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ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Sew another star on the flag.  Mexico will become our 51st state in 2014.

State and congressional leaders from California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico say it’s the only way to solve America’s massive illegal immigration problem.
“Keep the Mexicans from sneaking across the border is like trying to shoo flies off a hog’s back.  We might as well make them U.S. citizens and try to get a little tax money out of them,” said a source close to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Officials of the four states bordering Mexico are secretly gathering statehood support for that country because they bear most of the cost of illegal immigration.  President  Obama is fully behind the initiative.
“Pregnant women enter the U.S. illegally so their babies will be born here – and thus become American citizens,” said a congressman who is spearheading the move to Mexican statehood. “Mexican men slip across the border to work.  And a few of them wind up in jail, costing us more than they spend here.
“We’re tired of U.S. taxpayers footing the bill to provide schooling, medical and other help for illegal aliens because the federal government doesn’t enforce our immigration laws,” he added.
The U.S. already spends billions of dollars each year for aid to Mexico’s impoverished 92 million people.
Then, of course there’s NAFTA and the recent Mexican financial bailout that is costing Americans a bundle.

Mexicans are jumping at a chance for U.S. statehood, say sources.  72 percent of Mexicans say they would welcome become a state in the United States.
Some Republicans are objecting to the initiative.  “We should we make them Americans?  Just so they can siesta all day, draw welfare checks, eat tacos and won’t have to worry about border guards leaning on them.  It’s ridiculous.  We’re the only Americans in North America!”

The fruit and vegetable growers strongly oppose statehood for Mexico, afraid that their workers may stay in Mexico.  But, many believe that everybody will benefit from statehood for Mexico.
One sponsor of the bill in the White House said, “the Border Patrol is tired of grabbing illegal immigrants and sending them back to Mexico, and the ones already here, live in fear of being captured, like pre-World War II Germany when the Jewish people had to wear the star of David bands on their arms to announce they were Jewish rather than German. Germans were the ones attempting to make a distinct.  Mexicans are already living and working in the United States. Most of them are working in hospitals, restaurants, landscaping and other service industries. Instead of playing tag at the border with illegal immigrants, it would be simpler to make Mexico the 51st state!”
“Changing border boundaries would eliminate the need to patrol the border and would save a lot of money. Then too, Americans wanting to vacation in Can Cun or other tropical paradises in Mexico, could freely travel to those spots. Then there would be no need to patrol the southern United States border any longer.
“Civil liberties and lifestyles would greatly improve for all Mexicans as the United States could spend its middle east war money on a worthwhile cause – namely, bring Mexico up to the same standard of living as what the Americans have already.”
Say Hola to the new citizens of the United States!!

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68 thoughts on “MEXICO TO BE 51st STATE IN 2014”

  1. To make Mexico a 51st state would be suicide for America. Those people are too nationalistic to be part of our statehood. We'd just as well kill them off the land and then take the land for ourselves. That would be the only way possible we'd make that dump a 51st state.
    There's too many implications here…. And the fact we're dealing with an indigneous population of criminals, America will go broke for decades and centuries trying to clean that dump of a country up without killing off his inhabitants. We're better off securing our borders and enforce it with tougher manpower. Our America is unique and we do not want to add another statehood with those people.

    • i disagree with the second paragraph but not the first . Mexicans are so proud for there country they would die for it.

    • Haber estúpido.. no somos ni indígenas ni rateros.
      Pues tenemos tecnología y muchos MEXICANOS deseamos sobresalir entre los criminales.. creo que en cada país hay problemas de inseguridad y USA no es la excepción.
      ¿Somos patrióticos?
      Nosotros tenemos mas costumbres, tradiciones, cultura e historia que ustedes.
      Nosotros ganamos la guerra de conquista de parte de Francia Y USA.
      ¿ América? AMERICA es el CONTINENTE en el que vivimos TODOS. No se crean con el privilegio de llamarse AMERICANOS. Puesto que todos lo somos, no solamente ustedes.
      Me costaría adaptarme a su estilo de vida. Por los MEXICANOS ustedes tienen que comer.. puesto que nosotros trabajamos en el área de materias primas y sin estas no se produce NADA.
      ¿Hablo en español porque ese es el idioma que me han inculcado, me expreso en el idioma castellano porque así debe de ser.
      Me cae gorda la gente que se cree superior, gente que se cree mejor a todo. Solo por ser una potencia económica.
      USA es un país con muchos problemas, no es querido por todos y no tienen pais. En cambio Mexico es considerado como un país de paz, sin enfrentamiento y tranquilo. (En cuanto a lo militar y las relaciones extranjeras).
      Desgraciadamente en México hay mucha corrupción y la gente ve por si mismo. Y así somos por como nos ha tratado el gobierno mexiquense. Con golpes y sin privilegios. Por eso nos comportamos como somos. TRADICIONALISTAS y ORGULLOSOS de nuestra patria, claro que si, lo somos porque aun así en las situaciones en la que nos encontremos hemos podido salir adelante, apoyándonos entre todos. Porque cuando nos vemos afectados nos ayudamos.
      Nos sabemos comportar dependiente la situación y la persona con que en ese momento estemos. Podemos ser un amor, así como un hijo de la chingada.
      VIVA USA

  2. Hold on a minute here, Weekly World News is the same supermarket tabloid paper that says Aliens are coming to invade Earth every week and EVERY new year says that the end of the world is soon. Don't trust this source because it is as reliable of a news source as The Onion News. Supermarket tabloid's reports are just jokes to con the average sucker into believing.

  3. These people are people! What about all the that are trying to do the right thing and are still denied papers!> Example my husband is in mexico and I am here in the US seperated due to immigration. I am paying so much money about $7000 in order to TRY to get his papers so that he can come back to the US!. He is over there trying his best to make it. There is not even running water where he lives. and he has lost so much weight bc there is no food! if you would have to live in those conditions maybe then you would understand something. You have no clue about immigration unless you have experienced it urself! The immgiration system in the US is soo broken and something has to be done. If you are trying to come to the US for the first time and u apply for your papers its almost impossible to get ur papers. People come here for a better life and to make something of themselves.. to give there families an chance…. if u had a child living in some of those conditions ..how far would u go to give them a good life?!

  4. also something to think about==== where did ur ancestors come from.. did they have papers?! If the people were able to get their papers as easy as some people think it is then everybody would have their papers.. its not like just going to the DMV and getting a license!

  5. To the one who says "kill them off.. you have no right to exist in this world.. and you have no idea of how much better it is there than here PIG! GO Take a look in the mirror and see the crap that looks back at you! what kind of house do you have? hmm? fancy? probably not.. you sound like hillbilly trailer trash. oh and I bet you hardly work.. they work hard! You are really beneath the Mexicans and are jealous of what they can achieve:)

  6. Also… whoever thinks they can have Mexico ..that will never happen. United States already took land from them. And you can go and look at the history of the battle between Mexico and the United states. And see how many states used to be part of Mexico. But that wont happen again because we are in 2011.. Cause you need to go to Mexico and see how the life is there. And in Mexico all the people own their homes and land. The cost of living is cheaper and better!

    • ok proud mexican people like you give mexicans bad names and thats fine es mas mejor que no seas nada aqui penchy wetback !!!!!! como te gusta???? ok that hurts right i am a gringa and i dont appreciate you sayin stupid stuff like that there are nice gringas aqui not all of us are mean and racist but you are really rude y chinga tu madre tam bien puto

  7. Wow all those awesome DRUG LORDS becoming politiciams lol Wont that be grand. MAFIA WARS will be rampant. Innocent kids hooked on slave prostitution and used as drug mules through out those four states. Well welfare recipients will skyrocket and break SSI for sure.
    This is the NWO pushing to control the lands of Canada NORTH America and Mexico as 1 nation regardless of the consequences to AMERICAN CITIZENS and AMERICAS health and welfare. And then they will get there NAFTA HIGHWAY AND TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM. Which includes rail and pipeline on future seized lands for which PERRY OWNS and SOROS owns.
    Seriously American citizens HAVE TO stop the ELITISTS, DISBAND THE US FEDS FORM of Government – not the constitution, disband the CIA, FBI, IRS, FEDERAL RESERVE CROOKS, TSA, HOMELAND SECURITY, NASA, HAVE A 10 MILLION MAN MARCH ON DC and SURROUND IT AND jail every politician that backed CLINTON, NIXON, BUSH AND BUSH AND OBAMA, PLACE A TRUE LIBERTARIAN PATRIOT IN THE POSITION OF NATIONAL AMBASSADOR TO THE STATES IN POWER FOR 1 YEAR TO STRAIGHTEN THIS MESS OUT. Secular society has pushed GOD out of the schools, homes, public eye EVIL has seduced our nation and is directing this eventual destruction of AMERICA in GODS WRATH…
    ITS TIME TO TAKE AMERICA BACK from the crooks and ellitists and satanist driven illuminaties and free masons.

  8. Chilax Mejico — no one on this side of the border wants you either. We can just continue in our relationship of mutual disdain and disgust. You sir, are no Canada.

  9. There's a bad point and good point to Mexico becoming 51st State. The good point is that the USA solves the immigration problem, gets money out mexico, bigger economy, bigger state, larger army, and so forth. the bad problem is that the mexico is one of the most corrupt countries on this planet, along with Mexican drug war. Personally I would say yes to Mexico becoming 51state because it would be cool but in long term she will drag USA down.
    If the USA want 51st State look toward Greenland, Britain, New Zealand, Canada and Australia are the most possible ones. pick country that is not going to shot you in the gut; it will be long term embarrassment for the USA to crumble faster as it is starting to already but only just.
    I think Greenland will become the 51st state out of all of them, there getting fed up of Denmark anyways they've got billions upon billions upon trillions of oil that is also accessible to the north pole; I'll shut up now lol.

  10. That's stupid how can mexico become the 51 "state" Mexico is a country how will it become a state if it has states of its own, thats like saying Asia will become one of the us states

    • I should hate to impose the facts of history on your statement, but the Republic of Texas (1836-1846) was a sovereign nation prior to annexation in 1845 by the U.S. One recognized as such by a number of European nations, so it does, and has happened..

  11. who ever wrote this is very smart if any american robbed a bank they would be inconcerated a long time while an immagrant illegally crosses the border they go to jail for a short time and still get green cards ummm they came over here makin babies and over crowding blacks, and whites were goin to have a mexican as a president 🙁 then they look at black ppl with there nose lookin down at us 🙁

  12. This article just proves how brainwashed and stupid americans are. Congratulations on being the most ignorant country on the face of earth. I'm Mexican and I'm taking over the US.

  13. You´re Wrong. The US will become soon in the 33 State of México. We are millions in that country and will be other millions and millions and millions….

    • You need to try and read past what these people are saying. The people in here have to understand that we took this land from the indians. I started a new website and I will be posting on that website so I can help. The website is <a href="http://www.palsrock.com” target=”_blank”>www.palsrock.com it is a free website and you can also post things on there and also to to friends and post pictures. I just started this website and we can all talk on it about these things and also you can start your own group if you like and invite your friends. It is all free. It is also very easy to sign up. My son inlaw is mexican and I have 4 great grandkids. I don't see them much they live in texas and I am in Michigan, the Grand Rapids area.

  14. The U.S should just go ahead an annex the entire country of Mexico.Damn!They already took half of it.Why not finish it off.There are several reasons for this.
    1.Border Sneaking
    4.Should have just gave in a long time ago
    5.Weak Army
    6.THE MEXICANS ARE ALREADY TAKING OVER THE U.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. this is a very dumb article, it makes no sense at all. If mexico became a state of the us that would be a horrible thing it would bring all the gangs and drug lords over in the us yeah not a good idea the crime rate would shoot up but this would and will never happen

  16. I agree the Mexicans are taking over the US, some schools now have the early classes at 50 percent mexican in belmar new jersey. walk down the main streets and all you see is , yes still speaking spanish, pregnent mexican, with one in the stroller and three little ones walking behind. The US is turning into a 3rd world country.

  17. This measure might make Mexico safer, if only the U.S. had MONEY to fix it! We can't afford the country we have now, let alone someone else's. Yes, we can tax Mexicans, but they never have any income. All they do is draw. I totally agree with the Republicans on this, and I'm a Democrat (very sad). The only good thing I see in this is that I could go to Oaxaca without a passport.
    Mexicans have provided tons of disservice. Our education system will go down, 8-year-olds would start having children, and our overall morals will go down. Mexican culture is LAZY. I've studied Spanish, and we had to learn the culture. LAZY, LAZY, LAZY.
    We're already a 3rd world country. Let's not make it worse.

    • Ok I agree they shouldn't do that but with out the Mexicans we have right now we wouldn't have anyone to cut our grass. If we didn't have them who would because I know Americans wouldn't do it….. there lazy. Something with construction… there is NO way an American will wake up at 4:30 in the morning to go work all day in the hot sun during the summer or in the frezzing cold during the winter to night time because there so lazy. They perfer to wake up at 8 in the morning and go home at 4 or 5pm and saying your tired. if we didn't have them you would be living in a box. Whenever you need your house painted it was always a Mexican that would do it cause an American torture wouldn't do it.
      I've been to Mexico and I see a lot of poor kids, or perents working on the streets selling fruit, candy, or they try to clean your shoes just to make money just so there kids can have something to eat or for the kids trying to get money they try to make money for his/her mom or dad that need to see a doctor cause there sick. If I could I will help them. In the us there is no American that will go out on the street to try to save there mom or dad or try to keep food for there children. So you have no right to call any Mexican lazy cause the truth is Americans are the lazy ones.

  18. long live liberty!. Death to the convuluted idea that the american dream is still " american" . the only country ive ever heard of gasping for the air of subjection by the US. Yet because it has nothing to offer us as a nation , we go over seas to countries that detest our presence in hopes to perserve a "union" of powers. I CAN DRIVE TO MEXICO , whats wrong with making it a state and setting up Base their rather than Iran, which our troops do 4 months tour in( not included air hours). how come fighting over space in the air ( internet) is more important than the unifacation of man? i live in the projects , and more and more people are loosing their homes due to condos being built. theres obviously dwindeling space and resources. and If thats a stupid idea , why cant the unifacation of south america be an option?

  19. I do not agree with Mexico becoming part of the united states. I'm 13 and I am not exactly looking forward to witnessing what i saw in Texas; Mexicans everywhere. I also do not want to tell my children how/why Mexico became part of America. That reson is because people in our government made a huge mistake trying to "improve" the u.s.!

  20. Mexicans are NOT lazy! They are the ones doing ALL the hard labor in the fields of the USA. Mexicans do NOT have children at the age of 8 and Mexican children can be very smart. They have low income because they are illegal in the USA therefore, plantation owners, company bosses etc. take advantage of that and pay them little. Basically, they, threaten them with, "If you think this is too little pay, i'll take away your job or deport you!" Not all Mexicans are immoral just like not all Americans ARE moral. The only difference between Mexicans and Americans is the fact that, Mexicans talk another language and are illegal in the USA. The only reason why drugs became so huge in Mexico is beacause, they needed a way to get money quick when they were so poor so, they found drugs. MEXICANS ARE NOT TURNING THE USA INTO A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY! This page is full of racism. I am Mexican born in America from american-Mexican parents and I am one of the smartest most talented person in my COUNTY!! I've been offered scholarships from all over the COUNTRY! The Mexican culture could teach Americans a thing or two. Making Mexico the 51st state would be a risk but incredibly amazing.

    • lol with the cost of things now days i would gladly do landscaping or other minimum wage jobs if minimum wage actually meant you could afford tolive…

    • LMAO! Less than 2% of mexilleglas do ANY kind of farm work. Constantly regurgitating the same liberal media lies is pathetic and believing in those lies is even more pathetic.
      Mexicans are a disaster to this country and are racist, bigoted people who think the U.S> belongs to them. Nothing positive has ever come from them and nothing ever will, and making trashico the 51st state would spell the dearth of the United States.

  21. The racism shown in this article is a shame for humanity, is incredible that after all this time of US failures in the word you still so ignorant and arrogant to blame others for your failed State, turn off the Television and open a book, your country is the more violent in the history of humanity, your "develop" and failing richness came from making wars in the weak countries to steal our resources, but guess what, Latin America is rising up and is kicking all your Corporations, Mexico is rising as well, we won´t sell our oil, we won´t be your start, we are united with our brothers in Latin America and with the thinking people of north America. Fight for your own freedom.

  22. I do not agree that Mexico should be annexed. Mainly because the days of empiricism and colonization have shown that neoconservative ideals that pretend to inject an economy with income do the opposite. Countries in South America are a good example. Once a country has been "chosen" a multinational moves in and commences privatizing everything.

  23. How wonderful, I can hardly wait to jump my motorhome and drive to the Yucatán for the winter, sitting on a beach enjoying the tropical sun. Can you imagine, all the white Americans suddenly moving to Mexico because it's a state. And of course the Mexicans, who have no problem invading our country, will joyfully accept the prospect of invading Anglos from the north. Somehow I suspect, that although Mexicans may freely move into the United States, Americans will not be able to move to Mexico. Mexico becomes a state, does that mean the federal government will clean out the corruption in Mexico? Will Mexicans have Second Amendment rights after becoming a state?

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