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WASHINGTON – The White House confirmed rumors that President Obama is replacing Joe Biden with Andrew Cuomo.

President Obama has asked for the resignation of Joe Biden as Vice President of the United States.  Vice President Biden has not made an announcement yet, but is expected to by August 1st.

The re-election team of President Obama convinced the President that he needed to “beef up” the ticket for 2012, and this was the time to do it.

“Joe’s a great guy.  Everybody loves Joe in the White House,” said Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary.  “But Joe adds nothing to the 2012 ticket.   Andrew is a strong candidate and politician.  He will really give the ticket a boost in 2012.”

“The president called up Cuomo and said, ‘Andrew, you have to do this for the good of the country.”  Cuomo immediately said yes.

“Andrew is fabulous.  In New York he recently added a property-tax cap, passed ethics reform and, gay marriage,” said Carney.  “He’s a winner.”

Biden was reported to be “extremely confused” according to White House insiders.  “Does that mean I won’t get to fly on Air Force 2 any more?”

Michelle Obama has volunteered to sit down with Joe and make him understand that he has to go.  “Michelle is very good with Joe.  She speaks slowly and clearly.  He gets her and she gets him,” Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff told WWN.

Cuomo told WWN that he is excited to be joining the Presidential ticked in 2012.  “It’s about time we have an Italian-American in the White House.”

Asked by WWN whether he had the same Mafia ties that his father has, Cuomo responded to Garrett Hawley, “Hey, I know where your family lives!”

Cuomo will not resign as Governor until he officially becomes Vice President in January of 2013.

Obama-Cuomo.   The ‘Ma’ and the ‘Mo’ in 2012!