People tell the craziest tales – especially in divorce cases.
Here, from court files around the world, are some of the wackiest divorce cases we’ve found
10. A harried housewife from New York divorced her hubby of six years because he was so wild about the Three Stooges he kept jabbing her in the eyes, popping her on the head and pulling her ears – just like Larry, Curly and Moe. “He liked the Stooges so much, he actually started to think he was one of them,” the shaken lady told a judge.
9. Ticked off Alvaro Ruvbio split with his missus of 12 years afters he taught his beloved parrot Pajaro to call him a ‘fat slob.’ “She shouldn’t have done that,” outraged Alvaro sputtered to a judge in San Cristobal, Venezuela. “She’s fatter than I am.”
8. Rattled Andrea Puymartin, 47, filed for divorce from her husband Yves in Paris, France – because he constantly snapped her bra in church! “He thought it was really funny,” she told the judge. “But I didn’t.”
7. A South Carolina bride dumped her Don Juan groom, telling a judge her new hubby caught “the seven-year itch” on their wedding night – sneaking out of their hotel room for a racy rendezvous with her maid of honor!
6. An Arab sheikh got the boot when his newlywed bride found out he was also married to 12 other women two weeks after his wedding. The other gals didn’t bother her, but being unlucky number 13 did.
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