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Weekly World News has published 100,000+ articles and discovered over 300+ unusual beings living amongst us. Each day our crack Potenza Prize-Winning Reporters uncover more stories the mainstream media ignores. Weekly World News is the authority on aliens, mutants, conspiracy theories, biblical prophecies, health cures, and wayward politicians.

Weekly World News is the only publication in the world to cover the exploits of Bat Boy, Manigator, The Lake Erie Monster, Ph.D. Ape, P’Lod the Alien, Itty Bitty Elephants, Bigfoot Hooker and many other beings that the mainstream media refuses to cover.

Weekly World News is available exclusively online and on social media. But we’re working hard to get back into print soon. Government agencies are always conspiring to prevent us from getting our stories out. But rest assured – we will never let anyone stop us from delivering our readers the truth!


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Yes! Please do. submissions@weeklyworldnews.com. If selected you will need to sign a work-for-hire agreement. WWN owns any/all contributions. We encourage readers to send us articles, videos, music, animation etc.

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