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I’m madder than a diabetic with a deep fried candy bar!

So that Al Franken guy finally got himself elected in Minnesota. I still can’t believe it, even though these are the same people who let a pro wrestler run their state for a while!

You look at Minnesota and think the people there must be pretty normal.

We get fooled cuz they’re so nice and polite and Lutheran. When they do something like elect Al Franken, you start to wonder what’s really in those cheese curds. Has all that snow frozen their brain cells?

We make fun of all the fruitcakes down in San Francisco, but isn’t Minnesota just as crazy? The only difference is in Minnesota they don’t walk around wearing bare ass leather pants cuz they’d get frostbite on their behinds!

Well, now the rest of us have to suffer, listening to Al Franken for the next how many years. He’s the biggest commie going, and the only thing worse than a commie is a loud mouth commie.

Back in the good old days, commies at least had the sense to keep their mouths shut and take the Fifth. Now they’re the ones in charge, forcing the rest of us to shut up! What a nightmare!

It’s hard for old Ed to get to excited about Independence Day this year, that’s for sure. Seems these great United States are getting turned into Soviet Americastan by the Teleprompter Kid and his commie crew!

The good news is, there’s gonna be more than a thousand of those Tea Parties this Forth of July all over America! I say we start by dunking Al Franken in Lake Superior! Who’s with me??