LITTLE ROCK, AR – You can prevent evil spirits from taking over our body, a top religious expert says. You can easily do this by learning how to recognize the first signs of demonic possession. This way you can head it off before it gains control!

The Rev. Marvin Messon, the author of the best-selling book, Alert to Evil, says most victims of demonic possession could have protected themselves. If only they’d known what to do.

“It’s such a tragedy. All these people are wandering around with evil spirits controlling their bodies and eating away at their souls,” said Rev. Messon. “They could have spotted the danger at the very outset if they’d only known what to look fo. Instead, they were totally vulnerable to this monstrous evil.”

The 67-yeard-old minister has spent more than four decades studying accounts of demonic possession. He researched numerous religious writings and practices of the occult. He says his research has made it clear there are early warning signs of demonic possession. The research has made it clear there are early warning signs of demonic possession. And they give us ways to rid yourself of demons before they ruin your life.

Rev. Messon agreed to share his knowledge with Weekly World News readers.


Here are five sure signs that an evil spirit is taking over your body:

  1. UNEXPLAINED ITCHINESS: Especially of the arms and legs, though there can be significant itchiness in the upper abdomen and behind your left ear.
  2. FORGETFULNESS: This is a sign that a demon may have had control of your mind for a brief period. If you can’t find your car keys, it may be because you are possessed.
  3. UNEXPLAINED FATIGUE: Your body may be trying to fight off a demon invasion. Demons love to drain your energy.
  4. INSOMNIA: Subconsciously, you are probably aware that an evil spirit is attempting to take over your body and you are afraid to go to sleep. This is a bad sign because the more you are awake, the more the evil spirit possesses you.
  5. IRRITABILITY: Any negative deterioration in your personality, such as unusual irritability, jealousy, anger, or dirty thoughts may indicate an evil presence is taking over. If you complain a lot, you probably are possessed.


There are things you can do to stop an evil spirit in its tracks — before it completes its demonic designs:

  1. GO TO CHURCH FREQUENTLY. Evil spirits hate places of worship and will give up on anyone who spends a lot of time there. Demons are thrilled that going to church is a problem with the pandemic going on, but if you can watch a service online that is better. If you’re an atheist or non-believer, it’s still a wise move to make.
  2. PRAY — Especially if you notice signs of possession. Prayers obliterate evil during the moments they are spoken. They could banish any evil spirits that are trying to enter your body. Prayer, not thoughts. Pray away the demons.
  3. SLEEP FACING NORTH. No one knows why, but evil spirits never attack people who sleep in this orientation. Your head and toes need to be directly pointed north.
  4. WEAR A CRUCIFIX – or a necklace of garlic. If you don’t have garlic, a necklace of banana peels would also work. Researchers recently discovered that banana peels seem to really annoy demons.
  5. SPIT FREQUENTLY – This gets rid of evil spirits, which usually enter the body through the mouth. With Covid, you have to be careful where you spit. You may want to get your own spittoon. Spit the demons away!

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  1. I’m a fox-like, auburn-furred, bushy-tailed alien. Demons do not bother me if they know what’s god for them.

  2. I have a friend feels like so dark energy with him for a while ive heard it myself when we played back video …give me some things that could help

  3. this is the dumbest advice, Going to church is NOT the best way. demon’s hang out there. this is why when you leave church you wanna go to the liquor store. I feel sorry for jesus lover’s. the entity of jesus is THE SUN, not a SON. And if you do your research it was a Sacrificial lamb on the cross.
    wanting to control the masses they said worship he that is holy.
    any fool can see that the male species of humans have done nothing but destroy this planet,\inventing more weapons, torturing people for no good reason.
    it’s just plain pathetic. and men don’t care, they are looking for One thing, oh … two things.
    Why can’t people LOVE each other, and find more ways to do so, Not sex either.

    • Amen…I feel so sorry for people who just don’t want to accept that Jesus is the ONLY WAY to salvation and the only way to get to heaven to be with God the Father!!! I Love Jesus soooooo much, and hope to be one of the ones that just disappear because my Father along with His Son have called me home!!!!!

  4. I have experience in the deliverance ministry. This article is dangerous in it’s falsities, stupidity and causing panic rodeos. None of these indicators are true of real demon possession! There’s also demonic oppression, obsession and infestation. One can research all of these and the differances. True possessions are few and far between, although the number of reported cases is steadily increasing. Many of these ‘symptoms’ listed here are indicators of other health issues or serious diseases that one should be seeing a doctor for! Or mental disorders, chemical imbalances in the brain, etc… People do your research! Go to a doctor first for these symptoms, then to a Catholic Priest for discernment. People have killed themselves thinking they are possessed. Shame on you for putting this crap out there!

  5. “Chriatians” more like grey alien deliverers and the best of them are just lunatics praying to personality instead of soul

  6. Hi am brian iv been recording for 12 years of and on i was given the holy grail of the evp .that now has f…..d my life up i cant get rid of this strange eye the green eye and a purple eye iv had realy bad luck nearly died twice but now my hole body not rite . A strange face has apeard on the back of my leg does any body no what the green eye means

  7. I believe me and my brother have been possessed by an evil spirit or even the Devil it’s been going on now for 17 years it takes our breath away so we can’t breathe my brother won’t even get out of bed because of it, I hold a part time job down cleaning where it attacks me all the time I itch all day and it attacks my piles. It started with a voice in my head saying hi I rushed to the doctor where he said it was schizophrenia but over all these years the medication has done absolutely nothing. I believe it was put there by people who moved in next door to us and the first sign of this was we both got a soar anus where my brother needed surgery. I’d be great full of any proper advice.I’ve tried church but I felt as if I was driving a car but I can’t drive I’ve tried ignoring it because I think it is the devil who sadisticly gets a kick and brags about it’s evil work

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