NEW YORK, NY – Photographer Zach Hyman takes pictures of nude women in New York City subway trains. Art or sensationalism?
Zach Hyman’s recent project was to take 10 photos of women on subway trains. But these were no ordinary straphanger images: he gave himself and the model 30 seconds for her to strip to the nude in a middle of a full car!
On various trains throughout the city, Hyman and a female volunteer have given commuters something to stare at. The model quickly gets naked so Hyman can take 10 photos, while a friend keeps an eye out for police.
Hyman knows the danger involved, and keeps bail money on him at all times, but so far he has not been arrested. This is quite a feat, considering he has even taken photos of women in busy Chinatown and Times Square!
Said Hyman in a recent NY Post article, “In Times Square, there are cops everywhere. It seemed that always right before or after the shoot, a cop car would roll by. Thankfully, we never needed bail money. But I have a clean record, so I’m open to the experience of getting arrested.”
The models have felt anything but exploited, with one even declaring how liberating it felt to be naked in the middle of a New York City street. “There was so much adrenaline,” she said. “I was bouncing around for the rest of the day. I told him I want to pose nude every weekend.”
But some feel his art is sensationalist, while others are angry that he subjects innocent passerbys to explicit nudity. A woman on a train began screaming after seeing one of the nude models.
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His photo series, “Decent Exposures”, will be on display this week at the Chair and the Maiden art gallery (link NSFW).

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