KANSAS CITY, MO – At a Kansas City rally, Michelle Obama brought Obatma on stage and proudly accepted him into the Obama family.

During  a Vote for Change rally, Michelle spoke about her passion for helping American families thrive. “Policies that support families aren’t political issues. They’re personal. They’re the causes I carry with me every single day.

“My own family must thrive as well. While I was hesitant in the beginning, I’ve decidedly to support my husband’s policies and feelings towards mutant-Americans, and embrace a new member of our family! Come on up, Obatma!”

The crowd jumped to their feet and cheered as Obama’s half-human half-bat half-brother, little Obatma, scurried up the stairs to embrace Michelle.

While incapable of human speech, he did shriek loudly into the mic, causing one of the speakers to blow out.

Political analysts believe Michelle’s show of tolerance and love will bring any undecided mutants and mutant-sympathizers to the Democratic side.


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