I’m madder than Rosie O’Donnell in Economy! That Janet Neopolitan we’ve got running the country’s security turns out to be as stupid as she looks!
She said after that A-rab hijacker set fire to his underpants on the airplane that “the system worked”!
I didn’t know America’s airliner safety “system” was based on having a Dutch movie director on every single plane, sitting in the perfect seat so’s to tackle any crazy A-rabs that happen to materialize!
Do they have that many of those guys in Holland they can spare? Especially since their only other Dutch movie guy already GOT KILLED BY ANOTHER CRAZY A-RAB?!
And part of the system seems to be letting ratty looking A-rabs with no passports onto airplanes then letting them sit in the exact seat where a bomb would make the biggest hole!
Boy, that is some system. I’m glad the hippies kicked that moron George W. Bush out of the White House, huh?
My new security idea is to start building planes out of whatever Janet Neopolitan’s hair is made out of. That stuff looks like it’s pretty bomb proof!
Then the Teleprompter Kid was too busy golfing to say much about this whole thing. My guess is he’ll ask the bomber to come over for a beer or a glass of camel pee or whatever those people drink.
He won’t have to go through security to get into the White House either. The A-rab just has to say it was all part of a reality show!
We let Obama in the White House without a birth certificate, so why not let A-rabs on planes without passports? Otherwise you’re a racialist!!

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