WASHINGTON, DC – Alien warriors for Planet Gootan planned to attack Earth today, but the invasion has been averted – thanks to President Obama’s secret negotiations!

“From all indications, the invasion is off,” said a high-ranking administration official.  “President Obama is fully engaged with the Gootans.”
“The talks are continuing, but for now we believe the danger is over.”
Weekly World News first reported that an invasion was planned after scientists intercepted and translated a radio transmission from space in 2012.
The brief message was decoded by an international team of scientists led by Dr. Gerhard Schultz, who said the transmission was intended for alien scouts already involved in pre-strike activities on Earth.
“Make no mistake about it – aliens from Planet Gootan have served mankind with a declaration of war,” Dr. Schultz said in 2012. “They are already on their way.”
Dr. Schultz said the message indicated that the aliens would invade Earth on July 4, 2013. Other scientists interpreted the message to say the intruders from Planet Gootan would be bringing a “large battalion of fighter spacecraft.”
U.S. officials have worked feverishly to find a way to avert the attack – going so far as to open negotiations with an envoy from the distant planet.
Weekly World News reported in 2007 that former President George W. Bush had met several times with an alien from an unknown world. Sources subsequently revealed that the peace-loving alien was serving as a go-between for Bush and the invaders.


The same alien, who backed Obama in the elections, later helped him negotiate with the attackers – and even took the newly elected President on a top-secret ride in a spaceship to meet their leader.  Since then the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials has confirmed that the alien is from Planet Gootan.


“Without the efforts of the friendly alien from Planet Gootan, we would be bracing for a devastating attack,” said the White House aide. It is believe the aliens were going to use the chaos and distraction of July 4th fireworks to descend quickly into our atmosphere.
But Earth’s good fortune may doom another planet in a remote area of the Milky Way.
“These alien warriors are no saints,” the aide said. “They have been traveling for many years to get here and they aren’t about to just turn around and go home without attacking somebody.
“Unfortunately, another poor planet in another solar system is likely to suffer the wrath of these intergalactic death merchants.”

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  1. I knew George W. Bush worked with those reptilians! It was unfortunate that being the great(if not greatest) president that he was, he couldn't stop reptilians from attacking us…
    I am thankful that through Barack's leadership, the doombringers had been averted

  2. Ok who knows if its true right but no matter I love it keep it coming but one thing if it was true way would they let u say it

  3. Friendly aliens are hot, baby! ET showed us love and we all know they can totally R-O-C-K in the U-S-A whenever they want according to the news aliens are all around us (yeah, they MIGHT mean from other COUNTRIES…but perhaps not! LOL)

  4. I love aliens, they all seem to adhere to the clothing optional lifestyle. I wonder how they manage to abduct people in the winter without freezing.

  5. I love aliens and think they are as real as people are! Aliens are great, well, I don't know exactly WHAT they are, but they are great!

    • r u stupid?!?!?!?!
      im not sayin aliens arent real but this is fake!
      y would they put pictures up of aliens in black and white?
      y cant they do it in colour??…..
      coz they dont know the true colour of aliens!
      for example if they make the aliens skin colour it is very hard to make an accurate enough colour for the aliens hennce we kno it would be fake

    • It's completely fake, the part that gave it away for me was when it "helped" Obama and took George Bush to it's leader.

  6. Alien's have had forward bases on our planet for longer than people can fathom. I'd say the images are for show, whether or not this story holds truth is yet to be seen. Obama will apparently reveal all info on alien's by 2010.

  7. This is all based ina mistake… that message was miss readed, it was just a advertisement for under wear, we are peaceful… don`t worry, we are not gonna hurt you…. you should give a proof that you also are peaceful and lower your defenses

  8. The Presidents should also take off their clothes while negotiating with alien.
    Wearing clothes will alienate the alien , sort of.

  9. This actually was pretty coincidental! Check mufon, there were hundreds of sightings on july 4th. they were seen simultainiously at 10;45 pm est. all across america. Five objects orange in color. A few days later jupiter was hit by an asteroid.

  10. The Gootans are well known for having a love of Godiva chocolates, no one really knows why. Their fondness for the Belgian confection, was once proudly declared by the prime minister of the Gootan Galactic Commonwealth, Shazam P. McTwinkle, when he said, "Mrezzez fizt doo shaknot uho zapazz. Grrznit! Ha ha ha."


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