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"Left Eye" Saves Debate

WASHINGTON, D.C. – John McCain received support from a most unlikely source today.

WIth his popularity slipping in the polls. his running mate pounded by Katie Couric, and internet rumors that a stroke has caused laziness in his left eye, McCain was visited by the apparition of former TLC singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.
Sources from the McCain camp, said the crossover was brief but uplifting.
As McCain descended the rear entrance of The Capitol late last night, Lopes’ apparition hovered alongside McCain and crooned personalized lyrics to her TLC song, “Keep Your Head to the Sky”.
“Keep your head to the sky; lift your life and reach high; wipe your tears and don’t cry; open your left eye; go to the debate tonight, you will make it if you try.”
The cantankerous McCain surprised onlookers by continuing the singalong after the apparition had vanished.

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