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BINCHUAN, CHINA –  Aliens from Gootan have been spotted throughout Yunnan province in China. 
WWN continues to follow the landing of three large spaceships from Planet Gootan – that arrived on November 29th.  One ship landed in the Bali Sea, near Kangean Island and two ships landed in a field near Lijang, China.
Some readers continue to be skeptical of the landings – but WWN has been following the developments closely.  Is it an attack?  It is not clear yet, but three aliens ships from Planet Gootan are now on earth and experts from the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials estimate that between ten thousand and thirty thousand Gootans are now on Earth.
Aliens were spotted near Binchuan, China – a city that was devastated by an earthquake in 2008.

According to sources in China, there have been hundreds of reports of strange apparitions, beings, moving through towns in Yunnan Province:
— ANNING.  Three young girls (Qian Wang, Mei Yan and Ne Kuo) walking to school, saw five strange beings crossing a road.  The beings stopped to look at them.   The girls said that the beings seemed to have a ghost-like form and they emitted a pulsating glow.  The beings started at them for a minute and then moved away.  The girls said they felt “happy and calm” after seeing the beings.
The girls described the beings similar to this:

— FUYUAN.  A truck driver (Yan Du) pulled over to the side of the road to sleep and was awakened by a shaking of his truck.  He screamed when he realized his truck was in the air.  He looked down and saw “purplish, glowing beings” holding up the truck and shaking it.  He felt for sure that was going to die and then suddenly, the truck was put down on the road and the “beings” disappeared.
— YUTI – Two workers (Yan Tsih, and Andrew Yuo) at a grain mill took a smoke break and noticed strange lights moving through a nearby forest.  They walked closer to have a look and – were knocked out cold.  They woke up two hours later, lying on a soft bed of grass.  They felt “renewed and alive” – but they had lost their jobs.
“Strange” alien beings have been spotted in Guangnan, Mengzi, Luxi, near Erahi Lake, Mainri Snow Mountain and the Mekong River.   Many are talking about the sightings:

Dr. John Malley, the leader of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials is in China monitoring the situation.  “The Gootans are here.  That is clear.  They have not, yet, attacked any citizens and we are hoping that remains the case.”  Dr. Malley is joined by his team, including Banesh Bannerjee, the world’s leading extraterrestrial expert and an alien doctor, Dr. Kelly McManus, who specializes in extraterrestrial medicine.
When asked why the Gootans have come, Malley said, “some speculated that they have come for our gold, or that they feel that humans are abusing the planet and want to take over, some speculate that they are here to do research on humans, others feel that they want to teach us, and there are some that believe they just want to destroy us.”

The area around Kangean Island in the Bali Sea has not been seen again.  “The ship could be anywhere,” said Malley.  “It will turn up soon.”
As always, WWN will continue following this developing story…  and please report any Gootan sightings in the comments section.

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68 thoughts on “ALIENS ATTACK! (12.2)”

  1. are there more comming to earth. did they make any bases on any of the other planets. what ever happened to the zeebans they haven't been talking about them so much.

  2. how many troops do the gootans have. and are the zeebans on are side are going to help us.
    or are they going to be with the gootans

  3. if they were going to destroy us they would have done it by now. the one at the bali sea probaly got destroid when it hit the water . i hope more alein ships come to earth so i have more to kill. the basterds won't know what hit them.

    • To protect itself, every ET have 'the blaster'.
      This is not bad idea, but performance may be poor. Emagine that you jumped on ET and in the same moment he blast at you by beam of light and you are knocked down smelling the grass.
      But, If see one one, you could try ;))

  4. How its posible that only you published about alien attack?
    It is absurd that nobody else can`t or want to give any information about it on the planet?
    I must say you are very amusing with information you have :-)))

  5. Do you know, what movie they gonna play on TV tonight? MARS ATTACK xD_Yeah, they didn't came here to fight, thats obvius, because if they were, we've been dead by now, or they just waiting till christmas(kidding), they are rather here, because they need resources or they just exploring the planet without hurting anybody. If thats true of course 🙂

  6. ….you should tell the story about the boy who cried wolf!!or put some facts and pictures behind your assumptions.What happens when this really does happen?

  7. How strange Frank that you don`t have any news for 48 hours?
    Is it possible that anythig did`n happen?


    • It is spelled GLUTEN, not GOOTAN. These aliens are wheat eaters. They are here for our wheat, and they will stop at NOTHING to eat it.

    • ya but they said we are supposed to trust the mainstream media and government. Not that I believe the story, but for seti to say the mainstream media is a viable source of information is ridicules .

    • people see only want they want, aliens have studied us for ages, they are here and the mother ship is coming,look at every acient civilization and how they were destroyed .,we destroyed life and hope again with selfishness, hate, jealouls envy
      greed, ask and you shall receive, the wicked control the world,

  9. WTF are u guys smoking?? I tell you this if they have come they would have done so a little more tactically and silently. That’s just me but from the looks of things it seems that it is a hoax, let’s just wait and see what happens.

  10. I’ve been reading through all this and found that they said the “Gootans ” will invade on the same day as last year and Lo and behold nothing happened. Will be the same this year as well. Can’t find anything on these so called experts either. Makes me wonder what these people are shoveling.

  11. Strange over 11 known species of races discovered it between 1932 and 1945 there is no mention of gootans. The only known threat discovered thru telepathy from the woman that lead the ufo projects in 1932 was the draconian empire said to control dozens on solar systems in the milky way with there home planet in the bootes system there makeing there way here to control earths as a trade route planet for its magentic deposits as its the base of there tech there is more known about the repitians then these gootans the picture discribes look more to the orions which have nothing to do with species conquests or exploration as they just defend the belt of orion

  12. There is a large scale viral marketing campaign for MIB3, they seem to involve asia and oceania a lot, perhaps they're hoping it will be like war of the worlds radio fiasco. It's so elaborate and the trailer has so much in it, the movie better not suck, 2 was eh.

  13. Anyone reading this with a head on their shoulder should be vigilant of what the people that write these fake articles want. If you know anyone that believes any of this, you should keep a close eye on them so that they dont suddenly give all their money to them or commit massive suicide. This "gootan" B.S. is getting big and more and more idiots are falling for it, so why are the fakers going through all this trouble? Every cult that ended badly all started with a simple "revelation without anything asked". Watch out

  14. all ii can say is everyone on planet earth better be prepared to accept a whole different way of living, because something is coming and we cant go nothing but trust GOD ALMIGHTY . Praise GOD and his son JESUS,they are our only help..

    • Remember, there was no Jesus. T. Paine wrote in the days of our forefathers, "The entire christian religeon is a parody on the worship of the sun. They put a man in the place of the sun and then py the man the adoration origianlly paid the sun". We knew the truth back then, what happened? It was a Roman politica agenda to give the suffereing masses womething to look forward to as they suffered. Just even a little bit of study and reading will ultimately settle you on this conclusion. Thebible is a decent history book with much history recorded in allegorical fashion. The human race needs to wake up and move past the false institutions of religeon, politics and money.

  15. Well, christianity was a Roman political agenda. Thomas Paine wrote "the entire chtrisitian religeon is a parody on the wroship of the sun. They put a man in the place of the sun and then pay the man the adoration originally paid the sun". So we do not know "God" of have never met him. I'm sure there are many advanced races out there which helped to solidify the farce. The main problem is that we are an emergent species, that means we are ever growing ever learnign ever changing. Everything that science knows now it knows one day it will all change. There can be no established knowledge in our present state. Religeon acts like its established knowledge. It is this way, that's it and will enver cahnge. Well, that is imposiible. Thre can be nothig established our culture or knowledge base because everything that we think we know will most surely change.

    • I agree with quotation of your, that Thomas Paine said, but christianity was one of the oldest not very used religion eons ego, until Roman Empire take it and create it to big religion as we see it today. Jesus Christ as himself is PROBABLY change from 'Green Man' (green human) effigy, because of the similarity.
      God as name of God exist, but not in this name as we used today. Ancient our God is *Deity*, and Deity means *Space*, so space in ancient Lemurian is "Creative Forces of the Deity (Space)". But Humans don't see or feel Almighty Space, so some of us maditate, because we want, to open 3rd eye and take his force to have it and use it, and go LEVEL UP.

  16. My best friend is a being from Gootan. He said he came here because his planet is poor as **** and they will take everything they can here on earth and then leave us lifeless. He's my best friend !
    lol This article is crap, this magazine is crap and all people who believe this are retarded. How do people can believe such stories without any proofs? Ho yeah it is like religions, a lot of retarded people believing in retarded crap without a single proof.. Wow humanity make me feel like I'm not from here, I can't understand human beliefs..

  17. gootans and zeeba have came out of NOWHERE, its just another agenda. So whatever happened to the reptilians, greys, draconians and summerians. there is nothing in history that states anything about zeeba and gootan.
    #sheeple do your own research and connect the dots
    #freedom of speech

  18. experts from the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials? and what planet are they on? We can not find any such thing on earth…..perhaps it is hidden too. So where did all this come from guys?

  19. these aliens from gootans planet are my people they are ancient gods indian gods and i am their creator lord vishnu my contact no-919561895574 my name vinodprasad petwal

  20. Hey you!!! Gootans one? Do you want to visit me? I don't mind; But behave yourself purplish ghostly-form benevolent species. I am person who is visited by some other beings… Evil ones, so I defend myself against them. I have also Agartas name, so I am "Ta Neter"- Neutral to frends. So…, don't be rude.
    My name is Adam and I live in Poland (Warsaw, Wawer), and you can ame me by using counsious mind.
    If you want to speak with me using technology, ame me on site wich is called YouTube. I am there as "sandor139".
    Thanks 😉


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