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McCain Challenges Obama to a Duel

Presidential nominee John McCain wants fellow nominee Barack Obama to put his campaign ads away and instead settle the election like gentlemen—by having a duel!

The bold challenge, publicly issued by McCain’s feisty Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, would spare the American people from the typical smear campaigns and save millions of dollars in citizens’ donations, according to McCain.
“In this way we are protecting all the American people: Democrats, Republicans and Independents,” Palin told Associated Press Television Network in an interview.
As conceived by McCain, the duel would be held in a neutral “purple” state such as Pennsylvania, with NBC News’ Tom Brokaw as the referee. Each leader would be allowed to bring along just two “seconds” to aide him in the man-to-man confrontation.
The combatants would use one previously agreed-upon weapon, “with president against president, vice president against vice president and first lady against first lady in a duel,” Palin proposed.
So, while Obama battled McCain, Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden would take on Palin, and Michelle Obama would rumble with Cindy McCain.
The Republicans haven’t proposed a specific weapon — pistols, swords, knives, battle axes, etc. That choice would be up to the Obama campaign.
Publicly, Obama’s team scoffed at McCain’s proposal. Campaign spokesperson Robert Gibbs said it did not warrant “a serious response.”
Behind the scenes, however, some Obama aides are toying with the idea.
“We have no doubt that Barack could take McCain — he jogs every day and is in tip-top condition,” said a campaign source.
“We are considering proposing a sword fight in which Barack’s long arms would have a significant advantage.”

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