For Freedom! For America!
When it comes to things he loves – Bat Boy really only loves 2 things – Freedom and America … Well, causing a little mischief is up there – so we’ll say three things.
For years, Bat Boy has lead the charge to preserve freedom and has been a crucial puzzle piece in protecting America – sprinkled with the right amount of mischief. Bat Boy has been way too good to us and we felt the need to celebrate his unadulterated love for Freedom and America.
In honor of Bat Boy – Weekly World News is offering an incredible special at our online store – www.wwnstore.com. Enter the code – 07IDC04 – and you’ll receive 25% off your entire order. It gets better … all orders of $20 or more will receive free shipping! If that doesn’t say Freedom and America … We don’t know what does.
Help us celebrate along with Bat Boy the simple pleasures that we all enjoy in this wonderful country.
Happy 4th of July!!!

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