ANNAPOLIS, MD – A woman riddled with terminal cancer prayed to a local saint, and was suddenly cured! How did this happen?
Mary Ellen Heibel of Annapolis had cancer in her liver, lungs, back and sternum. Her oncologist told her there was nothing more they could do. Heibel was facing certain death when a friend told her about a famous Catholic figure from their area.
The Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos was a 19th century Roman Catholic priest. Born in Germany, he came to America to minister to German-speaking immigrants. As a Redemptorist missionary, he led a very simple life and attempted to work with those that were most neglected. So beloved was he that a shrine and center exists in New Orleans solely to honor his memory.
He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2000, which Heibel believes was part of the miracle. She began praying to the priest, and even went so far as to wear a fragment of the priest’s bone in a locket around her neck.
Within a week of praying, she went to have a CAT scan done. All the tumors had disappeared! Even her oncologist had never seen anything like it.
Heibel believes it was her prayers which got rid of the cancer. The Archdiocese of Baltimore is sending a report to the Vatican for them to investigate this supposed miracle.
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  1. Faith, I believe, to the allmighty father in heaven can do many things. I have a husband with small cell lung cancer. I am hoping that everyone who reads this comment, will say a prayer for him. His name is Gary. I know he will be healed—right now hoping for a miraculos miracle. God be with all who reads this. We all need to have faith and not be ashamed to admit it. God is all powerful and loving.


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