Poor Sarah Palin! She can’t even go on vacation without reporters hounding her like Tiger Woods at a half-price whorehouse!
With all the crazy stuff going on in the world right now, those damn reporters are ragging on her about her hat! She was wearing a left over visor from the campaign, and blacked out the name “John McCain” with a magic marker – and all hell’s broke loose.
The lame stream media is looking at pictures of the hat like it’s from the Kennedy assassination, trying to figure out what it all means. Does Palin hate McCain now? Does she think he has cooties? Should she have drawn a little heart on the visor instead?
She says she just wanted to not draw attention to herself on her vacation.  Although it’s sad her husband wouldn’t just buy her a new hat. Wives like it when you buy them a new hat once in a while. It keeps them quiet for about a week, too! If I was married to her, she’d have all the new hats she ever wanted!
Maybe we should all show our support for Sarah by blacking out an old visor we’ve got laying around the house!
That’ll send a message to those lame stream reporters: go cover something really important and leave Sarah alone! Has anybody snuck into the White House lately, maybe to watch cartoons with the kids this time?
Will Nancy Pelosi lead a Boston Botox Party to protest the facelift tax?
Anyhow, I like nobody cared about what her t-shirt said: “If you don’t love America, then why don’t you get the hell out.”
I’m surprised the reporters didn’t black out THAT themselves on the TV.
It’s still early yet – maybe they will!

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5 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS: "LAY OFF PALIN!"”

  1. hounding? How about dingo-ing? Yup, I made a new verb – it fits good-er. Thanks for the item. I'm still chortling over the Boston Botox Party.

  2. State run media and the Left are scared of Sarah. They know, deep in their little hearts, that she has a plan that is going to sit them flat on there butts. Just look at her book sales – before they were on the market !! Let'm keep taking the pic's – she just smiles. Nothing but CLASS !!


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