I’m madder than Al Sharpton with a busted bullhorn! I’ve heard about that affirmative action stuff but this is crazy!
It’s bad enough they gave the Teleprompter Kid one of those Peace Prizes for not doing anything. But now the South Koreans gave him a black belt in karate – even though he’s never had a lesson!
Jesse Jackson just said if you voted against socialist medicine, you couldn’t call yourself a black man, but I guess even if you don’t know karate, you can still call yourself a black belt!
The less Obama does, the more prizes he gets! He’s like one of the retarded kids at the Special Olympics or something. Hey, he did say his bowling was better than theirs, right? That’s something to brag about.
I’m surprised nobody complained about him getting a “black” belt cuz that’s prejudiced or something. Then again, it’s still early in the day. All the angry rappers are still sleeping off their champagne hangovers.
I can’t wait til Chuck Norris hears about this one! He’ll be pig fighting mad!  He had to kick a lot of cement blocks and Chinese guys’ heads to get where he is today, and O-Bow-Ma comes along and gets a black belt for nothing.
Does this mean the Communist-in-Chief is gonna go after Osama and give him a karate chop? Ha! Don’t bet on it!
Bruce Lee must be turning over in his grave or tomb or whatever those slant-eyed people have instead.

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4 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS: "TAKE THAT, OBAMA!"”

  1. If ever I thought about making personal goals to reach high levels of achievement, I now realize aren't worth the paper they're written on. nObama has not only sullied the image – name – meaning of America, he has tainted "reward".
    Next they should pin the Congressional Medal of Honor on his lapel. After all, he did venture to Afghanistan for the perfect "photo op"…
    Good work Ed, keep bringing the Anger!

  2. OK… am not surprise about that… becuse All the President of united States of america they came from the same blood line, and they are drill to be like that , Like…. Dont ask me question if you dont want me to lie, Dont expect Me to give you, If you dont do someting for Me first.
    Dont you worry is not Obama's fault….. It the real Poppet Guy from above with is ogly friend play dirty trick on us….

  3. I say Ed Anger Is a woman. I mean a flat-chested dogfaced woman. That is the only reason I can think why (s)he is so angry. If (s)he wants to prove me wrong, post a picture of the real Eddy in a military uniform and holding a flag.

  4. What's with the "slanted-eyed people" comment ?, oh yeah, it's ok as long as you have that flag and eagle picture with it. Not insightful, witty., just bunch brainless hate rants. Chuck Norris accidentally kicked your head or is it one of the cement block.


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