PIMA COUNTY, AZ  – The U.S. Department of Interior has released a Chupacabra into Arizona in an attempt to get the State to repeal their new immigration law.
After the U.S. Justice Department filed suit Tuesday against Arizona, Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar had the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service release the Chupacabra or “goat sucker”  into Saguaro National Park in Pima County.  Salazar, acting on orders from President Obama,  said,  “We are encouraging Arizonans to repeal their immigration law before it goes into affect on July 29th, or we will be forced to release more Chupacabras into Arizona towns, cities and Home Depot parking lots.”
Upon learning of the release of the creature into her state, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was defiant,  “Bring it on! We’ve dealt with aliens, monsters and mutants in Arizona for the last fifty years – especially since Don Imus moved into the state. Arizonans don’t scare easy. The feds can send in a Bigfoot Army if they want, we will take them on.  And we will win!”
White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, told Wolf Blitzer at CNN, that the U.S. government will use “any means necessary” to get the people of Arizona to comply with U.S. Immigration laws.  When Major Garrett of Fox News pointed out that Arizona seems to be in full compliance with existing federal immigration laws, Gibbs shouted “Chupacabra! Chupacabra! Chupacabra!”
There is a good deal of mystery surrounding the Chupacabra.  Some believe the Chupacabra (much like Immigration Reform) is a myth – something that never has or never will exist.  Some witnesses believe the Chupacabra to be a small half-alien, half-dinosaur, others think he is a tailless vampire with quills running down its back and still others believe him to be a panther like creature with a long snake-like tongue.
State authorities advise Arizona residents to avoid making any contact with the Chupacabra.   Federal authorities, on the other hand, advise Arizonans to approach and pet the Chupacabra.
In related news, Governor Jan Brewer found a horse’s head in her bed when she returned home on Tuesday night.  Authorities have not determined who placed the head in the Governor’s mansion, though one eyewitness said he saw White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, riding a donkey nearby.

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  1. This is serious stuff…from what I understand the Chupacabra is kinda like a werewolf … Does this insinuate 'Team Jacob' somehow…? this story has got legs …

  2. Obama's "Chupa-Plan" will backfire! From what I've studied about the elusive creatures, they crave hot, spicy food which makes ill-leagal aliens their prime food preference. Thankyou for your continued incompetence!, Teleprompter Kid!

  3. But isn't Chupacabra a tasty Brazilian cocktail? I don't think Obama will change a thing by sending tropical drinks to that bastian of dry!

  4. "This is hilarious. Unfortunately, some of the right-wing nuts may think it is true! "
    More than a few will believe this.

    • One was on the news just yesterday again! My sister said she one about two weeks ago also. = creepy!

  5. PERFECT !!! "The Chubacabra" is a highly regarded superstition of Mexico´s Culture, the creatures bring evil and all kinds of bad things .. ok, bring it on, release 1-million in southern AZ 😀

  6. I watched the recreation tv show on this dog its possibly a chupacabra yet that special Mexican breed looked sooooooooo close its weird as they are in wild they get more dinosaur notariety thats all it is plus Clint Eastwood was supposed to Direct a movie in Central America on the Chupacabra ,by the way thats the photo NO Doubt from the tv show I saw .The other breed has a name its just too weird to believe Obama either had the pic done similar to my tv show or Arizona is able to grade more wild Chupacabras technically the Chupacabra is a Mexican and sort of strange teeth hurting hunt dog.

  7. LOL—-Everything that the Obama Regime does is a Mystery or a Secret. This mythical character is a bit reminiscent of the Myth of Obama??? Who and what is Obama? Has anybody actually seen him?? He might just be a creation of Hollywood who can do wonders with computer-generated images these days, even to create holograms. Maybe that is why the Obama's are always supposedly on Vacations and other Excursions only calling Obama back from the mythical golf courses, etc. to Read from His Teleprompter when his Handlers decide it is time for Obama to Give another Propaganda Speech in an effort to pass some more Communistic and Fascistic Law or to Create yet another Fascistic Government Agency and to deliver yet another Campaign Speech.


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