CHICAGO, IL – President-Elect Obama’s Transition team announced today that the First Family to be has made a very important decision. They have decided on what breed of pet to bring to the White House: a Bigfoot.

In fact, it is a tiny Bigfoot.  And to accommodate Malia’s allergies, this little big-guy is the first hypo-allergenic Sasquatch known to man.

In a press conference last week, President-Elect Obama announced that they would seek to find a hypo-allergenic breed of dog in a shelter, knowing it would be a near impossible feat.
Within hours of the announcement, volunteers from a West Virginia animal shelter, began contacting the Obama Transition team to notify them of a unique animal they had been rehabilitating in their facilities for weeks.
“Hikers found the Tiny Bigfoot, Albert, in the woods back in August,” shelter director, Susan Thomas told reporters.  “We ran all sorts of tests on him to identify his species and age, and one of the things we noticed was that he didn’t cause an allergic reaction in people who usually show signs resulting from dander or saliva.  He may not be a mutt, but he sure is a doll.”
The Tiny Bigfoot spent the weekend with the Obama family to insure Malia didn’t have any adverse reactions.  Spokesmen from the First-Lady-Elect’s office told reporters that the family took to Albert very quickly.  “He is already a great companion to the girls and is proving to be an excellent guard dog.  He doesn’t let them out of his sight.”
The President-Elect himself is reported to be very pleased with their choice and looks forward to increased relations between his administration and the cryptid community.

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  1. I think this poor creature should be released to the woods. I knew that Obama was just a big hypocrite — change WHO can believe in? Certainly not Albert, who will have to live with little girls dressing him up in dolls' clothes and a Secret Service escort every time he wants to make doo-doo in the Rose Garden.


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