A prominent astrophysicist has confirmed that NIBIRU COULD COLLIDE WITH EARTH AS EARLY AS NOVEMBER 21st, 2023.

Dr. Frank Mallikovski, formerly with NASA, told Weekly World News that Planet Nibiru (also known as Planet X) is heading toward earth at an accelerated speed.

“I have been studying Nibiru for the last 25 years. There’s a lot of mathematical proof that this dark planet is creating waves of energy that is shaking the heavens.

“It is a unique planet that is hard to identify and hard to predict where it is at any given time. I try to locate it every night and have kept a log of its movements. It has never taken this trajectory before. I believe it is on a direct path to Earth. And I know I am right.”

It should be noted that many scientists, astronomers, and politicians have denied the existence of Nibiru.

“It’s a bunch of hogwash,” said Banesh Bannerje, a leading scientist for NASA. “Nibiru is a myth. Conspiracy theorists have long latched onto a belief in Planet X, but I have never seen any evidence of it. Never.”

“NASA always denies Nibiru’s existence,” responded Dr. Malikovski. “But they have been hiding the planet for decades. Do you believe everything NASA says? For some reason, they don’t want anyone on Earth to know about it. But it’s there. I will show you.”


Dr. Malikovski then took this reporter to his observatory and we looked through his high-powered Binocular Telescope. It was the biggest telescope we had ever seen. We looked through the lens and saw a beautiful array of stars – too many to count. We weren’t sure what we were looking for, but Dr. Malikovski – who had just finished his third gin-and-tonic – kept pointing to a bright star (dot), just outside Jupiter. At least, what he said was Jupiter. He told us that this star was Nibiru.

We questioned him about what we were looking at and he just got frustrated and threw his drink down. “You’re not an astronomer. You don’t know what you’re doing. Just believe me. I’m telling you that’s Nibiru. And it is!”

“Planet Nibiru was last seen just past Neptune in February 2023,” Dr. Malkovski said. Then I saw it moving by Venus in January of this year. It jumps around a great deal. I finally figured out a way to predict it’s movements through space. After months of calculations, I have determined that Nibiru is heading directly toward Earth. And, it seems almost purposeful.”

Purposeful? What does Dr. Malikovski mean?

“I think the planet is alive. I don’t know if there are alien beings on the planet that are controlling the planet or if the planet itself has a mind of its own, but clearly, the planet itself is an intelligent being. And for some reason, it wants to hit Earth.”

Weekly World News remains skeptical. But we followed up with some of the nation’s top cosmologists. One, in particular, Dr. Janice Jeremias, told us that she fully believed in Dr. Malikovski’s work.

“He’s a genius. And like all geniuses, he is often ridiculed. But I have studied his findings and his logs. His work is unassailable. I agree with him. Nibiru will make an impact before the end of the year.”

Dr. Jeremias told us Nibiru, in Babylonian Astronomy translates to “Point of Transition” or “Planet of Crossing.” “The establishment of Nibiru point is described in tablet 5 of the Enuma Elish,” Dr. Jeremias said. “Its cuneiform sign was often a cross or various winged disc.”

She told Weekly World News that beings from Nibiru are considered closer to human beings than any other beings in our galaxy.   Many extraterrestrial experts believe that the gray beings from Nibiru have been on Earth many times before and have combined their DNA with humans to create a more evolved life form.


Pastor Ronny Desmond told Weekly World News believes that Nibiru is the real deal. He believes that Nibiru will soon reveal itself to the world and it will mark the beginning of a great apocalypse on Earth.

“I believe it because the Bible says it.”

“The deep impacts are in Revelation chapter eighty-eight,” Pastor Desmond told Weekly World News. The Earth is gonna ‘reel and rock’ like a drunken man. Jesus said there’ll be mighty earthquakes, major earthquakes – all in the lead-up to the ultimate impact of Nibiru.

Pastor Desmond said that beginning on October 10th we will see signs of Nibiru approaching. “There’ll be signs in the sun, the moon, the stars, and in certain backyard pools in Ohio. The sea and the waves will be roaring, and all kinds of apocalyptic events will be taking place all over. It’s going to be so exciting!”

The world has seen many such claims of apocalyptic doom come and go.  But many believe that The Nibiru collision fits in well with Biblical prophecy. And many believe that 2023 may be the “worst year ever” so anything is possible. Even this.

Weekly World News will continue to follow this story and – the movements of Nibiru!

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  1. tried to follow up on the doctors listed in the first two paragraphs, on the internet…… Is there any reason their names or information about them is no where to be found, except on this site? Could you possibly posts some links to these people to prove their existence in some other way then your own article as the only internet source of their existence? thanks

    • Ive noticed this with another scientist mentioned in another article i.e. Said scientist’s name only found on copies of the same article.. However, a simple search of ‘Nibiru 2021’ on Google mainly yields results of the story being a hoax. The same search from the uncensored Duck and Go browser reveals pages of sites more open minded and possibly the truth.
      Why would Google censor these sites in the first place, unless they were asked to do so by an organisation powerful enough to do so?

    • Well yes, because they are not real. I think thaf if a planet larger than jupiter was anywhere near the location of venus the whole world would not have missed it. Noone has seen this planet beyond spurious gravitational effects so for this guy to say he’s seen it is total horse-poopoo.

    • Look up Robert Harrington (ex NAVY Astonomer) and Chilean AStonomer Carlos Ferrada some vids on Rumble, Bitchute etc. i

    • It’s because they were on sabbatical then but you can contact them now. One of them is at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. The other does his work in two places, the University of California San Francisco and at the Doomsday Laboratory in Cumberland, Maryland, splitting his time equally but not going back and forth weekly but 6 months in one then 6 months in the other. However, he does not shut himself off from the one when he is at the other, communicating by e-mail, text messages, and ZOOM.

  2. 30days left until GODs Judgement DAY. It is sad for those that occupy this planet. Glorious, for FATHER. He can finially get away from all those liars, abusers, tongue waggers, decievers, thiefs, murders, idiol worshipers, perverted creatures, god wantobees, selfish, & all those who thinks he is a blood thirsty vermit! GOD can create another world where he can rest after his long journeys. I’d advise him not to make anymore creatures like these. Maybe all the animals, fish, whales, trees, waterfalls, rivers, would be great. Don’t forget the birds. Flowers, even the butterflys are enjoyable. If nobody ever really loved or appreciated you, GOD, I love you, YAWEE!

    • But who would be left to enjoy all of the aforementioned entities, if there were no us? Hmmmm I wonder if we shouldn’t look at Christ in YOU as the hope of glory?

  3. A couple of times you have made predictions that did not come about. If you make a prediction. It should come true,. I think you do this to get people to follow your web site. That’s a shame, your a dreamer trying to get others to believe in your dreams. I hope you learn from your mistakes. The only one who knows the future, IS GOD.

  4. Nibiru Cataclysm is just a conspiracy theory created by ZetaTalk founder Nancy Lieder based of other theories regarding space. Many scientists and astronomers have debunked this theory for many years and as evidence here is a quote of NASA senior scientist David Morrison of Nibiru: “There is no credible evidence whatever for the existence of Nibiru. There are no picture, no trackings, or astronomical observations.” Another important point to add here is that with the latest space technology we have today, it is nearly impossible not be able to watch a “planet” that is claimed to be four times the size of Earth. Also, a new entering planet to our solar system will have a lot of effects on our world or galaxy and at this point there are no evidence of such changes. As I was doing some research regarding this topic, the Nibiru theory has been around for a while and the predictions have been completely wrong. The world we know now days was supposed to end in 2003, 2012 and 2017, but we are here still making this theory barely credible.

    • Go read the 12th planet by Sitchin one of several books he wrote reading ancient text and tablets

    • NASA in Hebrew means to deceive!! So ur comment is false!! And if you believe us government or NASA they are deceiving us all but go ahead and believe them or read a BIBLE NASA is in the it and it says what masa means

      NASA in Hebrew means “to deceive”! 5377 NW: nasa’, v. GK: 5958 |- 4860, 4876]. INJ to be deceived; (HI to deceive:- deceive (7), deceived (4], greatly
      deceived (+5377) (2], beguiled [1], seize |1|, utterly forget
      [+5382) |1

    • Revelation 8 :8 Chapter 8 verse 8 King James Bible
      And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

  5. The weeklyworldnews is truly a life saver. This article is so good! Will there be more news forthcoming about the Niburu? It’s now May 2021 and we have been scouring the skies every night for a glimpse of the mighty Niburu with our Target binoculars! Even in the rain, and the snow, and when bears come and gnaw on us. But how long can we do this? We hope the great Niburu will come before the End Days or before the bear gnaws off another limb?

  6. I have photographs of what I saw from the airliner while crossing the pacific ocean from New Zealand to the U.S. It was 5:15 a.m. on February 12th, 2021, and I saw a large plant/moon sized object rising from behind the horizon. It was red at first, and cast an eery red glow on the clouds below. Then as it rose higher, it turned white, but it was solid white, not blotchy like our moon. It was bright, but not too bright to look at, and it did not turn the sky blue. The sky remained black, like a normal night sky. So in that way, it was like our moon. The problem is, on November 12th, 2021, which was the date I shot the photos, the moon was NEW, and was completely dark. I have 4 photos, showing clearly what I saw. Everyone on the plane was asleep, except me… at least I was the only one walking around. This thing remains in my mind as profound and important. I’d love to share my photos with this website, or any of the astronomers on this site. Please let me know where I can send them so they can be posted, or analyzed.

    • Please fwd this info to mrmbb333 on YouTube! He has links to his website &instructions on how to submit your findings.

    • Please! Listen I’ve been noticing done really strange stuff lately.
      I’m hyper sensitive and pick up on things others miss. I’m a night owl. For many years. Lately I’ve noticed that night sky and even the dusk sky feel abnormal. Night sky is much more illuminated and a different color or hue. Same with dusk. Now maybe I’m tripping but I see what I see and my gut says something’s amiss. Dusk has a very odd feel,glowing sort of. Been searching trying to find any info related to what I’m experiencing or if I’m just 5150 and need to regulate my inner clock like normal folks.
      I’m in Oklahoma USA by the way.

    • Hi I’ve seen it before but during the day right before sunset years ago ,2014 or 2015, idlike to see your pictures

  7. You’ve made a few forecasts that haven’t come true. If you create a forecast. It should happen. I believe you do this to get visitors to visit your website. That’s unfortunate; you’re a dreamer attempting to convince people of your vision. I hope your blunders teach you something. God is the only one who knows the future

  8. You have published a very good article, I keep looking for such good contact, I agree with your information and important facts, and keep working with the publication of such good information.

  9. Could the big bright blue comet, you know the one that’s being reported in the news in the last couple of days. Is this the blue kachina star in the Hopi prophecy??? It will be seen first. Then the red which I guess is Nibiru. I don’t think the planet collides with Earth but pulls a multitude of astroids an debris with it, that in turn will bombard the Earth. Also gravity from such a massive planet would cause massive earth quakes and volcanic activity as the we have ever seen. Total destruction of the modern world. I also would think it would be responsible for climate change long before it got here.

  10. For some reason I believe this article. This is finally gonna happen. I’ve been preparing for 20 years for this moment. I can’t wait to survive the cataclysm, then live out a pitiful existence on whatever earth is left.

  11. WWN,
    Thanks for the warning. I am planning for judgement day by doing the following.
    -Stop paying my bills and instead spend that money on BEER, lots of it.
    -OUIT work and spend that time PARTYING by drinking the beer I bought.
    -NO more, cutting the grass, washing the dishes, or vacuuming the carpets.
    -I’ll use that time to recover from the hangovers.

    And didn’t BATBOY blow up this planet back in 2012 and was awarded the MEDAL of HONOR from President Obama for completing the mission?

  12. PLANET NIBURU is made of FENTYNAL. Earth won’t be destroyed when it collides. We are just going to get really, really HIGH.

  13. why cant we see this planet x if its only 10 days away from us right now. this planet would be bigger than the sun right. get your facts straight.

  14. maybe this planet x is a blackhole and thats why it cant be seen thayts how reeks havick on the solor system astroid belt. expect more asteroid collions to planets and other celestial bodys in the solor system, earth will have polor shifts and be pulled on a tilt which will be the start of a new ice age, this will happen with in the next 1200 years. you heard it here first.

  15. There is no such “Dr. Frank Mallikovski” that ever worked for NASA. This story is a fake. Considering where this article originates, it’s no surprise. Be more worried about where your current world governments are leading you, i.e. chaos, and horrific massive world starvation.

  16. Wow. I really am amazed that plenty of people take this seriously. You do realize WWN is just entertainment, right? More accurately it is a satire of the supermarket tabloids (National Enquirer and The Sun for example) and is pretty much full-on social and political satire with comedy chucked in for good measure. In other word it is meant for humor and nothing else. Besides, if it weren’t for WWN, I would not have a pretty good laugh. So read it in that context. it’ll make you feel better.

  17. REMEMBER EVERYONE: The earth’s rotation has slowed down as reported by WWN in another article. Therefore, today is NOT actually September 22, 2022. The actual date is August 3, 2022. Niburu is still set to collide with earth it’s just an earth month and half away.

    And if you are unemployed, broke and depressed due to preparing for the end of life only to be let down by living. You should sell your soul to the devil and all your troubles will be solved. WWN has an article with step-by-step instructions how to sell your soul.

    • There’s no need to do as you suggest. Or is it what not as. In any case, Niburu’s path has altered due to various decelerations and Earth is safe for at least 500, 000 more years. So keep the plans you had prior to the news about Niburu, now discredited.

  18. You’re not a real doctor/scientist dude! Stop lying to people. I also know you haven’t been “studying” Nibiru for the last 25 years because nobody even knew what it was 25 years ago. Nibiru became a thing in 2003, then became a trend in 2012. After that, everybody forgot about it because they knew it was just a conspiracy just like the rest of the “end of the world” claims. So stop lying to people and making new dates every single time you’re wrong again and get a life to do you and everybody else better.

  19. You’re not a real doctor/scientist dude! All you do is lie to everybody. I also know that you haven’t been “studying” Nibiru for the last 25 years because nobody even knew what it was 25 years ago. Nibiru became a thing in 2003, then became a trend in 2012. After that, everybody forgot about it and didn’t care for it anymore. Idiots like you try way too hard to make it relevant again. Get over it buddy, you get every date wrong anyway. I don’t mind an “end of the world” conspiracy, but don’t take it so seriously for no reason and continue to change the story every time someone debunks it with actual proven facts. And don’t ever try to abuse Christianity again by saying that “it’s in the Bible”. Clearly you’ve never read the Bible because there’s no evidence about Nibiru on there. Live your life while you can and stop letting a conspiracy run your life. How about you do you and everybody else some good, and let it go.

  20. This is correct, I died on September 21st 2022 when Nibiru throttled itself into Earth, and now I’m typing this up from the Astral plane in hopes that this WWN prophecy will make it into the annals of human history, rediscovered and held sacrosanct in the vein of the Völuspá by our interdimensional descendants.

    • Why yes, yes it does stand for that I’m really surprised that not very many people realize this is a satire news paper it’s a ll fictional just for a laugh they even have one about a 2 ton cat and dracula becoming vegan I mean come on it’s not that hard to figure out this is all fake

  21. Although we believed ourselves to be permanent, it appears that we are not. Even if we believed we were established, we are not. Although we believed we would last forever, we won’t


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