After years of speculation the truth can finally be told:  Elvis Presley not only faked his death in 1977, he’s still alive today (at age 85) – and we’ve got the photograph to prove it!

The amateur, black-and-white snapshot was taken by a tourist on November 4, 2019. It clearly shows the senior superstar resting in a wheelchair on the grounds of his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tenn.

And while nobody can say for sure if the King is back at Graceland to stay, Presley insiders hint that the 85-year-old legend could go public at any minute if he gets an indication that fans still care.

“I’m not saying Elvis is alive, but I’ve always suspected it,” says a close friend who was a member of the great singer’s “Memphis Mafia.”

“If that picture of him in the wheelchair is authentic, and it sure looks to me like it is then you can bet Elvis set the whole thing up to gauge public opinion.

“Elvis isn’t stupid.  In fact, he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever known.  If he faked his death and kept himself out of the public eye for 43 years, he wouldn’t let somebody take his picture unless he wanted it done.

“I think that’s what might be happening. He’s a sensitive guy and he would never come out of hiding if he felt the fans don’t care about him anymore.

“I believe he’s testing the water before he does something drastic like go on TV to tell us he’s alive – and he’s back.”

Elvis in his last performance in 1977


Nobody officially involved in the maintenance of the Presley estate enterprises has publicly acknowledged that Elvis faked his death of a heart attack on Aug. 16, 1977.

And they certainly aren’t forthcoming with new information now.

But if the story develops along the lines suggested by the ex-Presley insider, they might have to.  And that includes The King’s former wife, Priscilla, an only child, rock-star-in-her-own-right Lisa Marie.

“There are plenty of good reasons for Elvis to come out of hiding now,” says Wes Thomas an investigative reporter and Presley expert who has written extensively on the performer.

“He’s certainly no spring chicken. And after the recent death of Prince, Tom Petty, Glenn Frey, he might have stopped to reflect on his own mortality and decided that if he’s ever going to tell fans the truth he better do it now.

“That would be in keeping with the kind of man Elvis was. He loved his fans and he never wanted to lie to them or cheat them.

“If he faked his death to escape the pressures of superstardom, those who know Elvis would tell you they always expected him to come out of hiding and explain everything.

“What’s really intriguing me about that picture is the wheelchair. It could mean he’s had a stroke and lost the use of his legs, or perhaps he has an unsteady gait.  Then again, he might be using a prop to generate interest among fans.”

Toilet at Graceland where Elvis “reportedly” died


Photo analysts commissioned by Weekly World News say the photograph, taken by a 53-year-old woman who says she sneaked on the grounds of Graceland through an unlocked gate after it had closed for the day, has not been altered or retouched.

And while they can’t say for sure whether the senior citizen in the wheelchair is Elvis or a mere look-alike, a national known again expert says with 98 percent certainty:  it is The King.

“Judging from my analysis of blowups, the man is Elvis or, if not Elvis, someone who aged exactly as our computer models say Elvis would have aged – which is a virtual impossibility,” says Phil Tellers of Washington, who has worked with police departments nationwide to “age” abducted children in computer models.

The remarkable sighting follows on the heels on the claim of a waitress who says she served Elvis a sandwich at a Laguna Beach, CA restaurant. 

As Elvis fans know all too well, circumstances surrounding The King’s death in 1977 were mysterious at best.

Mourners who were there said Presley was sweating profusely as he lay in the casket before his death. And that has fueled persistent and compelling rumors that he was alive.

“If it’s truly Elvis I want to just die!” said Tad Hillstrom from Cheraw, S.C. when he saw the wheelchair-bound man photo. He was convinced, “I know it. That is Elvis!”

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  1. The fact he died over a toilet bowl makes me believe he’s dead. I had a family member nearly pass in his toilet from a stroke.

  2. I truly believe that it is Elvis in that wheel chair and I wish I could meet him and maybe work for him that has been my dream for a while every since I have been seeing videos on youtube about Elvis is still alive…

    • Elvis is alive and that is him. I wish he would come out and tell everyone. So many thing’s people don’t know about the Presley clan. Would shock the world if they new the half of what went on. Elvis had 8 doubles 3 were his brothers fact isn’t it E.

    • LoL yeah right! Elvis wouldn’t of portrayed himself as body looking fit, face looking Old and in a wheelchair. Also the Black and White photo very well is super imposed .
      Whatever; Elvis May Still Be Alive but That Ain’t Him Baby!

    • Well the truth will come out soon and will tell all he is alive never died so don”t worry about it.
      When he does die another movie will fill in the blanks just be patient.

  3. The fact that it was a toilet,,,
    would be like to ‘ make sure people believe it’ as being the worst place you’d wana be found – thus making it ever more believable ; like surely it’s true,, it must be everybody would say & so no-one would question it . It’s real clever stuff !?!

    • i’m 75 and followed Elvis life thruout.. I did hear he was on the floor in bathroom and his fiance found him. i don’t know if he was on the toilet nude or did he have clothes on and was just more or less resting bc he felt ill, does anyone know?

  4. I believe Elvis is still with us and that makes me extremely happy and proudto have seen such a good performer which has the most amazing and beautiful voice. I would have loved to meet Elvis in person but never had the financial aid to travel. Elvis will always be the most amazing human personality and I truly pray that I could meet him in person before we both leave this world. 🙏🙏

  5. Who in this day and age takes pictures in black and white for one and two how do we even know this is on the grounds?
    I’m calling BS on the pic but I think Elvis faked his death and is most likely still alive.

    • Exactly. This photo could have been taken when Elvis was in the hospital back in the 1970’s, and photoshopped into Graceland’s front entrance. All his fans want him to be alive, and it would be more than wonderful to see him again… but there’s just SO much controversy and questions to be answered and explained.

    • I call BS as well. My main reason is, in the blow up photo, “elvis’s” head is way bigger than the nurse’s head. The whole thing looks photo shopped. Who is that person peeking around one of the columns? I do believe Elvis is alive and hope he will come forward as Elvis soon.

    • If the sandwich at the Laguna Beach restaurant was an “off the menu” request by the King, and it was a fried banana and peanut butter sandwich, that would increase the likelihood that it indeed was Elvis. The waitress and restaurant ought to be contacted about it, if there’s a need to confirm that Elvis is still alive.

  6. i hope that wen i leave this earth i will finally meet the man who changed everything i was 10 wen he passed but think about his legacy everyday hopefully one day my dream will come true …god bless

  7. Are you kidding me? Elvis has been long gone even before he died. I am an Elvis fan but you have to let it go and realise he’s gone. He loved women way to much to be completely out of sight.

  8. I agree Elvis did die. It is just his fans
    that believe he did not die.
    We can keep him alive with his Music
    and his Movie s and of course being
    able to visit Graceland.
    If they don’t want people to go up to
    The bed rooms or where ever else is
    Okay with me.

  9. Elvis Presley is loved by so many. He’s older but I am also. Would be an honor just to sit with him and talk. He’s my brother in Jesus Christ.

    • Amen on that-I read the book is brother wrote, I believe his love for God was getting stronger and stronger. He needed a rest,whether to die and go home or hide out.

  10. In 1977 when Elvis died I was working as an anthropologist in Brazil. Some of you may remember me. I was the scientist who stumbled upon the tribe of Al Jolson look alikes that was reported some ten years later by Weekly World News. The night of Elvis’ death the entire tribe sang “Mammee” in tribute to the King. I cried my eyes out. As much as I would like to believe Elvis is alive I know he has passed. The photo is clearly a fake. The wheelchair pictured is a Land rover 600. That particular model
    of wheelchair was discontinued in 1966. I know there are a lot of gullible people out there but really?

  11. I think the photo is a paste job. Google
    has several apps that make it easy to
    place one person’s face on another per-
    son’s body on your iPhone. Also, when
    his father Vernon was dying, in 1979, El-
    vis was never at his side. The belief that
    Elvis is alive is a long and winding road
    to nowhere.

  12. I am a lifelong fan and I believe he died. It is well know Elvis really cared for his fans and deliberately lying yo them was not 9n the man’s make up.
    Get over it we were lucky to have him as our hero.

  13. Croire quelle vis Presley est mort oui croire qu’il est vivant on pourrait mais comme le dit des personnes qui témoignent croyez-vous que un fils ne serait pas au chevet de son père pensez-vous avec tout l’argent qu’il avait un fauteuil plus moderne sur la photo réfléchissez un c’est de la jour une photo en noir et blanc faut pas avoir fait de grandes études pour voir que c’est une photo montée à tous les amoureux du kiné vive le rock n’ roll et j’espère qu’on pourra encore visiter Graceland joyeux Noël

  14. Elvis was born in the Lost City of Atlantis, on Mars. He was killed in a space shuttle crash due to a misunderstanding with Egyptian King Tut – he thought Memphis was in Egypt and not in TN. Much of this is discussed at another Weekly World News article. They had a fake fat actor impersonate Elvis in his later years – but it is said that he went into hiding after stealing too much of Donald Trump’s hair dye and fake tan.

    • Sounds like you’re a Woke liberal who needs to grow up! Trump is better than that knucklehead we got in the White House. You are stupid too and rude

  15. Stop with the lies, what do they have to do, dig Elvis up to prove he died? Morons that thunk he’s here, stop, it is disrepectful to him and his family.Look at the pic, this person’s body is very fit, like a twenty or thirty year old.
    You ought to be ashamed.

  16. Well I was the web master for Dennis Roberts. The guy who made 488 pairs of sunglasses for Elvis. He owned Optique Boutique. He was the one who came up with the TCB on the sunglasses. I have been exposed to the entire history of Elvis. I got to meet Al Divorin, Sonny West and Red West. They were all very cool people.

    Mr Roberts was the inventor of the fashion glasses. He made them for Elton John, Steve McQueen and even Ozzy Osbourne. Dennis always said there are two kinds of people. Those whom liked Elvis and the other people.

    For sure Mr. Roberts says that Elvis is ALIVE. In the Early 2000’s an old Optique Boutique eyeglass order form came to Dennis house in Palm Springs on Siera Madre. It had $8,000 cash in it. The letter said simple “Hey Denny, its E. Hook me up with some of those 2001 On Tour glasses you just put out. TCB all the way around. Send them to the old homestead.”

    Mr. Roberts made 3 pairs of On Tour Nautica Style glasses with gold TCB on each temple. He then mailed them to Graceland. A few weeks later I overheard Dennis laughing and talking loudly on his Star Tac flip phone. “Glad you like them E! You need to get out more…lol When your in the Springs come over and I will show you my latest sunglass collection.”

    I believe Elvis is alive. I could tell by Mr. Roberts reaction he knew something others did not… I mean hail he only made 488 pairs of glasses for the King of Rock and Roll.

    • Mr. Presley, Your voice never failed you so I am guessing it’s still as brilliant as it always was, so please even if you don’t want to come out in public, get your contacts to arrange for the best in the business to record a new album with you, as privately as possible but of the highest commercial standard so the world can hear you now. Thank you, Elvis. Sincerely, Todd

  17. Yep that’s Elvis for sure. He’s doing fine. He has a few aches here and there but feels great. He even sings while he’s on the toilet droppin’ a deuce so his girlfriend can hear him and knows if he falls off like he did when he almost died back in ’77.

  18. Bob joyce is elvis ,hes been in police protection program he xoing gods work like many of other people that did fake deaths to get away from the illuminati control

  19. Elvis was born on January 8th.
    I was in high school when he was performing as a singer so I remember the details. He’s Jewish so he didn’t age as fast as most people do.
    He was in witness protection because like Michael Jackson, he wouldn’t cooperate with the mafia so he was on a “hit list”. So we should all let him live out the?rest of his life in peace like he wants to!

  20. OMG i have never laughed so much at people believing this photo is real, you guys need to have a eye test as you can see it’s soooooo fake 🤣🤣


  21. I have seen the FBI File for Real, and Elvis was Alive at that time
    There are gangster People in the Military was trying to murder; him that is
    why he went Under Cover, same as me, I had Four(4) Military
    Machine guns Pointed at me, and a log list of gangster Military,
    Gangster Landlords, and Gangster Hospitals, Gangster Government
    doing Home Invasions, Bank Robberies, a Long list of Treason crimes.

  22. I truly believe that Elvis did really die in 1977, and there is no way he faked his death and is still alive. I think people need to accept the truth that the king has left the building and is buried at Graceland.

  23. Come on people leave the poor guy rest in peace! If he is alive then that means he wants to be left alone and he doesn’t want people bothering him . I would think you guy’s should be able to figure that out.

  24. Fantastic article. In my opinion, this is one of the very best posts that has ever been published. Your work is outstanding, and it motivates me to do better. Please accept my sincere gratitude.


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