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Bat Boy Gets Passport

Weekly World News investigative reporters have discovered that the U.S. government has issued Bat Boy a passport for international travel!

Reactions from politicians has been mixed. Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign manager issued the statement, “Senator Obama is happy to see any Americans—mutant or otherwise—venturing out and changing how global citizens view our country.”
The GOP was more cautious. During a meet-and-greet with Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, Governor Palin was asked how she felt on the matter. “I can’t imagine he’s one of those kids who graduated college and their parents got him a passport and a backpack and said, ‘Go off and travel the world.’ If he worked hard, then he deserves it.”
When asked for reasons why Bat Boy—a known felon after having led cops on a three-state car chase—should be allowed to travel abroad, she stuttered and replied, “I’ll try to find you some and I’ll bring ‘em to ya!”

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  1. I am glad to see that Bat Boy has finally been issued a passport. After all, he did fight terrorism in Afghanistan and other parts of the world. As far as his felony convictions, that was all a big misunderstanding and hopefully he will be pardoned by George W. Bush.


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