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CHICAGO, IL – President-Elect Barack Obama has gone a step further in diversifying his transition team.

So far, Obama has named a number of openly gay people and people of color to his transition team. The team was created to lay out the agenda and priorities for the upcoming Obama Administration. Minority groups have applauded his efforts, but one group was left out until now.

Obama has been in talks to hire Xaxal, a well-known alien rights activist in the extraterrestrial community. His expertise alien-human relations makes him an exceptional candidate for one of the Agency Review teams. These teams provide the president-elect with information needed to make strategic policy, budgetary, and personnel decisions prior to the inauguration.

President George W. Bush has all but ignored even bringing alien rights to the table for the past eight years. Many extraterrestrials living in the United States are now looking to President-Elect Obama to make radical policy changes.

When pressed to explain at a recent press conference, Obama simply stated, “Look, I’ve known Xaxal for a long time. He attended Ykard University, the galactic sister school of Harvard Law, and has defended minority rights on 27 different planets in the last 300 years. If anyone else is more qualified in alien issues than him, I’d like to meet them!”

The reporter replied that the President-Elect had already met Cindy McCain, who had alleged relations with the Alien, but Obama quickly moved on to the next question.