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TONOPAH, NEVADA — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided to work for a male brothel in Nevada, part of a new campaign strategy “to serve all Nevada voters.”

Senator Harry Reid is in a tough re-election battle with Tea Party Candidate Sharron Angle.  The latest Rasmussen poll shows Angle with a 46% to 43% lead over Reid.  So Reid is pulling out all the stops to win over Nevada voters.

The Shady Lady Ranch is located 31 miles north North of Beatty, and their motto is “a Gem in the High Desert.”   In January of this year, The Shady Lady hired the 25-year-old “Markus,” Nevada’s first male prostitute.  Markus, a former porn actor said he didn’t “discriminate based on race, color, creed, ethnicity, or skin tone.”  He did leave out gender. The 71-year-old liberal Reid said he would not prevent any registered voter from using his services.  He also said that his experience ramming bills through Congress would help him get in the mood for the job.

In March of this year, Markus quit The Shady Lady because he only had ten paying customers over the two-month period.  Senator Reid is confident he will “crush” Markus’s record.

Senator Reid will be working at the Shady Lady during the August recess.  Bobbi Davis, who co-owns the brothel with her husband, said that Senator Reid has already booked thirty-three clients.  Reid, who will be going by the name Phil Buster when at the ranch, has already been trained by his co-workers – Rio, Angel, Veronica and Sadie.

The Reid campaign was thrilled to make this announcement because just yesterday they lost the vote of a dead woman.   It was disappointing because the deceased typically vote heavily for Democrats.  The family of the recently deceased Charlotte McCourt, an 84-year-old Nevada woman who was once a supporter of  Reid, and helped in his election bids, followed her wishes and urged Nevadans not to vote for Reid in the upcoming election.  The obituary read, “Please, in lieu of flowers, vote for another more worthy candidate.”

Reid hopes that he can win over all  sexually active  Nevadans and is confident that his stint at Shady Lady as a gigolo will help propel him to victory.  If he fails to perform up to expectations, he intends to blame it on George W. Bush.  When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was told of Harry Reid’s plan and asked if she would be stopping by to support him in his efforts, the Speaker ran screaming from the Capitol.   She is currently listed as “missing.”

Here is Price Sheet for Phil Buster (Reid).

40 minutes $200.00
40 minutes with the lights on $500.00
One hour $300.00
One hour with the lights on $650.00
Two hours $500.00
Two hours with the lights on $1,000.00

Couples parties starting at $1,200.00 an hour. One hour minimum.

Over night stay starting at $3,500.00

Viagra not included.

Registered Republicans please note that prices will be doubled.

Sharron Angle has already declined an offer for “free” services.  Here is Reid’s first booked client.  Misty: