BREAKING –  Facebook, a public company, has reportedly announced a bold new plan – charging users?

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly announced that there will be a host of new changes to Facebook.
WWN’s  J.B. Smitts broke the story that Facebook was shutting down on May 15, 2013.  Maybe this helped Zuckerberg come up with his new plan?

Pressure from angry users has been too much and Facebook is looking at an alternative, something that will persuade Mark Zuckerberg to keep the site alive:  his social media platform is going to start charging users!

According to sources outside the company, Facebook is planning a subscription-based service with monthly fees starting at $0.99 for a basic “friendship” which allows for the posting of text and just one profile picture.  This fee will increase, depending on the number of friends you have, the messages posted and sent, and the pictures/videos/ games put on a user’s page.  The monthly fee will be capped at $50.00 per month at the high-end.

Bottom line:  the more you use Facebook, the more you will pay.

Reports from sources not affiliated with company are saying that all existing content has been “grandfathered” and will not be disrupted – though Facebook has decided to share this data with government agencies, including the FBI , the CIA and Michael Moore.
CIO, FLoyd Collins said – “people will get used to paying.  It’s not so bad.  What’s a few bucks a month?”

Investment bankers, including Goldman Sachs, who brought the company public,  learned that Mark Zuckerberg wanted to shutter the site, and are thrilled at the prospect of Facebook converting to a pay service.

“The addition of this substantial revenue windfall makes Facebook all that more attractive as an investment,” said Tom Wotozowski, Senior Vice President of Goldman Sachs.  “This will make it the largest corporation on the planet,  ever.”

Although Facebook has always been a free service, industry watchers estimate that the new fee-based program will generate well in excess of $50 billion in new revenue for the company – based on the most conservative assumptions of usage and the proposed tiered fee structure.

These estimates, of course, account for the fact that millions of users may quit Facebook in response to the imposition of fees.  “I’m not going to pay for Facebook!  It’s like paying for air.  It’s not right,” said longtime Facebook junkie,  Jessica Samsille.  “Screw them, I’m going back to MySpace,” said Bo Chan.

No matter.  Facebook executives are excited at the prospect of charging users. “We’re going to make money hand over fist,” said Facebook CEO Cindy Shooman.  “I think converting to a pay service is something that will make Mark want to keep the site going.  And I’ll finally get to buy an island in the Mediterranean.”

May 15, 2013 is Facebook Day.   The site will either shut down, or start charging users for its service – according to sources close to people from Silicon Valley.

[Reporting by Floyd Collins on WWN’s Financial News desk]

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  2. I know if they do start charging they will lose almost everyone is on Facebook! It started out free and that's how it should stay! It's just another way to take our money from the citizens who need it and can use it towards more important things in life. Shame on you if you do start charging

  3. This would really create a big noise from the netizens. Facebook has been very helpful to most of the people. It made our big world small. People who haven't seen nor hear each other for a long time were connected back because of facebook. We hope this won't happen to FB.

  4. they've made you addicted to FB now that we are so dependent of it they start to charge… I'll leave FB when it starts to be paid… otherwise because Intell agencies like/need to watch what we do and if FB is a tool for them and we don't have privacy anyway, why to pay? Government should subside and bring back FB advertise " FB is free and it will always be" and let big brother watch..

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  8. Are you kidding me? This is getting ridiculous. How many things do you have charge for to make it worthwhile. I guess that is the folly of a publicly traded company.

  9. if they start charging then im going to sue them to recover all money i have payed them for credits to play games that i will no longer be able to play because im not going to pay to use face book

  10. I agree! We have to pay out the butt just to survive in this life. If they charge for being on Facebook I will close my page! Dumb move… Just goes to show you just how greedy people really are!

    • Not true!! Check out the Help Center on your facebook account. This hoax has been circulating for several years.

  11. Why would I want to pay for censorship and for someone who sold out to the government and got greedy,he forgot who got him where he is,
    ,he has also lost me and Im sure millions more,also feel the same way,Good luck with this move guys,Im sure your gonna regret it.

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  14. Facebook needs to start charging $25.00 a month there is to much drama on here and this way it will only keep the people that really just want to stay in touch with family and friends. I won't mind paying $25.00 a month. I hope they start charging soon.

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