I’m madder than a three-legged dog at a fire hydrant!
All through that damn election, they told us Obama was the greatest speaker since Martin Luther King. But yesterday he sounded more like Mr. Rogers!
Yesterday, the Teleprompter Kid was trying to explain why his whole Death Panel Medicine Plan was going down the toilet. He said:
“There is something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee weed up!”
I guess that’s how they teach you to talk at those fancy colleges up north!
Here’s some other stuff Obama said yesterday that didn’t get reported:
“I’ve got a boo-boo!”
“My poll numbers went plop plop!”
“I go sleepy-bye-bye now!”
I don’t even know what Obama was trying to say. Sure, those Washington types are always having trouble with their “wee wees”, but last I heard, Larry Craig and Bill Clinton weren’t around anymore! I’m surprised Barney Frank didn’t get mad about that crack!
So now the most powerful man in the world is blaming his troubles on what MONTH it is? This is turning into “the dog ate my homework” with some horoscope stuff mixed in.
Say what you like about good old George W. Bush, but he didn’t blame limp summertime “wee wees” when he couldn’t fix Social Security!
Seems to me that Obama needs to have some juice and a cookie, then take a nap and come back when he figures out how to talk like a grown up!

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