NEVADA – Prostitutes in Nevada are campaigning for Ron Paul and they are holding fundraising events at the Bunny Ranch.

Prostitutes at Nevada’s famed legal brothel, the “Bunny Ranch,” are endorsing GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul in the hopes that the Libertarian candidate will advance the push for legalized prostitution nationwide. To this end, Bunny Ranch staff have created a “Pimpin’ for Paul” program in which their male customers can donate money to the Paul campaign, in addition to the fee for, well, services rendered.

Here’s Brooke Taylor, one of Paul’s tireless supporters:

The women, along with their manager, explained why legalized prostitution is far healthier than the black market variety. While they are indeed Americans exercising their freedom to support the primary candidate of their choosing, getting the Paul camp to accept said donations is another story entirely.

Newt Gingrich had lobbied heavily to get the support of  the prostitutes at the Bunny Ranch.  He spent three nights with Wendy Martin (pictured below), trying to earn her support.  Ultimately she decided to back Paul, but Gingrich wasn’t unhappy with her.  In fact, reports are that Gingrich has plans to “visit” her again in the near future.

Watch a few of these Paul supporters share their thoughts:

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  1. Prostitution should be legal everywhere! Jealousy from fat ugly hens is what has kept it illegal for so long. Think of the extra tax revenue, the extensive testing standards for STD's, and the removal of street prostitution. It is a win win idea.

    • sara jess / you have not given thought to the suffering as wrong
      prostitution brings in doing so you would not give it your support.

      It not only adults whom decide they wish a life of prostitution many
      through circumstances are forced into a life of prostitution / where
      their refusal means beatings /death /at the hands of the heartless.

      The other horror is abuse of chuildren many are forced into a life
      of sexual abuse at the hands of adults / in cases it's the childrens
      own parents whom sell them into a life of sexual abuse where be
      poverty being so dire / parents taking extreme means in surviving.

      As in INDIA many poorer nations the kidnapping of childen being
      common as on a daily basis // where being many are then forced
      into the sex trade. Such the horror story for many children // as be
      the horror story for the parents / where the loss of their children is
      nought but their constant source of grief being left brokenhearted.

  2. All I know is this type of crap is meant to lure men into thinking this stuff is ok. Maybe less men will marry or less men will be true to their so called loved ones. In all aspects it looks like a bad thing. For the women, its degrading and gives them a sense of unwantedness. By this I mean if there with old men and young men then who is the right man for them? Doesnt make any sense and I already think this Ron Paul is a weird politician.

  3. One can't support prostitution any more than one can support corrupt politicians.

    It ridiculous that prostitutes are collecting money in funding politicians that they
    will support prostitution // such is halfbaked nonsense /totally it a utter stupidity.

    I t be for prostitutes to stop slling their bodies // rather it be for them to educate
    the brain as get proper employment as in earning respect for themselves /not
    behave as they do in selling the use of their body in sexual favours / it's wrong
    was wrong /// is wrong // as will always be wrong /// thus it being time it ended.

    Thus to all prostitutes it time such art /act / Brought unto a end. Best Wishes x.

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