I’m madder than Glenn Beck during a Kleenex shortage!
So yesterday, the Teleprompter Kid took a break from his hard work turning our country into the next Cuba — by phoning a talk radio show!

That’s pretty rich for the same President who said a while back: “You can’t listen to Rush Limbaugh and get anything done!”
Obama hates talk radio and wants to shut it down, but that didn’t stop him surprising his old friend, the governor of Virginia, when the guy was the guest on some program yesterday.

The radio guy took a phone call from “Barry in D.C.” and it turned out to be the Communist in Chief on the line. He and the governor yucked it up for a while and had a great old time.

Isn’t that touching? I’m glad all these politicians have so much spare time on their hands, so they can kid around and joke on the radio, in between ruining our once-great nation and turning it into a land of freeloaders, welfare bums, criminals and crooked lawyers!

At this point, Obama is one of the only guys in America with a job, and what does he do? He goofs off doing pranks on the radio with his buddies. After he leaves the White House, he can go be on that Crank Yankers Show.

I wish “Barry from D.C.” would call ME on the phone. I’d give him a piece of my mind, dammit!
Then I’d yell, “Get back to work, if that’s what you call it” and hang up on the guy. That’d show him!!