I’m madder than a weightlifter with a slippery barbell over all these women bodybuilders I’m seeing nowadays.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite as disgusting as all those muscle-bound broads in string bikinis. Half of these so-called women look like Hercules in a wig. These gals should be wearing tents – not bikinis.
Let’s face it, the Good Lord never meant for women to have muscles and veins popping out of their bodies. And the weirdos who judge these wacko contests must have beans for brains. How can you call a woman beautiful when she has a body like a linebacker.
What’s so sick about these lady bodybuilders is that they spend all day trying to develop their bodies to feminine perfection – and they end up looking like Incredible Hulk Lou Ferigno.
The gals who really have perfect-looking female bodies are up on the stage in Atlantic City competing for the Miss America title. And the only thing that pops out at the Miss America pageant are the eyes of the men in the audience.
Part of the blame for the rise of babes with bulging biceps lies with today’s wimpy men. I’ve gone into a lot of gyms only to be revolted by what I’ve seen.
First there’s the lady weight-lifters. They’re dressed in worn-out, sweaty workout clothes and are grunting to beat the band lifting weights. But the so-called guys in these gyms are the real spectacle. They’re all wearing pastel spandex leotards and getting into a tizzy if their moussed-up hair gets mussed.
They lift weights for five minutes, then spend most of their time prancing and posing in front of mirrors and yapping about new oils to smear on their muscles.
But I still say the only time gals should pump iron is to take the wrinkles out of clothes.


  1. Lady bodybuilders, are female bodybuilders any stronger than a normal man?
    I saw some pictures recently and was quite impressed but wondered if they are actually stronger than men?


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