VIENNA  – The world’s first international sex school has opened and is accepting applicants.
AISOS is the first ever college of “applied sexuality” and it’s open to anyone over the age of 16.  The International Sex School in Vienna is already swamped with applicants.
The “hands on” International Sex School in Vienna costs $1,800 per semester.

Swedish-born “headmistress” Ylva-Maria Thompson, who is also an artist, felt that there was a lack of applied sexuality classes around the world and wanted to start a school that specializes in this unique discipline.
Students will live in a mixed sex dormitory block where they’re expected to practice their homework often throughout the day and night.
“Our core education is not theoretical, but very practical. The emphasis is on how to be a better lover”, the new school head added.
“Mistress Thompson is a very experienced teacher,” School spokesperson Melodi Kirsch told Austrian Weekly News. “We are confident that the school will be a great success.”

The Austrian International School of Sex education foundation mixes traditional techniques with modern knowledge and lessons in seduction. Five basic courses, intensive courses, and weekend seminars will be offered, and the web site describes the curriculum as “sexual positions, caressing techniques, anatomical features—these are the AISOS disciplines. And we teach people hands on.”
Most of the classes will be taught in German and take place in an 18th century mansion, however, students will live in a coed dormitory with extra beds, pillows and sexual aids.
Advertisements for the new school have already caused controversy; one in particular has been banned by Austrian TV for showcasing a couple making love.”This is wrapped up in a very stylish way but it is just selling sex,” one protestor commented.

Core curriculum:  sexual positions, caressing techniques, orgasm studies, anatomical features, oral sex, anal sex and creative sex.  All classes will be “hands on” instruction.
Here’s a commercial for the school.  It has been banned from Austrian TV:

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  1. This is like Animal world where people want to do their private pleasure in presence of others. giving an oppurtunity to spread open sex without values.
    Here I want to refer one story that one young boy when he knew that he was born by a mistake of his unmarried parent then he also start to work in a Condom manufacturing company as a packing boy and he was puncturing the tip of af all the Condoms by a needle before packing to see more childerens like him.
    I think the administration of school and the authorities involved to approved the Sex school has similar stories in their past….. I m very sure.


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