COLUMBIA, SC – A severely obese man stayed in his recline for almost eight months before passing away.
911 received a call from Tillmon Webb’s mother, stating he was suffering from pain. Paramedics arrived to find the 800-pound 33-year-old stuck in his power recliner.
Firefighters were forced to cut him out of the chair, as well as cut a hole in the wall to take him out through, before transporting him to the hospital where he died of a heart attack.
His wife, Ada, explained that he had hurt his knee in March, although they pleaded with doctors to keep him for help with his weight, the couple could not afford it and he was sent home.
Once he sat down in the chair, he was never able to get up again. Paramedics believe he never left the chair in the eight months leading up to his death, and Ada verified this, saying she cleaned the chair daily.
His wife also claimed Webb didn’t ask officials for help, because he was ashamed of his state and did not have health insurance. The former preacher posted sermons online daily but was resigned to his fate. He apparently wanted help with his weight, but Webb and Ada had no way of getting him to anyone.
“He just kind of said, ‘it’s in God’s hands’ at that point,” said Ada. He spent the rest of his days waiting to meet the Lord.

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