On July 11th, the world celebrates the most delicious holiday – Chocolate Day!
Chocolate was invented during the Aztec era.


In the Eastern Hemisphere, festive events, competitions and festivals will be held on July 11 to celebrate the Chocolate Day. In the U.S., in addition to the World Chocolate Day.  In the Western Hemisphere, more chocolate will be consumed on July 11th than all of the other days of the year – combined.  It’s a chocolapalooza!


Cacao has been cultivated for at least three millennia in Mexico, Central America and Northern South America. Its earliest documented use is around 1100 BC. The majority of the Mesoamericanpeople made chocolate beverages, including the Aztecs, who made it into a beverage known as xocolātl, a Nahuatl word meaning “bitter water”. The seeds of the cacao tree have an intense bitter taste, and must be fermented to develop the flavor.


Meanwhile, the U.N.’s chief medical doctor Jibani Jawari told reporters that chocolate has more benefits than most other foods on the planet.  “Chocolate gets a bad reputation, but pure chocolate is better for humans than even vegetables.  If I had to choose between a piece of broccoli and a bar of chocolate, I would take the chocolate every time, because I’d know I was doing something good for my body”


The best thing to do on World Chocolate Day is to fill your bathtub with melted chocolate and than dip yourself in it  – all the while eating chocolate.  Remember, your body needs chocolate – every day – in order to survive and thrive!

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