LAS VEGAS, NV – A multimillionaire gambler is suing a casino over plying him with alcohol and drugs to keep him playing!
Terry Watanabe is the former owner of the Oriental Trading Company, an import/export business he sold in 2000. Since then he has touted himself as a professional philanthropist.
However, Watanabe’s penchant for gambling got the best of him, as he says he lost more than $100 million at Harrah’s, a Las Vegas casino!
But Watanabe is claiming the company coerced him into compulsive gambling. By 2006, Harrah offered to move him into their Caesars Palace, as well as 15 percent cash back on monthly table losses of $500,000 or greater, and $12,500 transportation reimbursement and a $3 million line of credit! He also claims that the casino promised to wait 60 days before cashing any markers he lost.
By the end of 2007, as his losses became unmanageable, Harrah’s not only increased his credit limit, but provided him with an unending supply of alcohol and pain killers.
Watanabe says he began gambling for multiple days in a row, “with little interruption of sleep…Harrah’s executives and employees knew or should have known…that Watanabe was rapidly running out of money.” He was often so inebriated and sleep deprived “that at times he became unconscious at his private gaming tables or slot machines.”
Watanabe is filing his lawsuit because Harrah’s is trying to claim $14.75 million he wrote in bad checks. It is unclear how much Watanabe is suing for, with charges including fraud, breach of contract, conspiracy and negligence, but considering Watanabe claims he bet more than $825 million in 2007 alone, it is likely to be significant.

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7 thoughts on “TERRY WATANABE”

  1. Look what the money cant do to you … Time to Time .It like By Me Or Hi By You… ha ha ha
    mine wile people die aroung the globe and people spend millon and million on gambling, that
    sick… is that so important tell the intire planet mrs. gambler dit lost that much …. Why dont we place are focus on something litlebit more constructive, Like lower dows the dificit for and example, If avery body give, them avery body will give all together All for One and One for all
    That right

  2. It's amazing to me that they basically took an alcohol/drug addicted man and fed his addiction in order to bilk him out of his money. If this was say, an elderly person, or mentally challenged person, people would be in an uproar. But because no one cares what happens to alcohol/drug deseased people, they are actually sticking up for the casino! I believe this was a criminal act that the casino should be charged for.

  3. steve wynn is a class act he banned mr watanabe because of his excessive drinking and gambling at wynn casino , harrahs saw easy money and decided to keep mr watanabe as a guest in their casino to take all his money.


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