LONDON – An old painting of Leonardo da Vinci has revealed some interesting new details!
Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, “Virgin of the Rocks,” is one of the painter’s many masterpieces. The painting captures stunning detail and was originally thought to be produced by the Italian artist and his assistants. A restoration project, however, has revealed new details that suggest the Renaissance artist may have done all the work himself.
The 18-month conservation project involved removing much of some badly degraded varnish that was applied to the painting in the late 1940s, enabling experts to take a much closer look at the picture’s brush strokes and styles, the Natural Gallery said.
The cleaning revealed the painting’s full tonal range, especially in the darker areas, and resulted in a clearer sense of how the artist intended for space to recede through the rocky landscape, the gallery said. It is also speculated that Leonardo painted the entire picture himself and intended for it to be unfinished.
Leonardo, said to be the “eternal perfectionist,” is thought to have left his pictures unfinished because he wished to return to them later, gallery spokesman Thomas Almeroth-Williams said.
The painting dates from about 1491 to 1508 and is a later version of on on display in the Louvre in Paris.


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