LOS ANGELES – Larry Flynt and Hustler somehow got their hands on an Oprah sex tape and are going to release it!
Larry Flynt announced today that an “anonymous person” approached him with a secret sex tape of Oprah Winfrey.  The sex tape shows the talk show titan having sexual relations with an “unidentified person.”
Flynt would not reveal who Oprah was having sex with in the tape.

Outraged Oprah fans took to twitter immediately.  “This is disgusting.  Oprah is our Queen. You do NOT offend the queen,” said O-Lover on Twitter.
“Larry Flynt should arrested for doing this!”, said Oprahgoddess55 on Twitter.
Flynt said that he paid over $1 million dollars for the tape after it was verified with Hollywood Sex Tape Expert, Johnny Tribbles.
Tribbles has investigated hundreds of celebrity sextapes and is now the official authenticator of sex tapes before they can be released to the public.
“If Tribbles doesn’t authenticate, it isn’t real,” said Pamela Anderson.
Flynt is being tight-lipped about the Oprah sex tape, saying only that it was filmed in the last five years and the “scene” took place in Oprah’s house in Montecito, California.
He also said that Oprah has nothing to be embarrassed about:  “she looks fantastic in the tape and she is a world-class lover.”
There are rumors flying around the internet about who is on the sex tape with Oprah:  Stedman, Gayle King, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Barack Obama or some say it’s Denzel Washington.  Some people are convinced this is the guy:

Oprah has made no comment on the sex tape.

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