallen created being under the authority of..GOD. He can do no kore than God allows and God doesn’t allow them leeway with His children.. give no power or place to these things in your life. they are simply a waste of time

  1. Wonder which one of these lovelies lives in Oklahoma? Why do I say that? Well according to the USGS the most recent earthquake was in Oklahoma see for yourself http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eqinthenew… and if we were to go by the Rev. Pat Robertson's logic about the earthquake in Haiti being caused by voodoo (Damballa?) or a pact with the devil then surely some crazy person or group of people were doing some weird worship of their own in Oklahoma – Coyote perhaps? Yeah…because it can't be tectonic plate movement, no way.

  2. Miclantecuhtli was the name of the Aztec god of death. Mictlan was the place where he lived, an underworld. The word Mictian does not exists.

  3. There are four crown princes, Satan (south), Leviathan (West), Belial (North) and Lucifer (East)
    Please don't confuse Lucifer with Satan, that's absurd if you have actually read the Satanic Bible before writing this.
    Also, why list an image from Christian demonology (Astaroth, Duke of Hell) in the post if you mention the actual being Astaroth, the goddess?
    Christian demonology = Astaroth is a male demon (your picture up there)
    Actual "demonology" = Astaroth is a female goddess.

    • satan WAS lucifer before his fall then renamed satan.. belial is simply a regurgitated name from another ancient society..as is beezlbub..all the same shit. leviathan was actually a beast associated with the whale in genesis… wouldn’t put much faith in a satanic book. as with its master, its full of the very same lies that make up satan

  4. Amanda Baggs is one the decades greatest autism hoaxes. And it's rooted in more than mental illness. Please see http://abaggs.blogspot.com/ to see the historical data supporting this woman is NOT autistic, but rather–as some say– severely-mentally ill, or as other say: demonically driven….her eyes give her away, that's if she'll let you see them.

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  6. I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the amazing posts on this website. Keep up the wonderful work.

    • Zombies usually needs to be animated by magic or some form of toxic chemicals. Ghouls, I think, become ghouls because they worship death in some way.

  7. Astaroth is not female, you're thinking Astarte (that is just one spelling of her name). Astaroth is a male demon named after the Cannanite Goddess. I have encountered him personally & the picture that you have at the very top of the page is the depiction of him so clearly it is NOT a female goddess).

    • Did you hear this story.There was a news article from 1982 in Siberia Russia ,a geological group heard the “souls” tormented in Hell from the earths crust. Dr. Azzacov, an atheist and his group who were trying to to listen to the earth's plate movements at certain intervals with supersensitive microphones, which were let down through the hole 12.4 Kilometres deep in the crust of the earth and heard the souls tormented “screaming”in agony. They were able to record 30 seconds and heard the screams, it was horrifying to hear.The calculations indicate the temperature where the microphone was placed reached 1,100 degrees Celsius /2,000 fahrenheit, no physical /fleshly body on the face of the earth could ever survive. People disregard the gates of hell as a fabricated story, unfortunately its the truth. Yeshua is lord and the devil is playing a game with the souls of mankind.

    • Ralph, these are not D&D demons. Somebody may have "borrowed" a couple of names (like Asmodeus and maybe Behemoth), but they are real life demon.

    • I think you missed the little smiley thing at the end of my post. I was just being silly. Don't worry about me, though – Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and none of these demons can change my mind.

    • Yeshua is the Lord of our SOULS, and our "Adversary the devil is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. The rapture of Gods people "being caught up" is coming very soon, and only half the church will make it, according to the scriptures. End times approaching, between solar flares and the earths magnetic field which has weakened, earthquakes & many disasters are hitting the earth. Obama is deliberately destroying our countries economy, cutting our military, and his ultimate plan is to lead america into socialism. He has drafted a new constitution for us americans, and will have the power to enact policy without the approval of congress. His commitment to the muslim brotherhood, the implantable rfid transponder which is the one world order. There is so much more information, cant write it all now. Reply back to me if you want.

    • The only BS is your remark about the C.O.S. I'll venture to bet you have never read the Satanic Bible that was written by Anton S. LaVey? Magus LaVey used these mythological names metaphorically. He thought all religions were the works of fallible humans and not divine in any manner and he was correct. Religion was invented by man so Man created God, not the other way around. It is very convenient to be a "Believer" as anyone can "believe" whatever they wish. HOWEVER this does not mean it is necessarily so, and all of the different religions have been trying to establish themselves as the "correct" one. They are all bogus and LaVey knew this. You just have a failed understanding of what Satanism is (as codified by LaVey.) Do you know what a metaphor is? Demons and spirits are superstitious non-existent entities. Belial signifies independence, not some wicked agenda that is actively pursued by a devilish entity to harm anyone. It is simply a metaphor. A word. A word cannot hurt you. CAPISH?

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  9. Way to fail, writer of the article. Anton Szandor LaVey mentions in his book that the demons are (and I quote) " Satan…Lucifer…Belail…[and] Leviathan." from the Table of Contents of Avon Books' "The Satanic Bible." Failure on your part,

  10. Lolz, LeVey's version of Satanism is completely different from devil-worshipping satanism. He refers to those demons in theoretical aspects. For example, Belial would be symbolic of deception/ lying. Rather, when referring to possessions (as this article does), LeVey's concept is entirely inapplicable.
    PS, why the hell isn't Belial on this list?! Wtf?? Hahaha. Don't you know he was the founder of the up and rising NWO? Yeeeah. Totally harmless. Right. <3 [props to the B-Liar! Wutwuttt]

  11. We reached London this afternoon.After you.Bottoms up!He suddenly appeared in the party.Would you like a cup of tea? Columbus discovered America in l492.Close the door after you£¬please.Take care!Control yourself!Ice cream is popular among children.

    • what the name of the demon wolf with human hands that?
      because my friend had a dream a couple years back and in his dream there were dead bodies on fire crawling and then a demon wolf with human hands spoke to him and showed him his girlfriend with another man…then a week later his girlfriend cheated on him. please reply.

  12. demons are perverted spirits. ie. fallen angels the souls of madmen twisted animal souls etc… and the leviathan is a mythical beast similar to the cracken. not a demon.

  13. This…just ruined my childhood:
    Brain Jacques' "Redwall" used the name Asmodeus as the snake who has Martin the Warrior's sword.
    Disney's "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" used the name Astaroth as the name for the marvellous wizard who created the spells the characters go off to find.
    Who knew they were actually names of demons?!

  14. All negative spirits will shortly be trapped in a sub-dimensional realm. There will be piles of lost positive spirits in fiery stacks, confined and tormented by negative spirits, crushed by a punishment force along with the negatives. Lucifer must be buried deeper, away from his children. While the negative spirits in human-appearing bodies, and lost spirits that are living in bodies as humans live out their final lives on earth they will suffer in the nervous systems before being removed to that spirit sub-dimension as pure spirit state. The demon force is already ruined so heavily. Current date, 18 December 2012: bye, demons…

  15. the devil is not real the sorce of evil is but we feed it with our negetive emotions that is how it not he gets stronge it is like a soul leech in that way i wish u all who read this to have enlightment by the powers of 3 so mote it be

  16. cool. sorry but even leviathan is not allowed to surface to face humans. he is better quiet down at the bottom. the Others would prefer sent him to other dimension to live better place than earth.

  17. What (if anything) does it mean to have a dram about a snake? In my closet, didnt bite me but came damn near close.
    Also, my friends bday is November 1st, which within the Catholic Religion is a Holiday; All Saints Day, what does that mean, (if anything)?

  18. dreaming of snakes means deception ,sometimes hatred by another, watchout watch all the people around you including family and friends,it could also mean witch craft or obea.

  19. Belial feeds our guilt, or does god judge us . I honestly have to say this so called heavenly god is not the god of all truth. Thinking about god and his word turns my stomach and is total nonsense. Free will is an illusion and also deceptive. God acts like a tyrant, not a benevolent, and loving creator that we all were told. Satan was an archangel now condemned to hell for eternity for wanting freewill. Satan wanted self deify to live as an individual with freewill, not imprisoned as a slavishly servant, according to the kings rules or will, destroying his/our own natural and well deserving desires. Our carnal desires can be sinful, and i can understand if god were to punish the carnal flesh, but he judges the innocent with his control, and expects them to throw away their happiness for his will. He judges(trys to control)" innocent people" for his will sake, and lets the guilty run wild, because it didnt interfere with his plans. God is unjust to some, and just to others ,he picks and chooses at his leisure, this doesn't hold water to the truth. God is a liar.

  20. Leviathan is a extremely powerful supernatural entity, i know because i conjured up many "curses" with help from this supernatural being. Demons are not a myth, they are very real. That about sounds right demons are perverted, and fallen angels are judged for having relations with human women as told to us in the bible. Demons are allowed to wonder the earth, while fallen angels are bound in chains in the lower part of the earth awaiting judgement. I wonder how the fallen angels feel right now, if they are frightened. Demons hate hell and begged jesus not to "cast them into the abyss", the abyss is a compartment of hell. If demons hate hell what is hell all about?

    • I am afraid of "hell" but god has tried me so many times, but i need to leave this website and repent or i will find myself with lucifier, and the fallen angels. God please help me …i don't want hell. Please god i dont want to go to hell, i am pertified of your judgement of hell.

    • That's cause the leviathan is the very beast that's the embodiment of all evil in litteral terms, but I've came across worse than that beastie

  21. Leviathan is a very powerful entity, i know because he/it answers my hex ritual. Matter of fact i did a hex ritual tonight….He's around and my hex was answered, feeling in a good mood.

    • disregard michIch bin betrunken Satan ist ein Lugner, und dont die hex Ritual zu horen. Its a big joke und lustig, Leute zu horen, just laugh.

  22. Your a satanist. Ihre hirnlose Idioten, Ihr ein Narr und kein gar nichts. You’re a mindless idiot who knows nothing, believe me I am telling you the truth.

  23. Marriage is based upon" love and trust", and "infidelity is based upon demons". Where there is "lust" there is no love. The half demon is actually a " spiritual demon" of lust, but not "love", sometimes infatuation. Lust is evil and unclean. Lucky for your friend she left.

  24. all saints day was made in the medieval times as you have all hallows day (october 30th) all hallows eve which is now called halloween where they believed that the gates o hell opened and all the demons and evil spirits terrorised the world and so the villagers/settlers put out jackal lanterns (pumpkins) to scare them away from their homes (bit of extra info there) and then you have all saints day…which was believed in catholism that the day after all evil roamed the earth all the good spirits come down rom heaven and bring peace and chase off the evil spirits and restore earth back to normal…thats pretty much how halloween came about. hope this clears everything up.

  25. lucifer is the fallen angel there are demons just like there is angels which both fall into catigories believed to be the workers or servants of lucifer and god adams first wife was not eve rather lilith the white demon as she was sent to hell whether you believe this its up to you but just cause you dont believe in it doesnt mean it doesnt exist

  26. You mean Kraken. Leviathan is a demon, the prince of wrath. His name has since become synonymous with any beast of large magnitude, and has been applid to the Norse myth of the sea serpent, but it originally is the name of one of the seven princes of Hell. He is a nasty piece of work.

  27. LaVey didn't even believe in Satan or demons or any other such beings, he was only using them for psycho-drama. I hate the way his name is used as the top authority of demonology, genuine Satanism or anything else macabre. The only things he knew about for sure were psychology and how to get a bunch of insecure atheists to hang onto his every word.

  28. Can I just point out, any follower of La Vey will tell you they don't believe in Satan. I think they shouldn't be allowed to call themselves Satanists at all, but LaVey was clever enough to use a name that immediately attracted media attention in the the occult obsessed 60's. Modern day LaVeyans are too stupid to realise this and certainly won't change it, even though they deny Satan's existence and absolutely hate it when anyone does anything bad in the name of Satan (or do they secretly get off on the infamy?). All the words that mean 'opposer/adversary' and they cling to this one…

    • Knowing Jesus Christ and the plan he has for your life, is the best thing you can do for yourself and that knowledge you can find it in the BIBLE. You wont even have the apetite to know about these fallen and evil angels aka demons.

  29. The original definition for demon was astral being. It didnt designate angel or todays definition of demon. If you actually research it, you will find it. Obviously, it has changed, it's just fyi. Also, for all you catholics out there, your vatican has the world's largest collection of pagan artifacts. If the bible and god's word is so absolute, why do they keep this stuff in their vault? I'm not going to get into it past that. It's just something to think about. Religion and political debates always cause arguments with no real winner. Its sharing info, nothing more. Today's demons are dangerous and not to be played with.

    • Actually the Vatican is pagan itself and roman Catholicism is a break off of orthodox Christianity so what are you talking about?
      Much of the first parts of genesis can be traced back to summerian myth true but the rest is pretty well in the lives of the Jews

  30. Why don't the individuals who dot believe in this try it out on an ouija board. Call the most powerful demon of all. I dare you.

    • From my experience Cthulhu Dagon, is more than lucifer aka Satan, but Lilith seems the most manipulative since ya asked

    • I am once again enlightened to the fact that the one you call the most powerful of all demons actually might give a s**t about your most recent and mind blowing discovery, you both could use what is called a much and well deserved lashing by the one that holds the silver rod built to spank the lies off both your tongues. does your new found friend have a name or is it just demon. I have a friend that has three definitive names all is one and one and the same,or did that sound more like two, have i confused you? because im about to tell you a little more about who i am refering to. most powerful over all the heavens and the earth can you guess who? yeah i knew you knew my friends, THE FATHER THE SON and the HOLY SPIRIT ARE MAD AT YOU. GOD JESUS HOLY SPIRIT three but one one is three. and a whole army of angels , you know the ones i speak of the ones that only love and do not hate. Didnt fall. fallen angels beware and kat my name is raegan and i am a friend until you dare the world to play ouija bring that board you play my way and come to my church and it will become just one more example of what you shouldn't do. i know all about the art of the glass as it touches letters numbers and signs i used to make my own. don't take your hands off that glass dont be scared and break contact , dont be afraid its just another demon in my room. don't dare compare us two unless you got jesus in you. if you dont believe me read psalms 18 i belong to a God i know wont lose because i have seen what he can do. and just like you i am quick to anger too. demons are everywhere they

    • are breading too…………. war is at hand get ready God has a plan and i ride alongside the chariots of white. archangels too…… i have seen and battled enough demons in my life to know they have destroyed many of lives including family and the ones near and far to me. and yes i have been outnumbered and when i could no longer stand God took over only to give the time i needed to make ready for war and JESUS is a rock and a fortress that will not break and JESUS is in me. a sacrifice in which was made in blood long before i drew my first breath and i have bled and i will continue to bleed until God himself is finished with me. I dont need a guarantee just to be in good company. by now you and your friend must be hating me thats alright by me, there are plenty more dont worry about that im used to it…. and i am not afraid!!!!!!!! and neither should you be. before i was born i was already lucifers enemy, he made that choice when he tried to rise against my father twice and failed.. even took 2/3. we are fewer but stronger than ever. less needs more. more needs less. i am Raegan and i am a christian i am eternal born again since 1997. bold as ever.

    • Raegan, God never called us to battle satan, please understand. We are called to defend ourselves not to battle the one who has already been defeated.

  31. I love my Jesus and this demon crap it freaking me out…….I. Wish I never made that pact with the Devil how can I break it??????

    • Nice joke
      If it's not then if your born again it already absolved any pact u may thing u made with the devil



    • hi bella pls get olive oil anoint it in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit put some on your forehead sprinkle some around your house in and out also on the doorposts to your house and on evry door in your house. confess your sins denounce every connection you have with satan declare that you are a child of God close evry door way in your life and keep reading your bible. for more pls get dr rebecca browns book prepare for war. the good lord of all lords be with you and keep.

    • it is an awesome thing having a true and bonding relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to be able to cast out any demon you must be a born-again Christian, having total faith in Jesus' Name, His blood and in The Cross. Mark 17:16-17 says : v16 " He who believes and is baptized will be saved

    • Bella. You're a child of God, and the blood of Jesus broke the power of any contract you had with the Devil. Simple as that. If Satan tries to come at you, just tell him that the Spirit of the living God dwells in you, and that you proclaim Christ's light filling your body, soul, spirit and entire house or apartment. Then say, "The Lord rebuke you, Satan." Resist the Devil and he will flee from you.

    • I am a demonic worshiper. I am only 13 yerars old and I tried to stop but I always feel like somethings watching me very closley. You can't get away. Don't say its crap because I have seen a demaon before. It's nothing to fear, they can't hurt you. I have a deamon friend and he's nice to me.

    • Child God can help you,What you dont understand,That demon is only nice to you because your doing what it wants,You will see try to get help,and you will see how nice it is to you,nothing thats makes you do bad things is good for you,All that demon want is to make you lost,then it will take your soul over,you will loose your life,Your young put God first in your life,

  32. If demons are real how come they don't affect the world in any way… how come if they are (not all but some are supposed to be) Obsessed with power and dominion, why don't they take a physical form of somekind and take over the world, And don't give me any crap like the current leaders of the world are demons or are influenced by them because lets be honest, the world would not be like it is today if it was!

    • Demons do influence us, but not the way you imagine. They play with our weaknesses aka (lust, pride, greed, gluttony, fear, hate and laziness.) when you find yourself mad enough to kill that is something adding to your flame. Leaders are not demons nor are they possessed. But they can be persuasive and cunning. If they took physical form and where seen they would be exposed and humanity will rise against them. By remaining under the cover of darkness they can operate effectivly and bring about the destruction of the universe quicker.

    • My God do you hear yourself?
      Listen weather demons exist or not all humans have good and evil intentions in em the one they feed the most is the one that is most dominate in their lives,
      you need to quit thinking of beings who are not physical are physical, it's a lot easier to cause evil by some one guessing if you exist or not than being right in front of them,
      Showing me that you haunt even thought that far Carl shows me your not worth much more as a pawn supposing these things do exist in the spiritual dimensions

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    • Skull and Bones, Illuminati used George Bush to the max to blow up the towers in WHICH demons were unleashed upon the nation. it was one BIG Illuminati ritual Condaleza Rice and all of congress knew about this

  34. fallen angels from the hebraic are called demons (slaps u in back of ur head for ur ignorance) sorry didn't mean to draw blood

  35. Ok I'll give ya all that until you said rapture
    But you really need to understand revelation in it's historical context when John wrote that book at Patmos the first 19 chapters at least was more propaganda against Rome so you really need to study the history surrounding that text first before going on some bs from the 19th century

  36. GOD! cannot be killed. especially by the likes of a half-wit. and whom is it that you refer to as 'little horns'
    my reasoning is this; does a wise man speak of those who don't exist?. or is it the fool that cannot see clearly as he speaks?, with one tongue saying,NO GOD and NO SATAN, and with the other saying one will kill the other. No disrespect kid, but i do believe that you may be feeling a tad bit angry,do not take either of these that you say do not exist lightly, i pray for those who do not see, as i at one time needed the same help. do not push what you have not yet seen, both are quick to anger. one of these is not decieving and one of these shows no mercy to the weak. maybe what you speak of killing is the one you should let live. and the one you shout out to as lil'horn" like as he were a friend of yours, should get back!! before you find something that you may not like. those horns you speak of just may be aimed at you. and he rarely misses. But with any amount of faith i do believe you may knock before the strike, And a strong hand may be upon you while the other deflects a most anticipated blow. while you may be looking out for your number 1, number 1 is always looking out for you. And if they don't exist. well, there always is that ailment of surprise. take care lil' buddy i just may see you in church. Your choice kid.

  37. Hey; I have two different ghosts in my house.they have showed themself to me, my son & my sister. They are still are here for a reason so my family & I we just leave them alone. They are human but they have past on. They are not able to because they died before their time so they are unsettled

    • Please listen to the words I am about to say to you.
      When human spirits pass on… they go to sheol, slumber. They await God's judgement. The spirits that are present in your house are not dead people passed on. They are demonic entities and I know this from experience. They are not harmless and their silent like presence is dangerous because they seek your curiosity and then your agreement. Do not allow these spirits in your territory. There are many, many cases demons pretending to be spirits of the dead. Dead relatives, dead friends.
      Terrible events and sometimes "normal" yet upsetting tragedies occur due to this lie but the Lord Jesus catches many of them in His grace when the victim is informed about the reality of their situation. In old times, there were people in ancient Israel who were calling upon the dead (necromancy) and they thought they were summoning dead spirits of men, it turns out they were summoning demonic forces.
      This goes back a long way, but these spirits in your house are demonic and they must be driven out for your safety. The only power that has authority over demon spirits is the Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus Christ. If you look to Jesus, you will be given the discernment to see what these entities really are. Trust Him, and may the blessings of the Holy Spirit be with you. These spirits are not harmless and they are only present in order to kill, steal and destroy, turn to Jesus Christ and He will drive them out if you ask Him to.

    • Those are called "Familiar spirits" demons who take on relatives that were once upon the earth and are no longer here. Get those demons out ya crib man

  38. if you have any unanswered questions watch the parmomal movies start from the first to the end if you still don't believe i will be shocked

  39. There are only two forces/spirits that exists, (good and evil, positive and negative) but it takes the will of human beings to manifest their power (just like in the movies: the battle between good and evil); by the way, I'm with the good guys (everyone knows who that is). The that has all power "GOD"

  40. You "Christians" and your ideals your so cute you actually think that all this make believe stuff is actually real. If you were to research you would know that its all BS. And before I get the normal rhetoric know that I was raised Baptist studied every day of my life for 11 years. Even looked into becoming a pastor. But now I find it all to be a very well concocted lie.

    • The best "research" is personal experience. Let me just say that I've seen and experienced things that have brought me beyond "I believe" and catapulted me to "I know". Also, you mentioned you came from a Baptist background. Baptists tend to be overly clinical in their approach to God and the miraculous to begin with, and many if not most do not even believe God does miracles today, which can make for a very dry, tedious spiritual environment. Some of my experiences:
      1. I woke up to find a demon under my covers, and instinctively knew this was not a racoon or some other animal that made it in from the backyard, because as soon as it was aware that I was awake, it growled, then disappeared, causing the bulge in the covers to disappear. My imagination you say? I had a witness: My cat was on the bed, and though normally friendly to just about everyone and even other animals, he arched up, ears back, fur bristling up, and hissed at this thing like it was his mortal enemy.
      2. I awoke, still half asleep, but Someone prompted me to say "The Lord rebuke you" and when I did, I felt a gust of air as something rushed by me and made a very hasty retreat out my bedroom wall into the backyard. I heard the wall rattle as it went through.
      3. One of my favorites: A dear brother in the Lord that I know, who has 3 kids, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was receiving Chemo, so lost his hair and his mustache. In the midst of this, I had a vivid dream of him coming out of his house. As he did, he looked at me and smiled. He had a full head of hair, thicker than it had been before his cancer, and his mustache was back. He looked healthier than he ever did before. Other believers besides me were having similar premonitions. 6 months later, the dream came true, and his cancer was GONE. It has been 19 years now, and still no cancer! I could care less about the political establishment that perverts God's Word for the "concocted lie" you spoke of. This is living, breathing relationship with God.

    • How do you know its a lie ive dones reasearch before and i still found that this was real if you dont believe in god then what do you believe in? Evoulotion is bs since when do explosions make people? I was an athiest before my life was crap before this and now i feel great every day tell me when somone says they dont believe in a god then your wrong you might of done reasearch but it is wrong

    • Are you listening to what you are saying,Check your self and see if you dont have demon yourself,your a raised baptist,What did you read for a bible,back of a cornflakes box,In the bible,it says that demon was cast in to pigs,demons was cast out of man,You should read the right bible,so who is the devil,your friend,Its not what people want you to think,its what you read for your self.

  41. Vicdez: Are you then claiming to have traveled the entire universe and other dimensions with some sort of machine that bends time and space? Is this why you're so sure there is no God or devil? Did you look everywhere before you came to this conclusion? I mean, that's what it would take for your wild theory to be proven true, but that's more unbelievable than the existence of God. I really get a kick out of people who type before they think.

  42. Hello to all you non-believers. So you don’t believe in demons. Ok lol. Here is something to try. You shouldn’t but hey you’ll see. I’m tired of you close minded fools so if you’ve got the guts try this. It’s called a mirror séance. Now you have been warned not to try this but again if you got the guts and don’t believe ok. 1st- take a mirror it doesn’t have to be huge .

  43. Like the size of a bathroom mirror. Unless you have a big bathroom. 2- set the mirror in a closet. 3 turn off all electricity. Make sure it is dark and completely quiet. I mean so quiet you can hear a pin drop. Now I’ve read that you should go in alone. I didn’t. I admit I was scared. Besides if I was alone who would believe me if I said I saw or heard something. No I went with a friend.

    • Bella, as is bad for one's child to listen to a next door neighbor, so is with God. He took his time to make us, and the evil one fights hard to deceive… us. It's great that you love Jesus thus easy for you to receive him in your heart. When He is in your heart, the devil has no place in you! Please take your Bible and read Romans 10:6, and give your life to Jesus. The word of God says, "Jesus is standing at the door of your heart and knocking, if you open your heart, he comes inside and be with you always… you then get baptized with the Holy Spirit, because we cannot over come any sin ourselves, but by the grace of God, through the help of the Holy Spirit, we are more than conquerors! You can still receive the power of the Holy Spirit even if you're alone in your room… We serve the omnipotent, and omnipresent God! Really give your heart to Jesus, and you will experience miracles!

  44. So for the last step go inside and make sure it’s completely dark. So dark you can’t even see the mirror. Now all you have to do is sit there and gaze in the mirror and think spiritual thoughts. The thing is you never know what’s coming out. So if you hear or see anything demonic say close the gate and leave immediately. This is not a joke. Don’t talk with it and stuff because you will only piss it off. And please don’t talk sh*t to it. Remember close the gate. You may have to wait 30 min. to an hour. Thank me later.

  45. If you thought you are the funniest one, you need to make fun of god rest of your life, because if you stop to talk bad about of god or think of it, the thing that you like will be the thing scared to death for the rest of your life

    • A evil likes you if you talk about it, A demon likes to sit beside you, if you done someting bad, A devil will live with you if you hate god and trust me tis are real because i am same as you

  46. A evil likes u if you do someting bad, A demon likes to sit beside u if you talk sometimg bad about god, A devil
    likes to live with you if you hate god, and im let you now tis, because im like you

  47. A evil likes u if you do someting bad, A demon likes to sit beside u if you talk sometimg bad about god, A devil lives with you if you live god. N PLEASE UNDERSTAND IM JUST LIKE YOU , ONCE

  48. If there is Someone who knows alot about demons and things of the sort on this I would apreciate it if you could email me because I have a photo that was taken of me and in a glass panel on the door behind me there is sonething that looks like devils face and I had a preist look at it and he said he knws what it is but doesn't really want to tell me. And before the photo was taken my nephew was terified of the hallway behind the door. So any good help would be greatly apreciated.. mlinton1@hotmail.co.uk

    • Well Mark,i can tell you things like that do happen,what that maybe is a poltergeist,but if you say that you saw something that looks like the devils face,then that maybe a demon,thats may want to live,someplace,but before i tell what,send me the pic to facebook look for lisa connor,you will see flowers,then i can tell you more

    • I was in the Occult as a satanist for over thirty years. I had many encounter with the supernatural and spirits and demons. I was involved in the summoning of demons and communicating with them. I was not into drugs and alcohol. I have been writing a book about my experience. I have been a Christ-follower now for almost 14 years. I now have a Deliverance Ministry. Whether you believe it or not the spiritual realm is real. If you have any questions you can email me at robmicsav@aol.com My name is Michael.

  49. Some people dont think that this is real,But it is,It happen to me,and my daughter,I was pregnant,for my boy friend,and this lady that he was playing around with,made things bad for me she did voodoo,blackmagic,obeah,on him and i,After sometime,i went to the doctor,and i could not see my baby anymore,i was left to die,if i had made the operation to take my baby out i would have die,I was like that for one year and 6 months,with that baby inside me,before i got him out,But i did,For my daughter,that girl,use that man to hurt my daughter,She fix some money,and gave it to him,to bring for my daughter,after a few days,I saw my daughter acting funny,then she lost it,try to kill me and the baby,saying things bad things try to hit her grandmother,I didnt know what to do, i got the bible,she was so afraid,she said to me dont come by me with that shit,in my hand,its a lot more that happen,Listen this thing is real,i can tell you all that it happen to me,I thank god that i an here to day,And can tell people what happen to me,
    The girl that did to me i can also tell you her name if you want,

  50. Bella, just lock your room if possible, kneel down, give your life to Jesus. First believe, open your mouth and say what you believe that JESUS IS THE SON OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, YOU BELIEVE THAT HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOUR SINS and your name will be written in the book of life! The Bible says, when the light shows up, the darkness flees!!! Yell out JESUS' name if you could, and the demons will flee from you, and sister, that is a fact! EXPERIENCE MIRACLES OF THE MOST HIGH GOD THROUGH OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO EVENTUALLY BE CLOSE TO GOD!!!

  51. I don't believe in it because there no proof of it. It oblivious that people with mental disorders of some sort. If was true and why don't others see them and other don't. I went church so is spirited relem i don't know if there life after death. But quite putting lies that are not real. Until you proof it real then until it is proven.

    • It is real dumb ass! Go buy a Ouija board some time and spawn Satan in your room I quadruple dog dare you to! You won’t stand a chance! If you get possessed or die or witness the paranormal, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    • Annellie Pomales now I hop you know Zozo the demon of the Ouji Board is not an actual thing right. The power of the human mind is the one that controls the ouji board… I have studied that myself and done it myself. If you ask the ouji board what’s 2+2 and you think 8 it’s going to go to 8 the ouji board works by 2 people putting enough brain power to move an object making it hover by a smooth surface but since almost always the people don’t know ho it works they think it’s demons that are moving it or dead people, not telling you to believe me but just saying it’s not right making someone believe something they don’t believe in.

    • Until you can competently communicate via written language, your comment should be ignored. I wouldn’t trust my foundation of knowledge on someone who is unable to write a coherent sentence.

  52. hold your tounge BILE is real and is very set in the people he chooses so for thos who dont beleave watch out he is coming for u and your family…….

    • The father, son and everyone else is a joke……………………….foollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll………………

  53. God exists and Satan exists…………..Oh, yes it's true. Let's do a hex ritual and i will be in agreement with you….Your pissed off and seek justice as we all do……………….

  54. I have made several rituals every of them was perfect those rituals are made to play with your mind and sanity and they made me tough one time i was in contact with something just because i was focused and a crow was at my window still that isnt real yet.

    • I have a masters degree in business production format. And had a dental office that i leased for 17 years. Im currently retired at 57. Ive studyied the occoult and all the bs. Books for decades. Ive prayed and begd for demon possesion..its a joke thier is no god and no devil.. Dont listen to me keep wasting your time and money!! Praying to empty skys and myths…

  55. Hey mark. I may not be an expert on demons but I've had some experience with demonic oppression and possession. I've been possessed before. May I see the picture? I may be able to figure something out. Thanks.

    • I could let spirits in me I was born with that don so I could say I been possessed before as well but I haven’t been full possessed since my body just can’t let the morning in completely, I love scary stuff and I’m into demonic shit I just want to experience things and to know they are for sure real, who doesn’t?

  56. I am a christian yet I sin. I have been visited in my past who i believe was lucifer himself, I also believe that he chooses to reveal himself to whom he chooses. No not everyone is going to see him. I believe you must be some what spiritual . weak minded people NO OFFENCE,,, are often used as tools for lucifer to do his work

    • Maybe god forsakes the just in time of need. God equals hypocrisy in a "Very Big" way. Lucifer like humans seek freedom. I used to believe god was all "truth", but found out differently. "People who have been victimized seek justice"…..God judges people and then tells us to forgive….He gives leniency to those of his choice, not those who are right and follow the law. "God doesn't follow his own word"-he is domineering and threats us with hell fire. If god was "right" without hypocrisy, many people would seek him. There is always a reason why people do what they do………….

  57. I am just recently separating from the mother of my son who did the same thing before i met her. i swear to God that i in the last nine years have been apart of every evil, ugly, torturous lie and manipulation scheme just an evil breed of deception understand his job is to steal kill and destroy you as a believer but it easier when your not of Chris it was almost like he would ride her and used her to kill me on many occasions not only physically but mentally and spiritually
    being of Christ is real and satan is just as real REBUKE HIM IN THE NAME OF JESUS oh! there is so much more i want to tell you GET SAVED and truly except Christ PLEASE

  58. If anyone needs a hex ritual of retribution go to : you tube:" the black mass by anton lavey. Funny B4 listening to you tube, i already knew……….anton was right on the money……………….

  59. I believe in Jesus but I am very wanting to see a demon&talk to it but how can I??? Im one of those ppl. I have to c with my eyes wat do I have to xo???

    • Demons will wait until you find someone or something you will die for and once you realize the connection you had was real you get better knowing what you had wasnt bs you finally get to the top snd boom they take it all they drain you they will kill you unless you wont die

    • Likewise i agree with you eve. Hail S……………………..“Pride is my carnal love” It’s my life”.“ "Grandine Satana”
      "No religion will dictate to me how I should live my life” "Lorgoglio e l amore carnale" e auto deificazione e stato fatto nascere dentro di me. Questo mi di "dichiarazione di Independence Day", ricorda che e un simbolo di vita, alla liberta e al perseguimento della Felicita. Su July 4, 1776 abbiamo dichiarato l'indipendenza dalla Gran Bretagna, e nascere in democrazia.

  60. I just seen "the butler….I wish you Eugene Allen was still alive…we lose the good ones….life is not fair…………

    • Abraham lincoln, Martin L. King, Malcolm…………..Funny people who are true honest die………………………….

  61. you are lost my friend blind because you refuse to see what is real .. you guys come in here with your skepicical comments .. You need to get a life.

  62. I am here because I have the hunger to learn about the history of our GOD and his son JESUS CHIRST. I have been getting closer to god for about 2 years now. I have seen my life change for the better but still have so much work to do because the closer I get the more satan temps me to sin. Yes I admit I am not a saint because I still sin, Lust, Envy JEALOUSY and other bad habits, however I am fighting to stop these bad habits for me and my families sake. I cant believe people actually take there time to come in here and critisise the good word of god. Cant you see this is satans work? Just look at waht is going on around us we are at war mentally, physically and spirtually. The world is not getting any better and these days to repent and try to change you lives are more criticle then ever. My god bless you all and much love to yuo all AMEN!!!!

  63. so are you telling me that is you believe and pray with faith try to do the best in life to please GOD you will not be saved if your not baptized???

  64. Go ahead and take this as a joke laugh it up .. and laugh at us because you expected us to reply back so you can laugh at us.. laugh it up man I dont care how stupid you think we are for replying back but there is one GOD who I would protect here on earth with the word and look stupid for.. You are probly too lazy to start this healing process of repenting and trying to look good in GODs eye, well I am at war with evil as we speak I beieve and I will always believe and battle evil till god says to me my war is over, You havent even started but it is okay huh? Do you realize you are on the way to eternal pain and suffering for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do you think is going to happen once you die. Just think about it look how perfect we are created. What do you really think we were mistakenly created so perfect? We have a mouth to eat, eyes to see, legs to walk , arms and hands to grab ect. How can anyone think for one second this was all just a coinsedence.

  65. Man you are a fool. The bottom line is, noone can prove that the stories in the bible or any religion are correct. Noone knows eXACTLY what went down in the past, and really, who cares? God doesn't care if we have th facts right, but the denial of a higher good being (aka god, jah, whatever you call it) is retarded, as is the denial of demons. I was skeptical my whole life up until a month ago…a ouija board changed all of that in a heart beat lol…i recommend you check it out..may scare the shit out of you and possibly do some damage, but in the end it may save your life.

  66. Quite personally. I don't believe in a "God," Though I don't doubt the existence of something greater than mere humans.
    However, if this God you speak of is real, I want nothing to do with him. Due to what he's done, I don't care what anyone says, your God has still done awful things.
    What God did wrong, that will never be acceptable, no matter how, "Divine," You supposedly are.
    •God kills Onan for refusing to impregnate his late brother's (whom God also slew) wife and instead "spilling his seed on the ground." (Genesis 38:8-10)
    •God kills the entire populations of Soddom and Gammorah (again, including women, children and infants) for practicing certain sexual techniques.
    •God gives all Philistines hemorrhoids in their pubic areas. (1 Samuel 5:9)
    •God kills over 50,000 people for looking at an ark. (1 Samuel 6:19)
    •God kills 70,000 people because King David decided to have a census. (1 Chronicles 21:7-14)
    •God approves of slavery, and instructs owners to beat their slaves. (Proverbs 29:19)
    •God orders the Levites to kill their "every man and his neighbor" for worshiping another god. This cost 3000 lives. (Exodus 32:27)
    Yeah, I want nothing to do with that nonsense.
    And people ask me when I'm not a Christian…

    • Hey u better belive in Jesus before its too late… Those are old testament. Y not tank him for still keeping u alive to type all ds gabage

    • I don't know if you're simply typing in some 'texting language' or if you do not know how to spell. I would suggest proper English spelling as it does indicate that you may be educated and therefore, may be taken seriously. It's all about perception. No offense intended. Truly.

    • GOD IS LOVE BUT ALL CONSUMING FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he made humans ( adam and eve) with the intention of giving us the world ! we had it alllll and it was US HUMANS who let the devil (serpent) trick us into bitting on that fruit !!! WE FAILED GOD …OUR ACTIONS CAUSED THE DEATH of many….and I say us because we are decendents of adam and eve we are all to blame because we cary that sin with us ! ever since they first failed god ,sin entered the human heart! SO STOP BLAMING MY GOD for what we let the devil trick us into doing !!!!!!!!!! oen your eyes before its toooo late.

    • aaaaand finale comes the NEW testament.. Dont forget that God saved ALL of mankind 😉 if you believe, you are saved 🙂

  67. get away now…he's only being nice because he is trying to destroy you. I know it's hard, but you can, and you are young. just get away. Read the bible, and find some good Christians to help you, because you will probably need
    that. Ask Jesus to come into your heart. Jesus can destroy any connection you have with the demon.

  68. Hey u better belive in Jesus before its too late… Those are old testament. Y not tank him for still keeping u alive to type all ds gabage

  69. What about Pazuzu, demon of the scorching south winds, bringing famine, sickness and disease, Pazuzu can adopt any form, and lies in wait for unfortunate passers by, and possesses people, as in the Exorcist.

  70. I beleive in god and demons both… I know how to beat demons,,, i have some word of mantra and it definately works,,, if somebody is being annoyed by demon and spritual ritrulals ,,,, contact me,,,, my facebook id is hell.dipen ,,, good luck…

  71. I don't think it is right to call people idiots for believe in god I don't because if their was I think that he would of help by now but its just not right I don't care if you think its funny. that's nice for you then. I do believe in after life though

  72. Maybe you should switch to a different denomination.
    Studing your word you should have learned something. You must of didnt surrender all the way

  73. Ha.ha.ha.ha.hahhh
    The Bible teaches that God has designed all things pertaining to the truth to appear foolish to the educated and proud. There are no contradictions and I am one of the most powerful reasoners on the planet. There are demons.

  74. Im not here to argue…believe in what best suits ur needs…i feel tomented. Ive had been battling depression my whole life and now add and anxiety. nothing helps. Ive also been haunted in my dreams and scratched watched and felt and seen thingd…coinsedence or akin to one another? i just want help from people more in tune with these subjects…

  75. You have the right to beleive in what ever you want but mind your words I garantee there is phenomina in this world you have yet to understand and mocking the beleifs of others can release entities that can hurt you but its very disrespectful as a human being to degrade christians beleif in this way or any beleif but if thats what floats your boat then who am I to reign of your parade but your discuss for this makes me beleive that you are intent on persuading others to your way of thinking with out wanting to see it from thier point of view and that is just Ignorant

  76. Hello Bella,
    I'm sorry to hear about the pact that you made…However if you truly believe in Jesus then there's no reason for you to fear ANY demon…You have to remember Jesus is the Son of God and was created above all angels…and demons no matter which one-demons are a type of angel (including satan)- are no match for Jesus…so to answer your question-Just trust and believe in Jesus and no pact with the devil will ever overcome that!

  77. I don't understand. If you love your jesus and made a pact with the devil then I can only assume that you do not trust your jesus or your gods will for you. Am I correct? I'm truly wondering, I'm not being mean.

  78. Your Name is Mark,please read the Book of Mark in the BIBLE and Use all the scriptures Jesus Used to Face demonds and the truth will be reaveled to you.JESUS WAS CLEAR (ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN).

  79. Also I have question for anyone kind enough help answer this lol
    If we believe that demons and angels are real.. and we know them to be actual creatures made by God simply existing in events such as (in the same room yet.. in another place of existence, aka spiritual realm.i Say they are creatures because they actually slame doors ect..
    then would it be safe to say they are technically aliens?
    *living organism
    *born not of this earth
    *living organism
    * created not on this earth
    The similarities are striking, opinions anyone???

  80. ok so here it is, thus far in my life i have never believed in god, or gods of any kind. i dont sleep with the light on im not 5, things only such as god the devil and demons only have power if you blieve they do. its all in your mind ………….. ive seen odd things but nothing that couldnt be explained by science or by the fact my mind was paying tricks its all about perpective an most importantly CHOICE, if a person chooses not believe or to belive something its up them no one !! has the right to tell them what they should or shouldnt me believe !!

  81. It is is a Choice to Believe, have Faith and follow. Like all choices there are consequences…
    I choose Him as He is a Known factor…. Can you REALLY prove He isn't?

  82. Mark if you want to make contact with me, give me your email address and I'll check it out, truly I've seen so much in my lifetime that I can probably help you. Not all Priests know of this kind of subject …

  83. BEHEMOTH – Devil said to take the form of a monstrous elephant.
    Sounds Like The Republican Party Symbology (the GOP Elephant)

  84. Hey bella,
    i don't know you and you don't know me, but all you have to do to break it is to go and look for a real man of God and do deliverance and you will be free forever.

  85. If anything is real from,the bible,its demons I dont believe in god or satan but there is something of higher power than we can imagine whether it be a god or something we just dont know, this world is very small compared to alot of things. Heck for all we know this could be hell and we all could be dead how would you know? How do we know if anything is real we could be in a virtual reality or something. This might sound crazy but really think about it, it may just blow your mind.

  86. Demons are real or something is all I know is I was sitting in my room sitting on my bed crying in front of me was my dresser with a mayor I lifted my head up and a picture of my mother who had died two years earlier slit under my bedroom door and across the floor in front of my feet and then these lightning looking blue lights opened to a circle and there was two faces inside of them saying my name I was petrified terrified I couldn’t move I couldn’t speak when I was able to I got up and walked out of the room when I came back they were gone it was a girl and behind her was a guy? It literally looked like blue lightning was filling my room

  87. Umm, you all know that the spiritual immoral do things like thisnon purpose. They often think ahead, build it and when something they are specifically looking for will come seeking them. They cannot be everything or everywhere at the same time but they know what they are looking for. I pray, things got so bad that I don’t want to pray after seeing people were not even worth it. Similar to saying out of 7 billion people 30 million are worth salvation. All this crazy talk of demons is an obession and those same demons obess over you. Hell is hungry and wants the energy and source your souls produce before its closing time. Dark magic is real and I’ve seen a lot and I’ve had experiences that i dont agree with from dark energy and the intrusive nature of it, not love! Anyone finding this needs to take time to be alone with God and figure out what the purpose of you being here is. Sometimes, it’s to be fruitful and prepare a vessel for a strong spirt that God is creating, living in fear will stop everything. None of these things are scary, they bombard you with images, emotions and situations you aren’t equipped to handle to waddle you down. God is the most scary thing in existence, God is love but all this isn’t even about us. Dark forces have nothing to go against God but the image of us. They cannot attack your soul because they don’t have one. They attack the image of you because we were created in God’s image. God doesn’t make mistakes but tampering with questions of who you are is the attack God can see and feel. Dark forces don’t want you to have high potential and be Yeshua(Jesus) fearing because they can’t control your spirt but they can your image. Can you image to be the first creation with no assigned gender, form or purpose and then create humanity? I’m telling you Dark forces HATE Yeshua because what he stands for. Close your prayer with a hallelujah and all glory be to God! Dark forces can’t offer you a sacrifice but God can, will and has already done that. You all are confused. Love yourself and each other because life is short and spiritual death from God, the light in the vessel that was formed in your mother’s womb is eternal. I am a person as well with real life circumstances and I hoped this test of life and dedication that failed the fallen angels and Adam and Eve and others were just more fun? Although, we don’t know the final resting place of our unique everlasting soul. Don’t let someone con you out of something worth, USD dollars 1 billion for a controlled contract of your image for 5-20 years of parties before your replaced for getting old, sick from parties or die.


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