BINCHUAN, CHINA –  Aliens from Gootan have been spotted throughout Yunnan province in China. 
WWN continues to follow the landing of three large spaceships from Planet Gootan – that arrived on November 29th.  One ship landed in the Bali Sea, near Kangean Island and two ships landed in a field near Lijang, China.
Some readers continue to be skeptical of the landings – but WWN has been following the developments closely.  Is it an attack?  It is not clear yet, but three aliens ships from Planet Gootan are now on earth and experts from the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials estimate that between ten thousand and thirty thousand Gootans are now on Earth.
Aliens were spotted near Binchuan, China – a city that was devastated by an earthquake in 2008.

According to sources in China, there have been hundreds of reports of strange apparitions, beings, moving through towns in Yunnan Province:
— ANNING.  Three young girls (Qian Wang, Mei Yan and Ne Kuo) walking to school, saw five strange beings crossing a road.  The beings stopped to look at them.   The girls said that the beings seemed to have a ghost-like form and they emitted a pulsating glow.  The beings started at them for a minute and then moved away.  The girls said they felt “happy and calm” after seeing the beings.
The girls described the beings similar to this:

— FUYUAN.  A truck driver (Yan Du) pulled over to the side of the road to sleep and was awakened by a shaking of his truck.  He screamed when he realized his truck was in the air.  He looked down and saw “purplish, glowing beings” holding up the truck and shaking it.  He felt for sure that was going to die and then suddenly, the truck was put down on the road and the “beings” disappeared.
— YUTI – Two workers (Yan Tsih, and Andrew Yuo) at a grain mill took a smoke break and noticed strange lights moving through a nearby forest.  They walked closer to have a look and – were knocked out cold.  They woke up two hours later, lying on a soft bed of grass.  They felt “renewed and alive” – but they had lost their jobs.
“Strange” alien beings have been spotted in Guangnan, Mengzi, Luxi, near Erahi Lake, Mainri Snow Mountain and the Mekong River.   Many are talking about the sightings:

Dr. John Malley, the leader of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials is in China monitoring the situation.  “The Gootans are here.  That is clear.  They have not, yet, attacked any citizens and we are hoping that remains the case.”  Dr. Malley is joined by his team, including Banesh Bannerjee, the world’s leading extraterrestrial expert and an alien doctor, Dr. Kelly McManus, who specializes in extraterrestrial medicine.
When asked why the Gootans have come, Malley said, “some speculated that they have come for our gold, or that they feel that humans are abusing the planet and want to take over, some speculate that they are here to do research on humans, others feel that they want to teach us, and there are some that believe they just want to destroy us.”

The area around Kangean Island in the Bali Sea has not been seen again.  “The ship could be anywhere,” said Malley.  “It will turn up soon.”
As always, WWN will continue following this developing story…  and please report any Gootan sightings in the comments section.

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    #sheeple do your own research and connect the dots
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  2. experts from the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials? and what planet are they on? We can not find any such thing on earth…..perhaps it is hidden too. So where did all this come from guys?

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