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RUSSIA – Alien spaceships, disguised as clouds, are moving across Russia and England – and parts of Asia.

Several Russian filmmakers have captured an unexplained phenomenon streaking rapidly across the sky.  Several videos were posted on YouTube on Christmas Eve.

There have been over a hundred sightings of the cloudy orbs moving quickly across the Russian skies.  In one film the UFO is seen against a blue sky as it hovers above a metal structure.

Later it is spotted during the evening as it moves over a block of flats.  The spaceships seem to change shape and often appear to be much larger than the buildings they are hovering above.

It is the latest of many recent UFO sightings in Russia and Asia.

Dr. Banesh Bannerjee of the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials has been monitoring the situation since Christmas Eve.   In an exclusive interview with WWN, Bannerjee said that the spaceships appear to be from Planet Gootan, and are considered to be hostile.

“On November 27th of 2011, three big Gootan spaceships landed on earth, two in China and one in the Indonesian sea.  There are over 10,000 Gootans roaming the earth right now,” Bannerjee said.  “These cloud formations are typical of Gootans, based on extensive research we have done over the last 40 years.”

Bannerjee, and the U.N. Panel, are concerned about the cloud coverings of the Gootan spaceships.  “This seems to be part of a large-scale plan to spread out on all parts of the Earth and then launch a massive ground attack sometime in June of 2012.  We must all come together to fight these hostile aliens.”

There is some hope for humans.  The other day, alien spaceships from Planet Zeeba were spotted in Australia and they were dropping alien balls on the United States.  “The Zeebans are on earth to help us humans battle the Gootans.   They are on our side.”

Bannerjee said that many governments are publicly calling these sightings “hoaxes” or explaining away the sightings as satellites or weather balloons.  “They don’t want to alarm citizens of earth, but behind the scenes, all the countries on earth are making preparations for battle.   It is actually bringing the world together – for once.”

In the meantime, reports of  the “cloud UFO” keep coming in to authorities in Russia  and England.

Here’s a video from Russia, taken on Christmas Eve.

Here’s a “cloud UFO” that was spotted over Romania back in 2009: