CAMBRIDGE, MA – A groundbreaking study has determined that 83% of the members of Congress are certified morons!
The Kennedy School of Government did a longitudinal study over the last 30 years that looked at the average IQ of members of Congress – the Senate & House of Representatives.
The study found that, despite the many advanced degrees from prestigious universities, and despite the fact that many in Congress are millionaires, the average IQ of U.S. Representatives is 101.   The average IQ of U.S. Senators, is surprisingly, even lower at 98.
“We spent one hour a month with each member of Congress over the last thirty years.  We gave them a number of IQ tests – including math problems, verbal problems and analytic reasoning problems.  The results were consistent year-in-year out.  Members of Congress are morons,” said Professor Thomas Turley of Harvard.

So what is a moron?  A moron is a person whose IQ is less than 100 on a consistent basis.
The lowest IQs were typically the leaders of the two-parties.
In response to the study, Senator Harry Reid said, “Is that bacon?”
John Boehner said, “Go Buckeyes!”

Nancy Pelosi said that she would have to read the study before she could make a comment on it.  But, before reading it, she said that she thought it was “stupid.”  People who do studies at Harvard are stupid.  It’s just stupid to do studies about morons. Who funded this?”
Nancy Pelosi approved the funding of  The Moron Study back in 2009.

83% is a large number of morons, but is it the same percentage in the general population?
“Only 7% of normal citizens are certified morons,” said John Murtaugh, the leader of the Harvard Study.  “Except in Hollywood.  The rate there is close to 49%, but that’s still nowhere near the level we find in Congress.”
So, why do Americans keep electing morons?
“Morons have one common strength: the ability to dupe intelligent people.”
Many are suggesting that potential candidates be given an IQ test BEFORE they are allowed to run for Congress.
But that idea was shot down by Congress.

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  1. The government is broken. People can't count on them for effective support or leadership.
    You should be storing up at least two years of food, water filters and other survival supplies in order to live through the upcoming economic and social collapse in the Western World.
    Get prepared now. Don't rely on others, especially the government!

    • I cannot agree more. The sh*&t has hit the fan in ways not even I can fathom. STAY PREPARED BROTHER!

  2. Morons in Congress and in the general public you say? No surprise there. Just look at the number people who watch reality shows.

  3. The actual high value for "moron" is 70, consistent with the idea that one is outside of one's communication range at a 2 sigma difference, this level being 2 sigma below the mean/normal value (for whites in the US).

  4. Preparedness is KEY! all of us here know there are sub-agendas, to a seemingly endless amount that are part of the biggest one (and this I have found out for myself). The obvious idea was "Keep them dumb and distracted."
    But what happens when bribes and moral weakness sweep that ground because they themselves don't realize the penalties of the greed they can't do without?
    "Now the true dumb are in power" I call it the overlap effect.
    STOCK UP ON ALL GOODS YOU POSSIBLY CAN! (water, canned goods, etc..) Protect your family from the famished inteligence that is apparent!!! Allen ^ has the right game plan.

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  6. It's "play quite a role" unless you are actually pretending to be bread. Also, you mean "forefathers" unless your biological mother was into the group thing.

  7. Wow, Very interesting site! I got here because a friend of mine told me about it. Aaaah Republicans! I don't think they going to be in charge of this country any time soon if they don't change their evil ways!
    Best Regards!

  8. I don't care what you comsimps say, people like louie gohmert and michelle bachman make my epty, pointless life more antertaining…so phooey on you! harryc

  9. Well, then what is one MORE moron? Right? Support "Moronpolitics" for congress. Blog, same name. Only difference is he says he is not just A moron, but THE MORON. He has my vote, but then I'm probably biased because I AM moronpolitics. Thank you for trying to read this, fellow morons.


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