BREAKING –Casey Anthony was found “not guilty” on all counts.  She said she is now heading to… Disney World!
The Orange County Courthouse in Orlando was thrown into chaos after Casey Anthony was found “not guilty” on all murder and aggravated assault charges.
There were rumors circulating on the  web this morning that Casey Anthony told some inmates that she did kill Caylee, but those rumors were proved to be completely false.  Apparently, the inmates were lying.

The inmate that lied about Casey confessing was Sharon Wolski, 37, who is in jail for money-laundering and drug-dealing.  Wolski said Casey went into her cell last night and just started “blabbering” out loud about her guilt.
In fact, what happened was that Casey went to her cell and kept repeating out loud that she did NOT do it.
“She kept saying over and over that she did NOT kill Caylee,” said another inmate Arlene Jackson, 49, (in for burglary and car theft).  “She was talking really, really loud saying,  ‘I did not kill Caylee. I  did not kill Caylee!'”
Jackson said that Casey “just snapped.”  She told reporters that Casey started screaming and kept it up all night, repeatedly saying she did not do it.  “She was definitely getting something out of her system.  It was like the devil was speaking,” said inmate Arlene Jackson, 49.  “Never heard nothing like it.  That girl’s got some demons in her.”

Judge Belvin Perry met with attorneys for the prosecution and defense this morning to keep this “inmate craziness” to a minimum.
Even after the verdict some still believed that Casey did it.
“I know she did it!” said Margaret Olby of Seattle, who traveled across the country a month ago to attend the trial. “Everybody knows she did it.  The guilt is probably eating her up alive.  I just hope Caylee will some day get the justice she deserves and can finally rest in peace.”
Zanny the Nanny also showed up at the courthouse today to see if she could talk to Casey.  Her request was denied.
Scott Peterson called Casey Anthony in the Orange County Jail to congratulate her on her acquittal.
The Anthony family – George, Cindy, and Lee – told reporters that they are planning a family vacation to Cancun after Casey gets back from Disney World.  “They want to repair the damage done  to their family,” said a source close to the Anthony family.
******UPDATE: Casey Anthony offered book deal. READ IT HERE!!***********

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    • I do! She is REALLY DUMB! DUMB enough to kill her daughter and accuse her father of sexual abuse. She is psycho…….Her intire family is!

  1. Terrible..this is supposed to be satire? there is nothing clever about this and no point is made.It is as if written by a 10 year old. The subject matter should be off bounds anyway…a child was killed. But apparently some people didn't think she was that "dumm". Oh dear. Satire makes a point by using humor. This is just in bad bad taste. Awful.

  2. i hope this soap opera is done soon, so we all can go on to better things. thiers more to life then this court case.

  3. She didnt even go back to the Jail. She went to a holding cell at the court house under tight security. What nonsense to write this.

    • Mary………….I don't know if this story is true or not, but Casey did spend the night in OC Jail. Once the jury is dismissed, she returns to her normal cell.

    • She did in fact return to orange county jail!!!!!!!!! There are NO facilities to hold her overnight at the Courthouse. When the jury was relieved for the evening, Casey was returned to the "GRAYBAR HOTEL"
      SO, don't know where you got your nonsense from!

  4. The satire exists because this is read. People read garbage because they are attracted to anything that even hints at being off-limits… This trash smells terrible. It's obvious it is terrible, this is putrid, yet people read this crap anyway. The satire is how base the intellect of the greater population is. The greatest gift that can be given is your time, and here you effortlessly expend it reading this crap… and now I'm just as guilty for wasting my time pointing out how meaningless this drivel is. UGH!!!

  5. No, she didn't confess. BECAUSE, if she gets off, she can still get together with her boyfriend, Tony.
    That's what he's promised her, right??? (especially since THEY could get rich from her publicity)
    IF………………………she gets off, that is. No, she wouldn't confess now.

  6. It might be a funny piece, but for the dead innocent little girl and the psycho who killed her. May she rot in hell.

  7. If you can believe the other inmates saying "I killed Caylee" in public is stupid especially when the State has not presented a shred of direct evidence that Casy ever harmed Caylee nor what Caylee's cause of death was. Yup, pretty stupid alright.

  8. WOW Sickening! A little girl is killed and then dumped like trash and what do we see? Media frenzy, Stupid ridiculous crazy people with ear to ear grins stumbling over themselves to get seen on TV or get their "Ashton For President" sign read. Commentators saying "Stay tuned, it is sure to be a shocker" with sickening grins on their face as they secretly harbor how much money and notoriety this is going to make them.
    A child is dead and this is showing me the sick side of human nature. Before long we will have desensitized ourselves to the pains of our fellow man to the point of no return. We can't stand up for innocent babies and children who are killed every day, We can't travel hundreds of miles to stand up and make sure our government is run for the people, we can't take a stand on our environment for the future of our kids, YET we can stand in line for days, make posters, have a regular "holiday at the circus" with some psycho mom who killed her baby.
    Sick! The best we can do is pray to God that he has mercy on us and that he protects the little children of the world. We can't seem to help ourselves so we need anything we can beg for from a higher source.

    • There was nothing satirical about this "wipe rag". I definitely get it, the question is do you?

  9. What is by far the greatest threat to any American child? The child's own mother. American soccer moms are disgusting pathetic creatures. They want to hold everyone else accountable for raising THEIR kid and expect everyone to practically worship them. Ever notice how people who drive mini-vans seem to think they always have the right of way? A few hundred thousand people convicted of sex crimes must register with police routinely and face the ostracism that goes with it, and society pays many millions of dollars to run that system, purportedly to make The Children safer. What are the odds a child will be a victim of such a person, compared to what are the odds a child will be a victim of ITS OWN MOTHER WHO CREATES AN AUTO ACCIDENT WHILE TALKING ON HER CELL PHONE? Statistically, it is 600 TIMES AS LIKELY that a child will be killed in this manner alone, by his or her own mother. My own mother is awesome and is a hero to me and most everyone who knows her, and I know of no one who is more accutely aware of how disgusting many American moms are or is more militant at exposing them for the immoral and irresponsible demon-raisers they are (she's a prosecutor and soon to be a judge.)

  10. It doesn't matter if she was in a holding cell she still can yell that and she probly did it said not just the immates the staff herd it whoever thinks she didn't do it ur dumb!

  11. It's true… i was visiting my ex-GF at the time and i could hear it from down the hall. she should of kept her murdering mouth shut, the dumb murdering skank!

  12. psycho vison casee anthony guilty sentenced to life impreganted by prison guard sues fl win millions writes book and movie made starring lindsey lohan as her hinkle brand duct tape becomes cia interrigation tool found more effective than waterboarding

  13. Who came up with this story? Where did it come from because it is a hoax…..turn on the tv, the jury is still deliberating! Why do people believe all of this crap?

    • sat·ire (noun)
      1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
      2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
      3. a literary genre comprising such compositions.

    • You are a dim person, sad little person who needs to look at the source of this article and see that it is a farce. This website is a parody not meant to be taken seriously

  14. Hello, I would like to add what may be and insighful and helpful comments on this tragedy.
    If this young lady indeed murdered her child, it is expected that her "guilt complex" would finally get the best of her. There was a king in the Middle East named David. He committed adultery with the wife of one of his soldiers. She became pregnant and the king had the husband killed during battle. He then married the newly-widowed woman. He went a year before being confronted for his actions. After his confession, he wrote psalm 32, detailing the weight of his guilt…"day and night, God's hand was heavy upon me."
    The little child is with Jesus. God took her away from this evil world so she could be with Him.
    May God open the heart and eyes of the mother to her sinfulness and cause her to turn to the Lord Jesus for salvation. Jesus died for all sins and rose again to give life to all who will turn to Him and place their trust in Him as Savior…including everyone of you.

    • totally agree, for those of you who don't know Jesus the son, God the father may he have mercy on you all.

    • I just would like to correct you on something. The Bible clearly says that Children are a gift from God, why would He take them away? If God really wanted to take away this child so she would not be in this evil world, how come he doesn't take all the children that are suffering now? Now, nowhere in the Bible is there a scripture that says God takes children to heaven. Would it make more sense that God somehow destroys the mother, who might the the evil one, and have the grandchild live with the grandparents to continue living? Why is she the one who had to die? Ecle. 9:5,10 clearly says the dead ones are inactive, not in heaven, not in hell.

  15. Hey Walter, I was there too and I remember you. My ol lady was gettin it on with some other chick, while the guards watched. She was freaking out!!!
    this site is meant to be a farce you morons.

  16. Why is this national news? Will this affect every American in a personal way?
    No. No it will not. This is ridiculous. Personally, I don't care. If she's guilty, convict her, but it's not like she's the only murderer out there. This should have been a headline anywhere except where the murder took place.

  17. I think the logo next to the website title is supposed to be the hint that things shouldn't be construed as legitimate news. I don't know how the Enquirer makes that distinction or even if they need to legally. Is malice the standard?

    • This is really sick what kind of a jury votes not guilty. For goodness sake this woman lied and the jury bought it. How can a mother not worry if her child is missing for even an hour. The whole thing stinks. I hope they re-try her and get a jury with some common sense.

  18. i just wanna know how and why did she get away with it everyone knows that she is guilty and should be in prison WHY!!!!!!

  19. i just wanna know how and why did she get away with it everyone knows that she is guilty and should be in prison WHY!!!!!! how the heck can anyone live there life knowing what they done she deserves to be but away for LIFE !!!!!!!

    • Thats why they have jury's.. They sit and listen to all the evidence presented and if you dont prove it by any reasonable doubt, you must find them not guilty..

  20. We really need to fix our justice system. There is definitely something wrong when a woman like this can get away with killing her baby. The whole thing makes no sense at all and she is the one who looks guilty.

  21. This just proves that most of the circus was media hype. Many women snap and tragically kill their children and when they are given life terms little notice is made. Especially when the mother is from a trouble filled neighborhood. Why did this story get so much press? She was an easy target for an angry nation.

  22. We all know she did it. Unfortunately, the state so wanted to nail her coffin shut they didn't have the evidence to prove anything. If I was a juror, the verdict would have been the same. They did not prove without a doubt that she killed her.

  23. we need a new justice system.. I am sick of people committing horrendous crimes and walking.
    children are at risk everyday from people who are not fit or ready to be parents.. I am stunned, Dismayed, and Horrified… I hope everyone involved has nightmares for the rest of their lives…

  24. They need professional jurors what is wrong with this picture. She is quilty as hell!!!!!! and everyone knows it including her parents and lawyers. The jury had not time to go over all the evidence in 11 hours no way. Who do they think killed her one of the imaginary friends or maybe George. This is just another O.J. case but she will mess again and they will get her next time.


  26. They need professional jurors what is wrong with this picture. She is quilty as hell!!!!!! and everyone knows it including her parents and lawyers. The jury had not time to go over all the evidence in 11 hours no way. Who do they think killed her one of the imaginary friends or maybe George. This is just another O.J. case but she will mess again and they will get her next time

  27. She was found not guilty because the evidence did not tie her to the death of the child.She will not confess because she has no conscience .

  28. Hope she gets her tubes tied soon, Seriously, glad she got off. She was tried and convicted by the media who didn't look at the evidence, only a knee jerk emotional response.

  29. Florida taxpayers don't have to feed Casey in jail any more. If she got guilty guess what taxpayer will pay for her appeal case and so on. Let her parents bring her home deal with it. Nobody will hire her to work for them or wants to be her friends any more so her parents will take care of that. The Anthony's will live in hell for the rest of their life. I just feel sorry for little Caylee. Caylee would die anyway due to the fact of chroloform and drug Casey used to smooth her daughter to sleep so she can party.

    • Do you live in America? A jury just found Casey Anthony not guilty. I did not see and hear the evidence, but I would like to think that the prosecution did not make their case. You don't have to like her (I don't), but lay off of the Casey used chloroform to smother her daughter, because you have no clue. The jury spoke.

    • Casey remains found only bone after six months how the hell they know how casey died. Based on the facts of the smell in her car and the chroloform search, neck breaking …. and not reported after 31 days. During 31 days, Casey lived like a party girl, beatiful life in her tatoo. What kind of mother is that? I not living in Florida but the Florida taxpayer has been paying her murder case and let her get out of it. Stupid jurors!!! The dumpest people in the world.

    • The anthony's will make lots of money writing books and going on talk shows. They will all live a good life on the back of Caylee. That is disgusting, but true.

  30. I'm SOOOO ANGRY that Casey got away with KILLING her own daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Takes me back to the OJ verdict!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to carry this anger… cause it's only HURTING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna give this burden to my Father, God. I trust when he said "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord" God bless!!!!!! P.S. maybe one day someone will spike her drink while shes at the bar sluttin and she wont wake up!!!!!!!forgive me God

    • My friend, I promise you my God has forgiven me! I know this because i asked for his forgiveness… from my heart!!!!!! I am going to pray for you Gorty, that you might find God… not god!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU GORTY!!! Tammy.

  31. you don't even know what happened. You should just hush up. Just because you feel like she should be found guilty doesn't mean that the woman is guilty.

    • You're a brain-dead moron Chris. Do yourself a favor so you don't embarrass yourself anymore and just hush the F-fitty up. That, or you can use your brain, whatever is left of it.

  32. There is nothing wrong with our justice system. The prosecutors should have waited until they had some concrete evidence. They could not even prove that Caylee was murdered. How could anyone find her guilty of a murder that was never proven to have happened? I think the media hype caused them to move too quickly and now a murder will be roaming the streets. Unfortunately, they will probably give her time served.

  33. You cannot retry someone for the same offense unless there is a hung jury. That is why they should have waited until they had some concrete evidence. The jury did their job, the prosecution did not even prove she was murdered. How could they convict her?

  34. What a disgrace to let this child killer of! ! These jurors are cowards just like the OJ jurors. How could this mother who poisoned & duct taped her face her child placed her
    in the trunk & threw her in the swamp to rot & be eaten by animals & snake be set free. Please do not buy any books watch any movies or interviews by this group. Do not watch any network that shows this transitivity in a positive light. They will & should be treated just like OJ's bunch. Shunned by the public. Until the end OJ was treated & considered a murder. I pray that is how they are all treated.

  35. What do you expect from a jury selected from a state that elected a Medicare crook to preside as governor over millions of citizens who depend on it? And elected bUSH THE TUSCH?
    The slut will be dancing in some strip joint at one hundred grand a week for a while and posing for
    ''NAUGHTY NUDIES".writing for the tabloids but since she is insane we will see her in the obits within a few years.
    Have a nice trip to Disney "Innocent one".

    • Buzz off idiot. Another jackass like your buddy Obama who wants to blame Bush for everything including his wife's PMS. And based on your stupid comments, I suppose you think BUSH killed the kid! That said, you are right about one thing dumbbell. This tramp will soon be in the obits either as an OD, or as a "victim" of some wrongdoing..

  36. ok this makes no sense not guilty WTF is wrong with ppl now and days is anyone thinking in baby Caylee the thought that monsters can get away with murder makes me sick to my stomach oh lord plz help get justice for the only one who has suffer and that is baby Caylee….. lord i hope and pray u have baby Caylee in ur arms and kept her from feeling any pain whats so ever…..

  37. Part of this has to do with race.. If she was an Asian, Black or other she would have found guilty. Fact is that most of Florida is a white state, so would they care.. NO! Evidences or no evidence, it doesn't make any different because she did not confess.. but I bet she will be having nightmares from this very night on.. Little Caylee will be sitting on her very neck till the day she die..
    This is ruined my Independent's Day.. I thought America is the land of freedom and justices.. Where is the justice for little Caylee even after death.. She will never sleep..

    • seriously are we really playing a race card because im sure the jury wasnt made up of all white people it was a mixture omg people grow up…..

    • I agree America is about freedom and justice. Even though she was guilty for the murder of Caylee Anthony. One of the Amendments states that we all have freedom of trial and jury. Meaning without real evidence and recording of her confessing. All you can really go by is her word and most people think that a parent wouldnt kill there child. But little do they know is that they could have pust her on a lie detector test. And they should have known she murdered the baby because of the fact that shes going to go celebrate. Instead of cooping. The race thing idk about that it may be but the judge has the final say so and he was african american.

    • OK, Thats why OJ got away with murder, because he was white, no, wait, his wife was white, or was he using a white knife? i am confused, what was it Sandy?

    • only one problem with your logic. Nearly half of the jury was black. I am white and I would have voted her guilty.

  38. woaw! Talk about getting away with murder. She will be free from prison but not from GOD. She will know what justice means. I don't know how she will be able to sleep at night. Nor the persons who freed her. People like her don't deserve to be mothers.

  39. Not one person has given any thought that Caylee, on her own without supervision, opened that patio door, and climbed into the pool and drowned!
    Whom do you blame for murder then?
    Also, homicide was not proven in this case. Where’s the smoking gun?
    Justice was done, like it or not.

    • so how did her body end up in a bag, thrown in the swamp like trash? She shouldve at least been punished for that. The defense never said she didnt throw her away.

    • Mel, I strongly believe that George Anthony tried to cover this accident up for a reason.
      George was former police, and new there would be some aligation of sex abuse to Caylee. The detectives might of asked Casey if her Father ever molested her EVER?
      George wanted this whole thing to "Just Go Away". George Anthony bagged, and disposed of this little baby.

  40. Alan I don't think you looked at the evidence. It was proven that the mother did NOT do the computer search. You know as well as I that it was Casey.

  41. What angers me even more after hearing she was found not guilty.. is that she has already planned to go to Disney World????????????????????/ WTH …. again, all about her having fun, getting away with murder… She and her family have to answer to God someday, and where is all the talk about finding the killer of baby Caylee?? Just like the OJ trial,, they wont even look for the murderer, because the murderer just got away with it. I also think the father has something to do with this somehow…and why would she leave her baby with someone she says molested her when she was a child… this whole family makes me sick, the justice system makes me sick…. ruined my 4th of July time of year… I am sickened that she wants to go to a theme park, what a sick, twisted disgusting monster……


    • Did this not clue you into the fact that this article was satire? : "Scott Peterson called Casey Anthony in the Orange County Jail to congratulate her on her acquittal."

  42. ok so we all know that casey anthony was found not guilty but you know what coming on here and saying really stupid things on here wont bring back this beautiful little girl, the fact of the matter is there was one new peice of evidence that let her off and no matter what we think that wont change..apparently casey's DNA wasnt found on that duck tape everyone is talking about via the FBI…So now we have to find a way to deal with this and just know that in the end GOD will handle her if she truely did this hanis act.

  43. talk ,you only get what the media gave you ,you were not in the court room , and you God fearing people out there remember (he who cast the first stone…… vegence is mine say's the Lord…….,Now would you put your life on the line and say she is guilt or not??????

    • This needed to be said, thank you. The truth is, many people "Think" they know what really happened and they just don't, not with any real certainty. They know what they have been fed, nothing more, nothing less. God knows, and his judgement is perfect. We would all be wise to appreciate that, not because we hope "she gets what she deserves" but because we are all guilty of something. God Bless.

    • Send your name to some lawyers so they can pick you for a jury. They need all the morons they can find to get their guilty clients off.

    • I totally agree with this one. Baez would lie through his teeth to protect his "perfectly coffed hair"

  44. Since no one proved it was murder and they did not prove she drowned. I guess this is the first case of a two year old committing suicide.

  45. Casey,don,t forget to wait 31 days before you go out and party now that you been freed twice.You know who killed your baby,oh that,s right your parent,s did hello!!!!!!!! How the court let you get away with it is beyond me.

  46. "Innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt…" the system works. There is no evidence connecting her to a murder. In fact, there is no evidence of murder– only death.

    • A guy in Nashville TN by the name of Perry March was convicted of killing his wife even though they never found her body. The little girl must of took her own life.

  47. I guess Caylee,drugged herself, put duck tape over her own mouth, and put herself in a bag, and threw herself in the swamp. R.I.P. you precious angel……GOD will see that justice is served!!!!!

    • Don't you think this shows how the media prevents someone from getting a fair trial? The media convicts and only show the public parts of the story. Does not sound fair to me.

  48. This makes me sick. I lost my faith in the justice system in the OJ trail. Some things just dont change. I dont know how people can say it works.Know wonder people take the law in there own hands. Truly a tradgey! Something needs to change!!!

  49. If 12 people after hearing the case came to the conclusion that Casey is not guilty then we have to abide by that decision. No matter what we may personally think about Casey, her case in this matter has already been decided here on earth. Fate has a way of catching up and nothing can be hidden from the eyes of God.

    • I feel the same way Javier. God will take care of those who love injustice and those who lie and cheat. I appreciate your comment!

  50. Nah, the jury knew, but they couldn't care any less. They see potential in raking in some cash secretly when the bish rakes in the monneh from her books. That, or they're brain-dead morons.

  51. How can Casey go to Disneyworld she doesnt have a pot to pee in. Maybe Disneyworld gave her old job back? I guess its ok to have a KILLER go to Disneyword.

  52. No evidence connecting her to the murder. What happened to CAYLEE then. For 31 days she went on a party binge and didnt think of her daughter?? Justice system suckes big time. The big question out there is who had a motive to kill a child? Its OJ reincarnated. Karma will come back to haunt her!!!

  53. what the heck are you guys talking about that women was crazy she should of been killed herself and she looked so happy with her child in that pic what th hell was she thinking

  54. what the heck are you guys talking about that women was crazy she should of been killed herself and she looked so happy with her child in that pic what th hell was she thinking nice job keep it up

  55. Quit comparing this to the OJ case! More people need to learn law and evidence! There was none. Media has made Americans blind, and you all need to pay better attention! Idiots!


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