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Fossett, Earheart, Hoffa in Bermuda Love Triangle

ATLANTIC OCEAN – Steve Fossett’s airplane and personal items were discovered in Inyo National Forest, California a year after the millionaire adventurer went missing.  But there was no sign of a body in the wreckage.  Then officials got the call from the captain of a merchant vessel. Lawson Swan spotted something in the legendary Bermuda Triangle region of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.
“I thought I saw a boat broke down, so I went to help out,” claims Captain Swan.  “But weren’t no break down.  I seen Fossett fightin’ with Jimmy Hoffa for the love of Amelia Earheart.  After a bit they noticed me and just poof vanished.”  Swan was released from official custody this morning after testing negative for drug and alcohol use.

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  1. This whole thing is about the top-secret inter-galactic airport being built in the Bermuda triangle. The New World Order needs qualified pilots, and they're in fierce negotiations with the Church of Scientology to get jet pilot John Travolta as their newest. The Antichrist and the Alien Federation members have been watching Saturday Night Fever, over and over, for weeks in preparation for their next meeting in Hollywood.


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