Obama launched his latest Climate Change initiative – he is banning cows in America!
President Obama and his administration are taking aggressive steps to bypass Congress in an effort to stop Climate Change – which they feel is the biggest problem facing mankind today.
A new study out of Harvard has confirmed that cows are the primary cause of methane gas in the atmosphere and that gas is the primary cause of global warming, which causes Climate Change.  “If we get rid of cows, we can save the planet.  Cows and oil – the deadly duo,” said one White House insider.


It’s true. Cow farts and burps contain huge amounts of methane, this is because of their slow digestive systems. Not only cows, even farts and burps released by other animals can cause global warming.
Cow farts are made up of several gases. One among them is methane (CH4), a gas that is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.
Methane when present in small amounts in the environment helps in trapping warm air around the planet. However, large amounts of methane can lead to thickness of the green house gas layer in the air which is not a very good thing.


Scientists say that on an average a dairy cow releases about 1,100 to 2,000 liters of methane gas in the form of farts that causes pollution. Therefore in that case, the pollution produced by a car in a day is about one-tenth of that produced by cow farts.
The Administration strongly feels that we should ban cows in America as a sign to the rest of the world.  “Cows kill the atmosphere and the atmosphere destroys the planet.  Therefore, cows destroy the planet.  They must all die,” said a White House insider.
One White House advisor told WWN that President Obama is thinking about declaring November 1st a national “cow-banning” day.  “The President wants to have a huge barbecue on November 1st and have the country eat as many cows as possible,” said a White House insider.


What about milk?  “The President hates milk.  He never drinks it.  So, he figures what’s good for him is good for the country,” said a top  White House advisor.
If you love cows… you better get your moo on and head down to Washington to stop the cow ban!


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7 thoughts on “OBAMA TO BAN COWS IN USA”

  1. "If you love cows… you better get your moo on and head down to Washington to stop the cow ban!"
    Cows are my favorite animal ever, if i love cows so much, wouldnt i want to have them banned so theres no more cow mass-murder in the US? I think having the current cows die would make more sense than continuously making more and more cows for the same reason.
    So yes I love cows, and yes i support the cow ban


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