Large metallic balls dropping across the U.S. (and Africa).  NASA and the U.N. confirmed the alien balls are from Planet Zeeba.

The hollow balls with a circumference of between 4 an 10 feet have been found all across the U.S. in the last forty-eight hours, according to authorities with NASA and the United Nations Panel on Extraterrestrials.

With a diameter of 3 to 6 feet, the balls have a rough surface and appear to consist of “two halves welded together”.

Forensic scientists from the FBI said that the alien balls are made of a “metal alloy unknown to man.”  The balls weight between 10 and 20 pounds. Curiously many of the alien balls land softly on earth, though a few of them  have made  holes about two feet deep.

The FBI and NASA estimate that over 10,000 alien balls have dropped in the United States, with an additional 5,000 balls dropping in Africa, Australia and Latin America.  There are more alien balls spottings reported each and every hour across the United States.

The alien orbs, however, do not pose any danger.  “They are not explosive devices, they seem harmless,” said FBI agent, Lloyd Mowra.

Dr. Susan Begley and Dr. Banesh Bannerjee of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials have been working with NASA scientists over the last two days, examining the balls.  Dr. Begley told WWN that the balls are “clearly from spaceships from Planet Zeeba.  We recognize the markings on the balls, and they are clearly Zeeban.”

This was good news to Dr. Bannerjee.  “The Zeebans are part of an ongoing peaceful alien invasion that began in October of 2010 and they we estimate will continue until December of 2015.”

Some on the U.N . Panel, however, say that the Zeebans may be sending a message to the aliens from Planet Gootan, who landed on Earth (in China and the Indonesian Sea) on November 27th of this year. “The Gootan are hostile and are here to attack humans.  The Zeebans may be coming here to defend us against the Gootan attack.”

Could Earth be a battleground  between the Gootans and the Zeebans.

“We think so.  We are predicting an alien conflict on earth between the Gootans and the Zeebans throughout 2012.  In fact, we think it’s already begun.”

What should citizens do if they see the alien balls falling?

“There’s no reason for alarm.  The balls seem to be designed to avoid  striking any humans.  They are friendly balls.”

Good to know… WWN will keep readers updated on the falling balls.

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50 thoughts on “ALIEN BALLS FALLING ON U.S.”

  1. At this point I don't know whether to run for dear life or stay put, If I run where to? Hope this is not meant to frighten earthen's. I will be more watchful to see what's up

  2. I wonder if these could actually be testicles of a giant metallic race and are the remnants of a massive castration as a punishment for rebellion…maybe the castrators just didn't have a better place to put the detached body parts?

  3. These photos are phote shopped this is fake these would been seen all over the world not just the us and africa u guys are so gullible dont be afraid.

  4. It's astounding and sad that some people are gullible enough to believe this or anything else written by WWN.

    Satire is fun but the WWN never seems to go beyond grade school level humor. Both the copy AND especially the shopped images are incredible amateurish. If you folks can actually make money selling this nonsense, I must be in the wrong career.

    BTW, if anyone cares to know the truth, the first photo is of a hydrazine tank that fell in Africa. This is a very common fuel container from a satellite. Most likely the 39L Hydrazine Bladder Tank from Astrium.

  5. They look just like the ball at the foot of 2 men (maybe angels, or human) one stands behind the other male. I remeber it was some sort of religious painting I saw recently on the internet! Some religious person would remember where its at and or what the painting is about, who is in it. And for the 2 days since I saw that painting I have kept this large type ball on my mind. I see it as a weapon and nothing else. Some other thing that humans do not know a thing about other than that picture, maybe pictures!

    If anyone has info, knows where the religious picture is at online..Please let the rest of us know by commenting here!!!

  6. There are more of these already on Earth, I also read the other day about a woman in Austria who found one and has it in her home. Shown in a picture in her house with her standing next to it.

  7. Does WWN violate the laws of making fake news that frighten the public and may even lead to group suicide. I think WWN should abide by morale.

    • Any group willing to commit suicide over an article as obviously fake as this is leaving the world a better place. What happened, William – did you get a little scared? Come here, let us give you a hug, it'll be ok, there's no such thing as alien balls…

  8. boy ! i've read many articles about alien invasion,the gootans,zeebans,annukki,nefilins and how we the people of earth really do not have any real aliens friends, all of them seem to have 1 direct purpose (to ensalve us) and the sad truth is that we really can not stop them, there technology is much more advanced than ours, we do not stand a chance. i don't like the thought of being on there dinner plate , yes 'v' is a very real threat, the reptillians , lizardpeople, are very real,not fiction, real !, i hope there is a real star-child to save us,we're gona need him/her. i read a while back that the aliens are going to force the government to come clean about there exsistance. my its time for a surperbeing to come !

  9. Guys acc. to me this is totally a fake news. These guys are really sick. And one more thing there isn't any planet called 'ZEEBA' or something like that

    • Fake? Really?? Does that mean I can't keep my Zeeban balls? That would be just too bad as my pet Yeti loves playing with them.

      PS – Trying to find the definition of "parody". Could you look it up for me….Thanks

  10. Either a troll, or just totaly retarded. I Hope you guys are aware that EVERYTHING on this site is made just for one simple purpose, having fun. This site is full of shit and terrible photoshopped pictures, made so obvious that everyone would see it were a fake.

  11. The story nor the pics seemed convincing (the pics have been doctored. its easy to see). Must have been written by an individual who have hallucinated this after being high on crack or what ever.

  12. Dr. Banesh Bannerjee pay a visit to your ancestral land Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The Zeebans have already landed and have taken over. They have already formed a government and your name sake Ms Mamta Bannerjee is the leader of the Zeebans heading the govt. there. The the place is flooded with alien balls, only its white in colour, are edible and called "Rossogollas".

  13. funny isnt it…. total fake… i m watching him from last two months…
    see the pics… he needs training for photo editing….

  14. HOWD YOU EVEN FIND THIS WEBSITE. GO OUTSIDE AND GET SOME FRESH AIR?:)) unless you are already outside:3 have a good day

  15. There was one ball (the "real" looking one in the pictures) which fell in Namibia (a country South West of South Africa). It fell about two months ago approximately 450km outside of the capital (Windhoek). It apparently made noise like thunder and it created a tiny crater. The Namibian authorities couldn't figure out what it was and invited NASA to come investigate it. There are many rumors about its origin but the most frequent one is that it was part of a satellite in decaying orbit. That's the true story, unlike this fake BS. The biggest problem with acceptance of life from other planets is articles like this which discredit the entire belief system. This guy refers to the UN Panel for Extraterrestrials regularly for validation of his stories and I can guarantee you no such entity exists. He is hurting the cause for continued search and admission from authorities.

  16. Maybe they are like a moth ball to the sinister alien types…those have lines they looked they can and will open up….alien drone…? Betcha they can beam light out those lines?

  17. I had a dream about them being all over but they came in via the ocean on top of lava coming on from ocean to inland in my dream no idea why.

  18. We get pleasure from, trigger I found just what I'd been trying to find. You may have finished my personal a number of time lengthy quest! The almighty Cheers guy. Possess a good day time. Ok bye


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