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ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Sew another star on the flag.  Mexico will become our 51st state in 2014.

State and congressional leaders from California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico say it’s the only way to solve America’s massive illegal immigration problem.

“Keep the Mexicans from sneaking across the border is like trying to shoo flies off a hog’s back.  We might as well make them U.S. citizens and try to get a little tax money out of them,” said a source close to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Officials of the four states bordering Mexico are secretly gathering statehood support for that country because they bear most of the cost of illegal immigration.  President  Obama is fully behind the initiative.

“Pregnant women enter the U.S. illegally so their babies will be born here – and thus become American citizens,” said a congressman who is spearheading the move to Mexican statehood. “Mexican men slip across the border to work.  And a few of them wind up in jail, costing us more than they spend here.

“We’re tired of U.S. taxpayers footing the bill to provide schooling, medical and other help for illegal aliens because the federal government doesn’t enforce our immigration laws,” he added.

The U.S. already spends billions of dollars each year for aid to Mexico’s impoverished 92 million people.

Then, of course there’s NAFTA and the recent Mexican financial bailout that is costing Americans a bundle.

Mexicans are jumping at a chance for U.S. statehood, say sources.  72 percent of Mexicans say they would welcome become a state in the United States.

Some Republicans are objecting to the initiative.  “We should we make them Americans?  Just so they can siesta all day, draw welfare checks, eat tacos and won’t have to worry about border guards leaning on them.  It’s ridiculous.  We’re the only Americans in North America!”

The fruit and vegetable growers strongly oppose statehood for Mexico, afraid that their workers may stay in Mexico.  But, many believe that everybody will benefit from statehood for Mexico.

One sponsor of the bill in the White House said, “the Border Patrol is tired of grabbing illegal immigrants and sending them back to Mexico, and the ones already here, live in fear of being captured, like pre-World War II Germany when the Jewish people had to wear the star of David bands on their arms to announce they were Jewish rather than German. Germans were the ones attempting to make a distinct.  Mexicans are already living and working in the United States. Most of them are working in hospitals, restaurants, landscaping and other service industries. Instead of playing tag at the border with illegal immigrants, it would be simpler to make Mexico the 51st state!”

“Changing border boundaries would eliminate the need to patrol the border and would save a lot of money. Then too, Americans wanting to vacation in Can Cun or other tropical paradises in Mexico, could freely travel to those spots. Then there would be no need to patrol the southern United States border any longer.

“Civil liberties and lifestyles would greatly improve for all Mexicans as the United States could spend its middle east war money on a worthwhile cause – namely, bring Mexico up to the same standard of living as what the Americans have already.”

Say Hola to the new citizens of the United States!!