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NASHVILLE, TN – Obama for America campaign manager, David Plouffe, has accused Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain of using alien technology to acquire the questions of last night’s debate in advance.

Plouffe reports multiple sightings of the palm-sized Qwoak aliens, notorious for their ability to predict the future, throughout the theater.

Allegations that McCain allowed one of the Qwoak to sit on his shoulder throughout the debate have not been confirmed.

This is not the first time the McCain campaign has been accused of utilizing supernatural forces to gain unfair advantages in the campaign.  During the Primary, voters reported hexes and spells being used to prevent supporters of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney from entering polling places.

Until now, it was thought that the Qwoak as well as other intergalactic visitors were remaining neutral in this year’s election.  Tampering with the debate in favor of McCain could put a damper on relations between the Qwoak and the United States should Senator Obama win the presidency.

Reached for comment, Democratic Chairman Howard Dean said, “The use of any means, domestic or alien, to gain access to the debate questions in advance is a blatant violation of the policies that both campaigns agreed to.  We will push for a full investigation.”

A spokesman for the McCain Campaign did not return a call for comment.  A call to the Qwoak Ambassador to the United States was also not returned.