KANSAS CITY, MO –  A stunning new book reveals Jesus’ words as coded prophecies!
Dr. Wayne Stanton is a mathematician and leading expert on the four gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Using a complex system based on numbers that recur in the Bible and Aramaic letters in words spoken by Jesus, and using advanced computer models, Dr. Stanton has arrived at a formula he says shows that Jesus’ words carry a deeper meaning than anyone ever dreamed.
H is upcoming book, “2012 and The Bible”,  will be released on December 31st, 2011 because Dr. Stanton does not want to cause  hysteria before 2012.  After the year turns – “it won’t matter, but at least people will be able to see why the things around them are happening – all based on math and the bible.”
WWN obtained an advance copy of the book.  In it Dr. Stanton writes: “Jesus was always speaking on at least two levels. On the first level, He was teaching us about the Kingdom of Heaven and how to achieve it.

“But beneath the surface, when His words are mathematically analyzed, and the proper deconstructive algorithms are applied.  He is also telling us about future events.
“Some of these events are exciting and optimistic – such as a wonderful sweet rain that will fall in Southern Asia in early 2012, the triple rainbows that will cover Russia and Europe in mid-2012, the pandas that will speak out loud inMandarin  AND the millions of sick and handicapped people that will be healed.
“But he doesn’t spare us the bad news, telling us exactly how and when the world will end – a 2012 war that will end in great nuclear fire in 2014.”

Dr. Stanton, 52, takes a whole chapter of the book to explain the complex code and how he applies it.  He was assisted by a seer and musician, Moses Blue, a man Dr. Stanton says the world will soon come to know.
Basically, Dr. Stanton says the code involves the twelfth, seventh and third letters in Jesus’ words and using them to form new words. The numbers 12, 7 and 3 are believed to be special numbers because they occur over and over again throughout the Bible.
“Everyone knows that the Mark of Satan is 666, but the Bible is embedded with many more numerical codes and symbols – that give us clear warnings about the future.”

Dr. Stanton says Christ’s coded messages correctly revealed 27 things that have already taken place, including:
–  Haiti earthquake of 2010
The stock market crashes of 1929 and 2008
Tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004
The Vietnam War
The AIDS epidemic
The first moon landing in 1969
President Lincoln’s assasination
The formation of the United States
–  The rise of Napoleon
–  The great famine of 1315
Here are a few more of the startling prophesies as disclosed by the code:
January, 2012 – A comet will pass so close to Earth that temperatures will hit 140 degrees in some countries.  The event will cause panic among millions more who will think the world is about to end
February, 2012 – As a result, all the countries of the world will come together in peace and form a single government to repair the damage.
April, 2012  Unrest will begin to undermine the world government and the friction will worsen over the next four years.
May, 2012 – aliens from another planet will try to restore peace in the world
November, 2012 –  A true Christian will be elected President of the United States
December, 2012 – An angel will come to Earth and warn mankind to prepare for the End Times. But few will listen. Most will believe it’s a hoax.
2013 – A temporary peace on earth, with aliens guiding humans.
2014– Finally, an evil leader (a human) will emerge and lead a band of rebels in an attempt to overthrow the government and the aliens. The resulting civil war will be fought with nuclear weapons.
The war will escalate and rage out of control. Late in the year, bombs will destroy the Earth!
Jesus will return.
Stanton explains, “Over and over in the New Testament, Jesus punctuates His remarks by saying, ‘those who have ears, let them hear.’
“He was telling us, in effect, ‘I’m saying more than is apparent here. And it’s not intended for everyone – only for those who can handle the truth.’
“But I believe the time has now come to make these prophecies public so mankind can prepare.”
Stanton will prove his book that his predictions will all come true.  “It’s all in the numbers.  Math has always provided us with the answers to our world.  You just have to look at the numbers, they’ve been staring at us since the Bible first came into being.”

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53 thoughts on “2012 BIBLE PROPHECIES”

  1. To know the truth it is important to read and understand what the bible said.
    The day & hours unknown:- Mathew 24:36 -44
    Mark 13:32 – 37
    Sign of the end of the age :-Mathew 24
    Mark 13
    Luke 21:5 – 38
    Do not fear for the Lord is good to those who wait for Him,to the soul who seeks Him.
    Lamentations 3:25

  2. nobody know when will be the end of the world only GOD knows, all we can do is to prepare our soul, do good things to others, and be good and kind……..if that so you will not be afraid if this will come anymoment………

  3. Thanks a ton for being the coach on this subject. I enjoyed your own article very much and most of all appreciated the way in which you handled the aspect I regarded as being controversial. You happen to be always really kind to readers really like me and help me in my lifestyle. Thank you.

  4. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is excellent blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

  5. I do not believe in ALIENS!!!!!! First off God says that aliens are Satans way to distract the world yet again, to keep humans
    busy on something other than GOD sorry you are wrong!!!!!!!

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  7. Julie stewart, please tell me where God says aliens are satans way of distracting the world because i have neva heard this before.

  8. This is sooo not true..i mean aliens dont even exist.. -_____- ….@Tap Vann: u shud read the bible more often..especialy REVELATION …and than post something like this….

  9. I agree that the 2012 hype is simply hype but who says Christians will be here to have to survive this stuff? According to the Bible, Christians are raptured before destruction.

  10. wow i believe in some truth to what this dr is saying mathematically speaking wise, there are aliens you non beleivers need to wake up and smell the coffee thats why so much is hidden from us cause when shit hits the fan all you non believers will be the first to go called upreparedness.. wake up if you think were the only ones on this planet oh my you are really straight up dumb. I can't wait till the end times when all you non believers will be dropping on your knees asking god for forgivness. seriously i can understand why most do not believe because you have nothing to proove to you that it is real but let me tell you you are not the only beings there are more alot more beings then just us…

  11. there was news that SETI received narrow-range frequencies that could not have been produced by human technologies.. then they retracted what they said. Wonder if they told the truth in the first place?

  12. I am a prophet of the new age prophets…my prophicies are as follows…Not one single prophicy mentioned on this page will come to pass……No.2 On Dec 21 2012 not a damn thing of any consequence will happen..the same floods,huricains,earthquakes etc etc. No.3…There is no such thing as a pre-tribulation rapture…This theory was never practised by the christian till about 1850.Its new and preached by false preachers..wolves in sheep's clothing.

  13. Dr. Stanton, you need to study the scriptures a little better, first of all, Secondly, you need to check yourself into a psychiatric facility because you are delusional! Todays date is March 22, 2012, and none of what you have predicted has come to pass. And by the way, if you truly knew the scripture, you would know that no one knows when Christ will return.

  14. Yes, no one can predict.If you studied the bible,you yourself would know it.but we still have to be prepared because those predictions might have come true according to His will.

  15. An observation: It could be said that putting so much emphasis on prophesies is in itself a sign of weakness of faith. Faith in that which we cannot see with our eyes requires a “Leap of faith”… To trust and believe in the absence of evidence. So my question to the followers of Christ is: If you found out that your assertions about signs of the end of days etc were proven to be false, would your faith in Christ waiver?
    Psalm 46:10
    New International Version He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
        I will be exalted among the nations,
        I will be exalted in the earth.”
    Is your faith in prophecy stronger than your faith in Christ?

  16. Jesus didn't exist. The story was cobbled together in the 2nd Century by the Flavian Caesars of Rome to control the messianic Jews. There is no credible evidence that a physical Jesus ever walked the earth.
    We live on a minor planet in an insignificant solar system in a forgotten quadrant of a vast galaxy of billions of earth-like planets and alien civilisations, in a universe of 100s of billions more galaxies…
    The Jesus story is an Abrahamic, astrotheological, demiurgic, 'imposter-god' scam.

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  18. Dr. Stanton now that is scary a Dr. hope your diagnosis is better than your predictions, you are way off. Anything to sell a book eek!!

  19. Oddly enough (but considering this site is ‘Weekly World News’), Stanton’s 2012-2014 ‘predictions’ are almost identical to those of John Titor, the supposed time traveler from the late 90s. In fact, these ‘predictions’ are just a little too similar to Titor’s, IMO. I’ll leave it to you to determine what that says about this author. Of course, seeing as how it’s now Sept. 2, 2012 and none of what has been predicted so far for 2012 has transpired, the book is just ripe for criticism. Prediction books are just never a good idea for long term sellability. Ok, so I really have to ask this.. Aliens? Really? My bad, I forgot that this site _is_ Weekly World News.

  20. The bible warns us to steer clear of seers (magicians) and yet Dr Stanton has collaborated with a seer. I believe in the Holy Bible and feel that we are getting closer to Christ’s coming but no one knows the day nor the hour, we are warned to be ready and not to listen to false prophets who will come in His name

  21. Cant you see tv is sex drugs lies politicians want power they already have money we are nobody unless we are the rich and elected well hell is going to be full of them I like being the meek poor but smart all this crap on earth everyone can have it but I have my wonderful 338 lapua with any antichrist name on the bullet new world order devil worshipers they will burn in the lake of fire along with my evil father black hearted blood spilling freeks will get they just due

  22. The book of second corithians taught me that i should nt judge anything until its de appointed tym, so i will neither judge this as well, but am blank with what Dr Stanton proclaims will come.


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