BAJA, MEXICO – Police officials in Baja have made a huge bust in their ongoing war against underground Chupacabra wrestling.

Authorities raided a rural farmhouse at roughly 2am where nearly one hundred people had gathered to watch and gamble on wrestling matches between the small reptilian creatures. The main event was a grudge match between Diablo Verde and three time champion El Santo Bajo.
For decades local farmers have defended their livestock from the legendary “goat-suckers.” Only recently have people begun capturing them for the purposes of underground wrestling tournaments.
“The hardest part is getting the costumes on them.” one man said of his bantam-weight prize winner Sangriador. “Now he loves his cape, won’t leave home without it.”
Many in the human wrestling community are concerned that if the trend grows, they may be out of a job. One source said “I’m a pretty tough guy, but I can’t bite my own arm off and beat somebody with it. They just grow it back and keep fighting.”
Interest in the sport has risen drastically despite being illegal. Next month, El Santo Bajo is scheduled to defend his title against Matadoriño. Weekly World News investigators are working to discover the secret location to bring you the details.

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