I’m madder than Santa on a treadmill! You can have a Merry Christmas if you want to, but I’m miserable!
America is going down the toilet faster than that third slab of pumpkin pie you just shoved down your throat!
The Communist-in-Chief and the Hair Club Vice President are making us turn communist if we ever want to get a hip replacement.
The Teleprompter Kid was pushing all those Washington crooks to pass that lousy law before Christmas. He was in a big hurry to go on holiday in Hawaii — where he SAYS he was born and that I don’t believe is really a state anyhow.
Which is one way we might be able to get rid of Obama. We need to stop asking for his birth certificate and start saying Hawaii isn’t legally a state, which means that even if he WAS born there, he still couldn’t be President!
(Not that I think Obama was really born in Hawaii anyhow. Everyone knows he was REALLY born in one of those African countries where the kids all have flies crawling all over them. Which reminds me: we’ve given those countries billions of dollars but they still can afford to buy that “OFF!” stuff? What’s all that about?)
Then again, it’s too late to get rid of Obama. The Communist-in-Chief has just officially wrecked these once great United States of America forever.
In the good old days, sick people had the good sense to just up and die. Now everybody wants to live forever AND do it for free! “Free” meaning I have to cough up the cash to pay THEIR doctor bills, on top of paying my own.
So you can stuff your face with turkey and shop for cheap Chinese crap all you want to. Your old friend Ed Anger is flying the red, white and blue at half staff to morn the death of the U. S. of A!

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6 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS: "BAH HUMBUG!"”

  1. You are indeed an idiot! Last time I checked it was white people who colonized Africa and destroyed it in search of gold. But there is no point in arguing with an idiot like you. Just enjoy christmas!

  2. Yep. We gotta be circling the drain. Obama probably the antichrist, not even hardly human.
    We need a real shoot-from-the-hip American like Palin, who got good looks too. Them demorats think they is so smart just cuz they get a nobel prize or some Roads skolarship, bunch o bull. We need more true blooded Americans like you Ed!

  3. Ed – What's it going to take for people to open there eyes??? These people we voted into office are doing whatever they want – not what WE THE PEOPLE WANT !! We are in a serious state of caca here Kid's. If at anytime we needed John Wayne or George Patton, the time is NOW !!


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